Chew your food completely

10 Ways that no one tells you to detox your body naturally

Your environment has an influence on your overall health. Whenever you go outside, the environmental toxins and pollutants try to invade your systems.

Some of them may be escaped out, but some deadly pollutants may enter into your systems. But above all, you stay active and disease-free life.

What is the reason behind this? Well, your immune system is so strong enough that it battles and cleanses the foreign bodies.

Detoxification of the body is becoming a major concern of the scientists because silently, the micro-toxins cause the oxidation-reduction process in your body and releases the free radicals.

Afterward, these free radicals start disrupting the normal functions of the body and drag you towards more life-threatening conditions.

Apparently, you’re absolutely fine, but do you have an idea that every day your body does a fight with the environmental pollutants and toxins in order to protect your cells?

How can I detox my body

Why should I Detox my body?

So, detoxification leaves a wonderful impact on your overall health. Just keep reading the following benefits that you would get after detoxifying your body,

  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Aids in digestion
  • Make your weight loss process faster
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Improve your skin and complexion
  • Enables better breaths
  • De-clutters your mind
  • Makes your hairs healthier
  • Reduces the faster aging
  • Alleviates your mood
  • Enhances sense of well-being

How can I detox my body?

Well, there are hundreds of methods have been identified to cleanse your body from the toxins. Not only your diet can contribute to the removal of the harmful toxins out of the body, in fact, other ways are also shown tremendous results when it is about detoxification.

Hence, read all the following ways carefully and implement in your life to have a healthier life!

yogurt probiotics

1- Switch to probiotics

Though, bacteria can cause serious illness to your health, but, on the other end of a spectrum, healthy bacteria are also very important to keep our systems healthier and disease-free.

Some human-loving bacteria are found in food, like yogurt. These are also known as probiotics.

Taking probiotics supplements or food rich in probiotics can cleanse the toxins and prevent a number of diseases.

fruit rich in vitamin c

2- Choose fruits

Fruits have always been the treasure of essential vitamins and minerals. Nothing in this world can beat the flavor and benefits of the fruits.

Because fruits are high in vitamin C, your body cleanses and all the toxins flushed out.

You can eat the fruits or make the popular detox water by adding two to three fruits in a bottle of water. It’s up to you that how would you love to take the fruits.

cut sugar

3- Cut down the sugar

Sugar is all about empty calories. Refined sugar is responsible for initiating the process, called as glycation, by which the collagen and elastin are destroyed.

Collagen and elastin keep your skin firm and provide the youthful look. So, you can imagine if both these elements are deprived of your body. Sugar should be cut down because it is acting as a toxin for your skin proteins.

alkaline diet

4- Prefer the alkaline diet

So, what is alkaline diet? Eating the raw fruits and vegetables releases its minerals and vitamins, which in a meanwhile wipe out all the toxins.

It’s not necessary that you should follow the alkaline diet strictly; yet, you can eat one of your day’s meals in the raw form, like salad.

Eat lemons, almonds, pears, parsley, and apples to get the alkalinity. With the help of the alkaline diet, your colon and liver will be detoxified, making your digestion even easier.

drink more water

5- Drink more water

Of course, more you drink water, more your body will be cleared. Water is the excellent detoxifier.

Drinking 8-ounces of water will not only cleanse your systems, in fact, you would have better skin, better hairs, and better health.

If you’re exercising, then, the water uptake may exceed. So, it would be the easiest way to detoxify you. Hence, keep drinking sufficient water!

practice power breaths

6- practice power breaths

Do you know what wonders can breathing do to your body? When you exhale the air, the tiny pollutants come out.

Fresh oxygen also alkalizes your body, favoring the detoxification. So, get into the cross-legged position, close your eyes and start deep breathing.

Practice Yoga

7- Practice Yoga

Every type of exercise makes you more energetic and removes all the unwanted elements from your body. Yoga is also the best technique to get rid of the stress from your body.

Exercise regularly

8- Exercise regularly

Likewise Yoga, exercise is another way to detoxify your body. When you do exercise, you sweat. The toxins from your body can be eliminated while sweating.

Because exercise is the pill for all the problems, you should take this into a daily routine. Studies have confirmed this fact and it is found that trace amounts of arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium.

alkaline detox bath

9- Take an alkaline detox bath

An alkaline detox bath is another way to cleanse your body. Place two cups of Epsom salt, one cup of baking soda along with eight drops of the eucalyptus or lavender oil in the tub of hot water.

Soak yourself for about 20 minutes in the tub and just relax! After finishing the bath, drink a glass of detox water to get the more relaxing effect.

Chew your food completely

10- Chew your food completely

Due to our fast-paced lives, we don’t spend too much time on chewing. If you’re chewing not properly, your digestion will be incomplete.

Try to chew at least 15 times so that your food would be digested more profoundly. So, detoxification of your body is extremely necessary to keep the vitality of organs intact.

Either you want to add more leafy vegetables in your diet or incorporating the breathing technique in your lifestyle; just detoxify your body so that you can live longer and fuller.

The way you breathe, the food you eat and the way you move your body, all are related to detoxification, but it’s up to you how tricky are you.

Still unconvinced? Just try the above-listed technique and see the difference!


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