Use Fruits Instead of Snacks

17 Simple Ways to Live a Healthier and Happier Life

We all want to be healthy because we knowingly or unknowingly accept the fact that health is wealth. Being healthy is not only a state of body but a state of mind as well.

Life can be enjoyed in a better way if you are hale and hearty because you are active and are less prone to serious and chronic diseases.

Health is not something like beauty that can be attained by using home-made remedies or market-based products but it can only be maintained by regular efforts by your end.

However, these efforts are not a herculean task but are simple steps that you need to include in your everyday life to ensure a healthier life which is definitely they key to a happier life.

Here are 17 very easy and convenient steps you need to follow to:

You Need to Laugh More

  1. You Need to Laugh More

You might have heard the statement “Laughter is the best medicine” and if you doubt it, then you are absolutely making a mistake because laughter is actually good for your health.

It not only promotes better mental health by relieving stress and lowering depression but also leads to a smoother blood flow and healthier vessels which mean you also improve your physical health while laughing.

  1. Don’t Just Count the Calories

If you think it is only about the number of calories you consume, then that is not at all true because what actually matters is burning the calories you consume and what kind of calories you intake.

A smoothie might have the same calories as a small bar of chocolates but the smoothie is better for your health.

Drink More Water

  1. Drink More Water

Water is an essential element of life we all know that but how many of us do actually drink plenty of water?

The percentage might be actually very low and that is not at all satisfactory.

Water is very good for our health and it actually helps in combating those cravings which you can’t beat.

  1. Eat Greater Quantities of Fish

Fish is rich in Omega 3 and that is actually its consumption in greater quantities was criticized however research has proven that eating a decent quantity of fish regularly helps decrease the chances of heart diseases.

  1. Utilize Your Downtime in an Active Manner

Out with friends try shopping around the mall or a walk around the streets while you grab a coffee.

It is good to stay active in leisure time because hectic work routines have actually made it quite difficult to take extra time out for other healthy activities.

Use Fruits Instead of Snacks

  1. Use Fruits Instead of Snacks

Everyone loves snacks to kill the in between meals’ hunger. If you work, then it is natural to feel hungry before dinner after you arrive home.

Instead of eating something fattening like fried things or a pack of chips you can always relish a juicy and ripe fruit like a peach, orange or an apple.

  1. Quit Smoking

Want to live a healthier life? It just requires one simple step that is quitting smoking.

It is a difficult thing to do initially but in few days, you become used to it and the nicotine leaves your body in about a fortnight. Thus, you can simply enjoy a more potent and vigorous life.

  1. Take Breaks between Work or Studies

If you keep on concentrating on the same thing for a longer time, then it has hazardous effects on you.

Firstly, it greatly reduces your productivity so your work or studies suffer.

Secondly, it leaves your mind numb and lowers your will to live by leaving negative impacts on your overall health.

Thus, you definitely need to take short breaks between works and move around the place a bit or close your eyes and meditate.

  1. Eat a Light Dinner

You might have heard someone say that breakfast should be like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a peasant.

It does not depict class discrimination but just points out the fact that if you take more calories at the start of the day it is good because those calories can be burned easily whereas eating more for dinner will lead to obesity.

It is also advisable to eat dinner as early as possible and not to eat anything after that.

Go for a Walk after Eating

  1. Go for a Walk after Eating

Not only does this step help burn calories but is also greatly helpful in activating the digestive system and regulating the blood flow.

  1. Follow the Portion Control

Instead of quitting eating a lot of your favorite fast foods and pasta, it is always good to control the portion of your meal. This will help you feel lighter and more active.

  1. Divert Your Mind While Angry by Cleaning

Are you angry at your better half, best friend or boss? Simply, take your mind off the thing that is bothering and simply start cleaning your living space because it helps lower the blood pressure and makes you feel calm.

Mix Up Your Work Out Routine

  1. Mix Up Your Work Out Routine

Don’t like working out that much? Mix it up with different kinds of exercises like some cardio and a bit of weight lifting. This will help you enjoy the workout and lose weight fast.

  1. Enjoy Relaxing Activities

If you want to feel healthy and happy, then the best way to do so is to engage yourself in relaxing activities like Sudoku, Puzzles, Crosswords and Knitting etc. they keep your mind active and help you lose stress and both of these things have a positive impact on your body.

  1. Sleep Properly

Yes, you definitely need to sleep well and get enough sleep to be able to have a healthy and prosperous life.

  1. Quit Soda Drinks

Sodas or carbonated drinks are harmful to your health not only they prove a great hindrance in achieving that perfect beach body but also have a negative effect on your overall health.

  1. Stay Positive

It is not only having a sleek and ideal figure that should matter to you but what is more important is having a healthy body and mind.

If you have negative thoughts in your mind all the time, then the negativity is going to cause havoc to your physical health as well so you need to love yourself, others around you and the place where you live.


Thus, all you need to do for a healthy and happy life is to ensure that your body and mind are peaceful and active at the same time.

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  1. Kimberly Love

    This is the type of article that everyone should read. Many people live unhappy lives and sometimes it’s just a matter of becoming more active and eating right. Thank you for the new ideas!

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