7 Things you Need to Know About Cellulite

7 Things you Need to Know About Cellulite

7 Things you Need to Know About Cellulite

Cellulite – everyone knows what it is and we all hate it. With good reason – it looks awful, it’s hard to shift and it can make you feel really self-conscious when wearing bathing suits or shorts.

It can be hard to relax, even when sitting at the beach or around the pool, knowing that your thighs and buttocks are not looking at their best.

No one wants to turn up at the swimming pool in a wet suit: you want to show off your bikini or your bathing costume, of course. But sometimes it can feel as though there are no other alternatives if you suffer from cellulite.

However, knowing your enemy can make things easier, so getting to know about cellulite – what causes it and what can help it – could help you get rid of your cellulite once and for all.

The 7 things that you need to know about cellulite are the most essential weapons in your arsenal in the battle against unsightly thighs and buttocks.

The 7 Most Important Things You Need to Know About Cellulite:

1- Cellulite is often Caused by Toxins

One of the main causes of cellulite is the build of toxins in, around and under the skin. These toxins occur in the body for a number of reasons, but the most obvious way in which toxins enter your body is through a poor diet.

Eating properly, therefore, is essential if you want to get rid of your cellulite quickly and easy.

Processed foods are the absolute worst, not only for your general health but also because they help to produce the buildup of cellulite in your body.

These foods are definitely to be avoided if you want to get the beach body perfect in no time at all. These sorts of food are well known to contain excess salt, sugar, fat and even chemicals that can lead to a toxic buildup in your body.

These toxins are then stored in fat cells all around your body, including the cells under your skin, making it look bumpy and unattractive. Additionally, excess sugar from processed food is also converted to fat, which can worsen the appearance of your cellulite.

Eat Well, Look Great!

Linked to what was said above, just as eating badly can create cellulite and worsen the cellulite that you already suffer from, a healthy diet can almost completely reverse the effects of eating bad foods.

Good food can also help to flush out toxins that your body has built up and which cause cellulite.

So you should make sure that you are introducing plenty of foods that are rich in antioxidants and other essential minerals and nutrients so that you can help your body to work properly and flush out nasty toxins.

The best diet is high in fiber and includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to eat as many different colored fruits and vegetables as you can, since the many different colors contain different anti-oxidants, and you will need all of them to get rid of your cellulite.

3- The Genetic Side of Cellulite

Some people are more prone to getting cellulite than others – perhaps your mother suffered from cellulite, or other relatives were more prone to getting it. If this is the case, you may be more likely to develop cellulite.

However, this is not a done deal: even if you are predisposed to suffering from cellulite, you can still fight against it. Even if some people are not able to completely eliminate cellulite from their bodies, there are ways to make it look a lot better.

4- Drink Plenty of Water

Speaking of flushing out toxins, the best way of getting rid of all those awful things that you eat from day to day is by driving them out with plenty of water. Additionally, water can help avoid fluid retention, both of which combine to make your cellulite look worse.

It is not just about drinking any sort of fluid, either: water is definitely the best. Coffee and tea, for instance, can be dehydrating, so try to limit your consumption, or at least drink a glass of water for each cup of tea or coffee.

5- Exercise – Running

Besides your diet, the most important factor in battling against cellulite is regular exercise. Running is a great way to not only lose weight but also to strengthen the skin around your thighs and help reduce the appearance of your cellulite.

You should aim to be burning fat while also toning your legs and buttocks. Running or jogging has the added benefit of being great for your whole body, too, so don’t be afraid to do plenty of it!

6- Exercise Need Not to be Expensive

You don’t need to fork out a lot of money month on month to pay for an expensive gym membership to get rid of your cellulite. As mentioned above, one of the best ways to battle against cellulite is by exercising regularly.

If you are already a member of a gym, you will need to look into the tools that are available for your butt work out.

However, there are a number of free programs and easy, equipment-free exercises that you can take part in that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Special workouts that target the butt and thighs are especially useful for toning muscles, smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of all areas that are prone to developing cellulite.

Selecting a good number of different exercises and doing these every day for around twenty minutes will get you results in no time at all.

7- Remember: There Are No Shortcuts

Getting rid of cellulite is not easy: it requires discipline and determination. Often, health and beauty magazines and adverts will offer special creams that can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, such cellulite massaging soaps to help circulation to the skin.

These temporarily plump up the cells, giving the appearance of a reduction in cellulite. However, the only real way to get rid of cellulite for good is to eat well and exercise regularly.


  1. This article made some great points. I don’t have much experience with cellulite, but I also have a pretty good diet. I exercise regularly also. I do agree that it can be genetic. My mother doesn’t have cellulite and I believe that has a lot to do with why I don’t either. Water is always good, that alone can solve so many issues.

  2. Thank you so much for publishing this! I have always wondered why I get this, versus some of my friends who are similar in size. Learning that I have the predisposition to it makes me feel a little bit better – and knowing there are steps I can take to reduce it make it easier as well.

  3. Is a relief to finally know i can do something about the cellulite on my thigh. about it been genentic, there is no history of it in my family, i guess i’m the first to get it.
    finally i can wear what i want,when i want and where i want. woohooo

  4. I used to be very scared about developing cellulites but after reading this, I am not that scared anymore. Recently, I have learnt about all these awesome new ways that are very effective when it comes to the treatment of cellulite, all thanks to you. I will surely be back for more.

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