9 Celebrities with Depression and How They Cope

9 Celebrities with Depression and How They Cope

Depression can affect anybody. It affects the rich, the poor, the young, the sick, the healthy, the old, and more.

It does not discriminate, and whereas some people can be more prone to depression than others, the actual fact is that any person can suffer from depression.

The most successful, famous, and rich people in the world do suffer from depression just like everybody else.

Here are 9 different people who suffer from depression and how they cope with it.

1. Jim Carrey

In an interview Mr. Carrey revealed that his inspiration behind the funny-man antics was actually “desperation.” Similar to many celebrated comics Jim channeled his emotional pain into humor.

The attention and laughter brought from audiences aids ease depression such comedians feel hence soothes their pain.

2. Rodney Dangerfield

Around the last part of his life, he attended a variety of therapy sessions together with his psychiatrist and took approximately 137 prescription drugs per day, including valium and anti-depressants.

His father abandoned them when he was young and was raised by a cruel mother.

He had wild mood swings all through his career life and tried to avoid the suffering and pain in every way possible, including using drugs and prostitutes.

3. Brooke Shields

Brooke is a good illustration of how beauty doesn’t equal happiness. Despite the fact that she is not an all-time sufferer of depression, she has been vocal about her experience with postnatal depression.

Like most sufferers of postpartum depression, she experienced detachment from her child and negative thoughts. Brooke started taking Paxil to at least cope with her emotions and finally recovered.

9 Celebrities with Depression and How They Cope

4. Scarlett Johansson

Being famous and beautiful does not stop depression. Scarlett Johansson, who said that she regularly feels depressed also, said that just before filming she had suffered from severe anxiety attacks.

It is not clear if she is talking about panic attacks or severe anxiety, but it is obvious that this actress isn’t without that extra stress.

5. Owen Wilson

Many individuals already know of Owen’s depression. His attempted suicide was all over tabloid headlines at local grocery stores few years back.

Similar to millions of many Americans, Wilson is depressed and will be right through his lifetime.

He battles depression through taking anti-depressants; however, his break-up with Kate Hudson made him go beyond the effects of medication as well as feel hopeless.

6. J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling strongly considered suicide during her darkest hour, while suffering from massive attack of depression. She worried about finances and greatly missed her ex-husband.

This is when the ill thoughts started surfacing. Luckily, her daughter inspired her to seek out treatment.

Rowling chose to treat her depression with therapy instead of anti-depressants. This form of therapy cures emotional problem, but not treating it.

7. Adele

The most popular singer during 2011 and 2012 seems to have suffered from not only depression, but also panic attacks and social phobia.

Performing before crowds of so many people can make anyone frightful, but there’s a strong possibility that her depression and phobia were an concern even before she ever stepped on a stage.

angelina jolie suffer from depression

8. Angelina Jolie

The beautiful mother of six might seem to have her performance completely together, but during her teens and early 20s, she suffered from depression.

After her mother died in 2007, she began developing other depressions and could not stop dwelling on just negative thoughts.

The grief and stress that come with death of a loved one can turn into depression easily, and it can be really difficult to break the pattern of thinking over about such loss. Distracting activities, particularly, physical activity can be very helpful in breaking such a cycle.

9. Christina Ricci

As a young child, Christina starred in movies such as “Addams Family Values” even before making a transition to adult films, for instance “The Opposite of Sex,” ‘’monster,’’ “The Ice Storm,”  and the  “Prozac Nation.”

The latter film depicted a young woman who is coping with depression during her very first year at Harvard, the actress could depict from personal experience, since she suffered from both depression and anorexia herself.

Ricci overcame the problems with the assistance of a psychiatrist. These are actually some of the things you just can’t deal with all alone.

Anyone suffering from depression can choose to be very happy. If you decide to let go of your insecurities and self-consciousness about physical appearance, you will get to a place where you can better see the world and fully enjoy yourself.

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