9 Depressingly Telling Signs It's a Bad Date

9 Depressingly Telling Signs It’s a Bad Date

Good Dates And Bad Dates

The hallmark of a stellar date is one that sparks physical and mental chemistry galore.Unfortunately, most people have struggled through an insufferable date that left them baffled, and creeped out.

Your dating experiences with a particular individual may portend your future potential with that person.

Statistically speaking, if your date cannot refrain from anger or poor etiquette on the first few dates, they will seldom exhibit favorable characteristics once you embark upon a relationship with them.

Think of a date as a relationship thermostat that moonlights as a crystal ball on the side. The thermostat will indicate your initial level of attraction and chemistry, while the crystal ball will offer you predictive signs of a bad future relationship.

Most failed partnerships can be eluded before they materialize into a serious relationship. Knowing what to detect early on can spare you immense irritation and suffering, and bolster the possibility of meeting the right person.

Signs You’re On A Bad Date

#1: If your date talks about himself or herself nonstop, you may want to reconsider. Narcissism is truly the bane of a healthy relationship.

If compels one to engage in self-serving behaviors that ultimately drain the other individual. Relationships are predicated on the mutual capacity to support and love one another.

Unfortunately, a narcissist is merely capable in idolizing a deluded, inflated image who they think they are. If your date belabors their accomplishments and irresistible looks without mentioning yours, run!

#2: Suppose you are dining with your date, and he/she suddenly launches a verbal attack at the waiter. This is indicative of rudeness and self-entitlement, two characteristics that can poison an otherwise healthy relationship.

9 Depressingly Telling Signs It's a Bad Date

#3: Here is an obvious sign that your date is succumbing to disaster. If your date alludes to his or her ex repeatedly, they may possess a concealed love for that person. A person who is attached to an ex lover cannot fully invest themselves in a new relationship.

#4: If your date repeatedly checks their phone and texts during dinner, you should consider other prospects. This may signify one of a few things.

Firstly, it may be an indicator that they are chronic daters with little intention to settle down with anyone. On the other hand, they may simply be disrespecting you and your time.

#5: If your date wheedles you into paying the entire bill, especially when they led you under the assumption that they would cover it, then you should strongly avoid them in the future.

#6: If your date criticizes you, insults you or argues with you on the first date, this is a telling sign of incompatibility.

The honeymoon phase is generally characterized by peace, affection, humor, and romance. Therefore, an argument on the first date can only portend horrible things down the line.

#7: Did your date repeatedly flirt with other men or women throughout the night? This is an incontrovertible sign that they are not interested in getting to know you.

This may also be a key predictor of unfaithful patterns for behavior. For this reason, it may be best to avoid them in the future.

On an ideal date, you and your partner would be too invested in each other to allocate attention to anyone else around.

#8: If your date appears to be in a rush, or quickly drops you off after meeting you, perhaps they wanted to get the date over as soon as possible.

When a date is truly smitten with you, they will want to extend the time they spend with you for as long as possible.

Alternatively, you may have an intent desire to end the date early on. These are all bad signs that the date is going horribly.

#9: If there are long stretches of silence, or averted eye contact throughout the span of your date, this may be a chief indicator that there is a lack of chemistry or compatibility.

Typically, when an individual feels a genuine attraction for someone, they will hold eye contact as long as possible.

Having A Good Date

To ensure a better date, become comfortable with the notion of eye contact. Furthermore, take the initiative, and display a genuine interest in that individual’s goals, aspirations, and personality.

Before you go on a date, establish a better sense of compatibility by speaking to them over the phone. Phone conversations may reveal signs of incompatibility.

Remember, always rely on your internal instincts. If you feel that something is going awry during a date, it most likely is.

Not to mention, you should never rush into a dating situation, especially if you intend to foster a genuine connection with someone.

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