9 Ways to Beat Obesity and Depression

9 Ways to Beat Obesity and Depression

Obesity and depression often go hand in hand, either one can often lead to the other in some cases which means that both illnesses are usually treated together.

Whether you want to take the natural and medicated approach, there are a host of different ways that you can combat depression and obesity at the same time to better your quality of life and feel good about yourself.

Find the source

If you still haven’t found the reason as to why your depression and obesity are there, it may be time to start looking as to why they’re as dominant as they are.

This may be an abusive relationship, bad experiences at work or any other life aspect that can have an effect on your mental and physical wellbeing.

Get in the right mind-set

Obesity and depression are popular illnesses that thousands of people suffer from.

The key area that most people fail to focus on when attempting to beat their depression and obesity is how the approach the task.

Your mind-set going into it is the most important part of treating both illnesses, and focusing on making long-term changes to your lifestyle as opposed to starting a diet to lose a bit of weight and feel healthy is an important aspect of the task.

9 Ways to Beat Obesity and Depression

Start eating right

Changing your diet to match your new found lifestyle is an important aspect of beating both depression and obesity.

Ditching the junk food, soda, long Netflix nights where you do nothing but eat and watch movies are a great way to start.

Setting your sights on fruit, vegetables and meats in moderation will allow your system to start rebuilding itself and combat the negative effects that obesity can have on it.

Get active

Exercise is the next step in not only losing weight to help with the obesity but also to help alleviate the effects of depression.

By actively making the effort to exercise every day you’ll begin to combat the obesity, specifically the fat around your stomach and legs, but also you’ll begin to see significant improvements in your mental health as the depression symptoms begin to ease off slightly over time.

Focus on moderation

Starting a new lifestyle is an amazing way to make changes in your life that will benefit you in the long term, but it’s as important to know when to take it easy as it is when to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Making sure that you moderate everything that you do to ensure that your mental and physical progress is as effective as possible is important to your treatment due to the fact that too much of a good thing can quite often be a bad thing.

This can be in the form of not working out too hard or not over eating (even on good foods!).

Get a dog

This may seem like a strange step but it’s certainly effective. Depression can often leave you feeling isolated or feeling as though you want to isolate yourself away from people.

A dog can help you grow accustomed to companionship and make you feel better about yourself if you ever feel down.

This is important as it fits in with your newly found positive mind-set as the dog will keep you on track and become a friend for the rest of your life.

Another bonus is the fact that your dog will require walks, meaning that exercise doesn’t feel like a chore anymore!

Consult your doctor

Some people who are fighting against multiple illnesses will consult their doctors to make sure that their progress is being tracked and is effective.

This can be as  simple as weekly weight checks and blood pressure checks to make sure that your body is keeping up with your progress, whilst also giving you an additional motivation boost each week.

Try supplements

Some supplements, such as fish oil, can help your body to recover at a faster rate than if you were to not take them.

This can be in line with your new diet to ensure that your fitness routine and general health are improving at a decent rate, meaning that you’ll be able to see your progress in next to no time.

Wrap it all up

No, not your body. Make sure that the changes you make to your lifestyle are for the long term and not another fad diet or month long thing to see if it works.

Making big changes in your life requires high levels of commitment to see the effects in their true light, so make sure that you keep it up and you’ll beat both your depression and obesity.


  1. I liked your tip about getting a dog, I have tried other means of beating obesity and depression however this tip is the best way to achieve both goals without an effort. I adopted a puppy 3 days ago and the walking exercise has been fun ever since

  2. This is another great article that I’m saving. I definitely suffer from depression and being extremely overweight. Of course I didn’t start gaining a lot of the weight until I started taking the antidepressants. I can attest that having a dog really does help. Having something or someone else to focus on aside from myself is key. However, everyone has their own tricks.

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