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All the Ways to Lose Cellulite

Cellulite is a girl’s worst enemy. Us girls are naturally born with a tendency to have cellulite. It is genetics as much as it is the plain facts that we are women. Cellulite happens when the fat that is stored in the cells deep underneath our skin pushes up the connective tissue and creates those nasty bumps. This connective tissue is aligned diagonally in men, but vertically in us women, which practically creates those fat cells to push upwards and make the skin look like an orange peel.

The first and basic rule about cellulite is to know that it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or overweight and it doesn’t matter whether you lose weight or not. Cellulite has nothing to do with those things. You can restrict your food intakes and be on different diets as much as you want, but this is definitely not the way to get rid of cellulite once and for all.

So if these things do not help, what can we do in order to lose all that cellulite? Is there an efficient way to do this? And how do we know which way is right? There are so many questions with no proper answers. Well, in fact, there are several things that you can do in order to lose the cellulite. And if you can incorporate more than one of these things, that would be even better. Here’s what you need to do to get rid of cellulite:

Change your diet

It really doesn’t matter what you do if you are not careful of what you eat. In order to treat cellulite efficiently, you will need to eat more fiber foods such as oats and similar whole grain foods. Veggies and fruits should also be a huge part of your diet if you wish to get rid of cellulite.

Lots of Water

The golden rule: drink more water. The more the better. Water will help you get rid of all the toxins in your body and this will stimulate faster fat loss, including the cellulite fat. Another advantage of water is that it will help your body produce more collagen which will tighten your skin.

cellulite massage


Deep tissue massages on the areas affected with cellulite can be the answer for your cellulite problems. A massage will improve the circulation in that area and tighten your skin so that it looks firmer and softer.


Some cardio exercises like running or swimming can really help you stay in shape and sweat off some fat. Cellulite is more stubborn than regular fat so if you want to get rid of it, you will have to exercise at least three times a week.

Exfoliate your skin

This is also a very effective way of treating your cellulite areas. Buy a skin exfoliator for losing cellulite or simply make one at home. Coffee waste or grounded black coffee can be a very cheap and inexpensive exfoliator. Just pick up the coffee waste after you drink your morning coffee and rub it on your trouble areas. Coffee is excellent for tightening your skin and losing cellulite.

Dry brushing

This is an ancient method that seems to be pretty efficient when it comes to losing cellulite. You should do this every day in order to get the best results, for example, before you shower. Dry brushing is a method where you brush your dry skin using nothing but a firm brush.

Creams and Serums

Okay, to be totally honest, these creams and serums meant for losing cellulite are not doing magic. You won’t lose cellulite with creams only. You need to watch on your diet, exercising, massages and everything, and you can use this creams for an extra help and support. If you do all these other things, there’s no harm in trying some anti-cellulite cream or serum.

Compression pants

Pants and tights that are made for losing cellulite can also be used. There have been many controversies regarding this subject, but like I said, there’s no harm if you try them. They usually contain some special ingredients like green tea or coffee extracts for improving the skin circulation. Now, whether or not this is true is an enigma. However, they do look good if you like to wear them underneath something else because they hide and tighten the cellulite areas.

Treatments in Salons

There’s always the option to go to a Salon for treatments with some devices like Velasmooth for example. They really do work, but you will have to do multiple treatments before you get the results you want. If your budget allows you, why not?

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