Amazing Smoothies That Melt Cellulite

Amazing Smoothies That Melt Cellulite in Just a Couple of Days

Cellulite is a common and frustrating problem. Especially with summer now here, most of us want to be out wearing shorts, swimming costumes, and bikinis.

However, if you, like many thousands of others worldwide, suffer from unsightly cellulite, you may feel slightly more resistant to wearing very revealing clothing.

Is there any way to get rid of cellulite in just a couple of days without doing anything stressful, painful, expensive, or even dangerous?

What causes cellulite?

To know how to battle cellulite, you need to know what causes it in the first place. Cellulite isn’t necessarily complicated.

It is caused by the presence of subcutaneous fat that causes the skin to look dimpled. It isn’t dangerous, but it doesn’t look beautiful.

A lot of what causes cellulite is to do with what we eat. Because it consists of fat, eating foods high in fats, sugars and salts can help cause cellulite.

This means that cutting these fats out of your diet will help reduce your cellulite straight away, right? Well, not necessarily.

Look into superfoods

Although cutting the bad stuff out of your diet will certainly help, it isn’t the only way to tackle cellulite.

In addition, eating a good diet and exercising regularly will take a while to affect the cellulite you already suffer from.

Isn’t there a quicker way to get rid of that unsightly dimpling? This is where superfoods come in.

Science is discovering all sorts of incredible foods that can help your health and appearance, many of which you eat every day without even knowing.

By eating more of these incredible foods, you can tackle cellulite quickly and effectively in no time at all.

Try using superfoods in smoothies.

The most effective way to quickly and efficiently get all the right superfoods into your body is by blending them into smoothies.

This is a delicious and nutritious way to keep feeling and looking great. Simply take all the best foodstuffs out there and combine them to make delicious smoothies, ideal for the summer, that can help you burn your cellulite in just a couple of days.

Superfoods to consider for your smoothies

The most popular superfoods that are added to smoothies are the following:

Honey – this sweet and sticky treat is delicious and packed with all-natural good stuff.

Naturally high in antioxidants to help your skin rejuvenate (and therefore strengthen the subcutaneous layer where the fat deposits usually break down to make your skin appear dimply and bumpy), honey also contains oligosaccharides which can aid digestion.

Strawberries are a favorite in any smoothie, and they are so good for you! The daily intake of vitamin C that you get from just a handful of these delicious berries is a significant boost for the health of your skin.

Bananas – a classic flavor combination with strawberries; adding bananas to your smoothie can also give you an extra shot of potassium, which can help with high blood pressure, and with fiber that helps your metabolism get up and go.

With a higher metabolism, your body can better process fats, which means no more ugly build-up beneath the skin of your thighs and buttocks!

Almond milk – most people know how good nuts are in a balanced diet, but did you know that adding almond milk, as opposed to cow’s milk, to a smoothie is a really healthy choice?

Packed with potassium, vitamin E, and magnesium, even just a little splash of almond milk in your smoothie can speed along the cellulite-burning process.

Oranges – yes, everybody knows that oranges are packed full of vitamin C, which is essential for your skin’s good health, but did you also know that they are jam-packed full of B vitamins, fiber, and calcium?

All these things combine to help not only your general health but also help your skin to recover from cellulite.

Amazing Smoothies That Melt Cellulite

Raspberries – these delicious berries, which combine with bananas and strawberries, are naturally high in antioxidants and contain ellagic acid, which has been proven to help fight cancer.

So, not only are these berries delicious and healthy, but they can also help to reduce the appearance of cellulite in just a couple of days, especially in combination with other ingredients from this list!

These are just a few of the fantastic superfoods currently available on the market that taste great in smoothies.

However, adding any sort of berries – blackberries, blueberries, etc. – to your daily smoothie can also have an incredible effect on the appearance of cellulite in just a few days.

The best smoothies to melt cellulite: some recipes!

Mixing the ingredients given above (as well as many other types of superfoods) can help you make delicious smoothies that can melt your cellulite away in no time.

Why not combine a banana, an orange, a handful of fresh raspberries, and strawberries with a splash of almond milk, two tablespoons of honey, and plenty of ice?

Mix and match to find a taste combination that really packs a punch. Alternatively, mix banana, orange, and some delicious pineapple, all with a pinch of cinnamon for that extra punch; stir in some ice and a little water or almond milk, and drink your cellulite away!

Quick, easy, simple: don’t suffer from cellulite any longer!

With these delicious ingredients and plenty of opportunities to mix and match, these smoothie recipes are cheap, easy to make, and highly effective against cellulite.

Even though summer is well underway, you can drink away your unseemly cellulite in just a couple of days, get out there and show off your brand-new beach body!

Wear that swimming costume or bikini and cute shorts, and feel more confident!


  1. victoriaflip

    I wonder if juices would have the same effect as smoothies? I actually juice more than I make smoothies, but these sound so delicious I definitely want to try them. When you mentioned raspberries along with bananas and strawberries that definitely caught my attention. I just might have to make a trip to the grocery store today 🙂

  2. I’ve actually tried banana smoothies and paired with dieting it has made a huge difference in my body! Great advice, I didn’t know honey helped reduce cellulite! I think I just found my favorite recipes! I actually researched superfoods because it caught my attention! Avocados are my favorite superfoods ! What are yours?

  3. Nisa Ahmed

    I have never tried smoothies but only different kinds of juices for loosing weight, but there are interesting ideas I can choose from which I would love to try. I would love to try the banana smoothie in combination with strawberries which sounds delicious. Oranges are my favourite and I have been drinking orange juices and eating fresh oranges every other day to loose weight but now will definitely try honey.

  4. It is often said that knowledge has no end. If not for this page i wouldn’t have known this fact about remedies for cellulite.
    I will definitely give it a try.

  5. Smoothies for cellulite?! Thank you for this awesome tip! Smoothies are my absolute favorite breakfast and I love knowing that they are healthy and can benefit me!

    I have heard a lot of great things about coconut water. Is there any benefit to using coconut water in smoothies or should people stick with almond milk?

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