HDL cholesterol foods

Benefits of Increasing HDL Cholesterol with HDL Cholesterol Foods

HDL cholesterol foods

Cholesterol is very essential requirement of our body and it is developed or produced by our body itself. The key function of the cholesterol is to digest the food that we eat and to protect the cell membranes of our body by creating hormones. Because of this important reason, cholesterol becomes a very essential part of our body.

People must know that higher consumption of cholesterol can harm the body. Taking so much cholesterol can cause a great harm to the arteries of the body by making them shrunk and it can also develop the higher chances of getting hurt attack.

HDL cholesterol stands for “High Density Lipoprotein” and is responsible for carrying excess amount of cholesterol away from the tissues of the body and arteries back to the liver. The liver of our body collects the cholesterol with lipoprotein for using in different functions of psychological body and developing of tissues.

What is HDL cholesterol?

When the medical doctors, scientists and other experts talk about HDL cholesterol, they exactly mean “HDL Bound” cholesterol. When we truly speak scientifically, then there is nothing like “Bad cholesterol” or “Good cholesterol”. As a matter of fact, cholesterol is just cholesterol having the scientific formula C27H45OH. If we truly do some researches then we find that LDL and HDL are not cholesterols at all, they are just vehicles of lipoprotein driving and transporting cholesterol through blood.

The basic function of LDL and HDL is to drive and transport the cholesterol through the blood of our body. The HDL cholesterol is commonly known as “Good cholesterol” because its main function is to travel from body tissues and arteries back to the liver for elimination of recycling.

It supplies blood to the organs and prevents a buildup of plaque (a hard and fatty deposit) on the inner walls of the arteries by taking blood to the organs. This eliminates the blockage of the arteries and the serious risks of hypertension, paralysis, heart attack.

Difference between LDL & HDL

Lower levels of LDL can be very beneficial for the health but lower levels of HDL can be very harmful for the health of any human. The levels of HDL should always be raised in order to obtain maximum advantage from the health. The good levels of HDL are also known as “Good Cholesterol” because increasing levels of HDL cholesterol is always beneficial for the human’s health. Because of this reason, all the doctors of the world recommend the consumption of HDL instead of LDL.

HDL is good cholesterol for the body

HDL cholesterol is good for our body and we should always increase its levels by consuming HDL cholesterol foods. Increasing the levels of HDL cholesterol by using HDL cholesterol foods is very good for the body and it allows us to live an active and healthy life. Every time when any kind of physical movement is performed by your body, the HDL cholesterol is always liberated from your body and reduces the risks of paralysis, heart attack and hypertension.

Latest Discoveries

Medical doctors, scientists and researchers have lately found that low HDL cholesterol level in blood stream is a separate risk aspect for these cerebrovascular and cardiovascular illnesses. The HDL cholesterol levels below 50mg/dl for women and below 40mg/dl for men are considered low. This is completely separate from the total levels of cholesterol and LDL levels.

What this means is that even with regular overall cholesterol count & a safe LDL level, people with low HDL blood cholesterol levels are in danger of cardiovascular illness.

Why decreasing the cholesterol level is not important

So the focus should not only be on decreasing the cholesterol levels and LDL levels, but also increasing the HDL cholesterol levels. Research has revealed that a fall of just 1mg/dl in the HDL cholesterol level can lower a person’s risk of suffering a critical cardiac attack by 3 %. But how does one increase the HDL cholesterol levels while maintaining the proper cholesterol levels and LDL levels low?

Preferably, an HDL more than 50mg/dl for men and 60mg/dl for women is regarded heart protective. The majority of people, on the other hand, can force the HDL cholesterol levels up by making some regular changes in diet and lifestyle.

Benefits of Raising HDL Cholesterol

For the sake of increasing the total levels of HDL cholesterol, take up some cardio exercise activities and cycling, walking, dancing or swimming. These activities should be done 5 times a week and 45 minutes a day. If your weight is high, then make some efforts to lose your weight; it will also help to increase the HDL cholesterol levels in the body. Consumption of omega 3 fatty acid, soluble fiber and antioxidants also help to raise the levels of HDL cholesterol.

Doing aerobic is really very helpful for increasing the HDL cholesterol levels and it is the best way. Aerobic can be done for the sake of living healthy and it maintains the proper levels of HDL cholesterol in our body.

Foods to increase HDL cholesterol levels

You can also raise the levels of HDL cholesterol by giving up some Trans Fats like deep fried foods, commercial bakery items, whole cream dairy products, butter, egg yolk and red meat. By leaving all of these diets you will be able to get the higher levels of HDL cholesterol.

There are many useful diets available in the market that can help you to increase the levels of HDL cholesterol in your body. You will be able to get higher levels of HDL cholesterol by making some changes in your diet plan and adopting some healthy foods based on monounsaturated and polyunsaturated like fruits and vegetables, lentils, legumes, beans, flaxseeds, walnut and almonds, cereals, whole grains and vegetable oils.

HDL cholesterol foods must contain low calorie diets because these are very helpful for the obese people and these will also help them to reduce the weight. You will be able to protect your body from many kinds of health threats by using low calorie diets.

For increasing the levels of HDL cholesterol you should use olive oil in your food because organic olive has many benefits and it is really helpful for those people who are struggling to get the high levels of HDL cholesterol. Moreover, fiber should also be a part of your diet because it is very helpful for increasing the HDL cholesterol levels.

Use healthy and balanced diet

HDL cholesterol foods include healthy eating habits and balanced diet. Those people who are pure vegetarians, they should go for Soy Foods because these kinds of foods offer a huge amount of protein which increase the speed of enzymes in our body system and help in raising the levels of HDL cholesterol.

Organic fruits and green leafy vegetables are very helpful for attaining the higher levels of HDL cholesterol. Grapes and barriers are also very helpful for increasing the HDL cholesterol levels. There are many other foods rich with HDL cholesterol and fish is one of the best foods to consider.

Latest researches tell us that fish contains high levels of omega 3 and a daily dosage of 800mg can be very helpful in order to increase the HDL cholesterol levels. Fish oil supplements are also very helpful and must be used for increasing the HDL cholesterol in the body.

Stop smoking if your are addict

If you are a smoking addict then you should stop it immediately in order to achieve higher levels of HDL cholesterol. Smoking is really very harmful for the skin as well as health. If you stop smoking then you are protecting yourself from many kinds of harmful health threats including heart attack. Smoking is most horrible thing in your life and if you don’t delete it from your life, then you will solely be responsible for your damaged health.

You should make some changes in your daily life routine and do some exercise on the regular basis. Running and swimming are considered as the best ways to increase the HDL cholesterol levels in the body system. Running and swimming can be done in order to increase HDL cholesterol levels.

Take more exercises

Exercise plays a central role in order to raise the HDL cholesterol levels. The best time for the exercise is just before you eat. If you take exercise just before eating the food then it will be really beneficial and helpful for you to maintain the HDL cholesterol levels. There is no doubt in it that taking exercise at any time in the day is very beneficial but if you do it just before getting the meal, then you will be able to get the result very fast.

If it is possible, then try to increase the amount of daily exercise that you take, because is very helpful for getting the quick results. Daily 30 to 45 minutes are enough to start with and make some difference with your HDL cholesterol levels.


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