Best exercises to get rid butt cellulite

If you are suffering from cellulite then you are not alone. There are millions of women all over the world who share your fate, rather your condition. If you are wondering why so many women are afflicted by it and not men, well men do get cellulite but the percentage is very small.

To understand why this is so let’s first see what cellulite is. These are fat cells that form under the skin and accumulate between the bands of the collagen or connective tissues. When the fat storage gets too much it starts bulging out attaching the muscle to the skin, pushing the skin outwards and forming hideous ripples or dimples on the skin.

The connective tissues in women are structured vertically like mattress springs while in men they are angled. The former structure makes it easy for fats to deposit, push through the skin and pucker up more than the latter.

These can be further exacerbated if one is genetically predisposed to cellulite, have poor circulation, or have poor diets or lifestyle choices to blame here. Whatever may be the reason cellulite presence and increase can affect one’s appearance and as a result have severe negative impact in one’s self-confidence as well.

Best exercises to get rid butt cellulite

Common areas to be affected by cellulite are the abdomen, thighs, legs and butts. While there are many products and treatments out there which promise to remove cellulite fast, the best and perhaps the most long term answer is to try out cellulite exercises.

This is chiefly because cellulite is an internal condition that manifests itself outwardly and can recur anytime. Even with products and treatments you have to continue with a diet and exercise schedule so that the cellulite formations can be managed and controlled on a regular basis.

The goal is to ensure continuous fat burning and reduction of the stored fat in the body to get rid of cellulite in the long run. Some of these exercises can be tough on the fat deposits leading to rapid orange peel reduction.

Detractors say that there are no proven methods for removing cellulite but the reality is that cellulite workouts paired with careful diets can go a long way to help those afflicted by it. These are again not very special, very hard to do exercises but regular cardio, strength and weight training that are combined to help people burn fat faster and recure the level of cellulite in the body.

The only special factor is that at certain points in the whole workout program one focuses on part of the body or other that is affected by cellulite. If you have any one portion more affected then you can start with that and get rid of the ungainly saddlebags.

Here we shall be looking at the best exercises to get rid of butt cellulite. The workout program will alternately focus on muscle building, toning and tightening of the skin, full body strength training exercises which will lead to burning of stored body fat and lessening of the dimpled appearance.

Cellulite exercises for the butt involve glute exercises which mostly focus on the lower body strength training. You can do these with your trainer as well at home depending on your schedule but the former will of course bring in faster results.

The first effective exercise is called reverse lunges for the butt cellulite with curl and press. 

  • First you have to put the feet together and stand straight with hands on hips
  • The take a step back with the left foot all the while lowering the left knee almost making it touch the ground till the right knee is at a 90 degrees angle
  • Now press yourself up till both the legs are straight all the while squeezing your glutes
  • Now change legs and repeat the exercise again
  • Keep alternating sides and continue with this cellulite exercise till you have done three sets of 20 repetitions

This is a very effective exercise that engages the glutes, quadriceps, the hamstrings and the calvesat the same time.

Next come the prisoner squats for the butt cellulite which focuses more on the muscles in the lower body.

  • First you have to stand straight keeping your feet at shoulder-width apart
  • Then extend the arms out front to balance the body
  • The slowly bend down as if you are sitting on chair
  • Make sure that you sit pushing yourhipsall the way back
  • Then slowly lower your hips so that the knees bent at 90 degrees angles
  • Slowly press upwards and return to the prisoner squat position
  • Keep repeating the exercise till you have done three sets of 20 repetitions

The compliment the glutes target while focusing on the lower body. Together these exercises are very effective for helping one shed the excess weight and cellulite around the butt.

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Other such effective exercises include the glute bridges and donkey kickbacks.

For the glutes bridges exercise:

  • You should start by lying face up on the ground.
  • Keep your arms to the sides, bend your knees and keep your heels firmly pressed on the ground
  • Now slowly lift your hips off the ground.
  • Keep doing this till your hips, knees and shoulders are all aligned in a straight line
  • Make sure that you don’t hyper extend your back
  • Hold this position for 2-3 seconds, continue deep breathing
  • Slowly return to the starting position
  • Keep repeating the exercise till you have done three sets of 20 repetitions

This exercise also focuses and works on your glutes but also help toning up your lower back and hamstrings.

For the donkey kickbacks exercises:

  • Start by kneeling on all fours with your toes tucked under and keeping your back neutral
  • Now contract your abs and draw your belly in towards your spine
  • Slowly lift both knees off the groundtill they are about 2 inches up
  • Keep your abs engaged
  • Now slowly right knee right up to your to nose
  • Now slowly kick out your right leg straight out behind you, squeezing your butt at the same time
  • Keepyour lower abs contracted
  • Your hips should face theground to protect your back
  • Switch legs to repeat the exercise.
  • Keep repeating the exercise till you have done three sets of 20 repetitions

This is a power exercise that engages the biceps and triceps, the core, the back, hamstrings and the butt at the same time. All the above exercises are very effective to get rid of butt cellulite and goes a long way to keep the fat from getting stored easily again.

Apart from these heavy duty exercises there are also some simpler ones that one can do at home and continue on a regular basis.

One thing to do is to massage your thighs and butt regularly. One can do it at bath times by soaping up the body and massaging the affected area for about five minutes. A better way would be of course to scrub the area and the use essential oils or a cellulite cream for the massage.

This will bring in faster results when done regularly. There are many simple handheld tools in the market which will aid in doing the massage at home.

The other trick is to drink lots of water throughout the day. Water is a simple but very effective fat buster. It helps in digestion, improves circulation and metabolic rate, and flushes out all toxins from the body.

This is every important for reducing the cellulite levels and preventing further formations. This becomes even more effective if one can add some lemon to the water. It will hasten the fat burning process and make the skin feel younger.

Finally, one has to stick to an anti-cellulite diet to make sure that all the exercise can lead to definite results. This means focusing more on green leafy vegetables and other veggies, lots of fruits and fibers, good carbs though still less in number, and snacking in yogurt, seeds and nuts.

All these will help detoxify the body which is very important for getting rid of cellulite. You will have to cut back on fried fast foods and junk foods which are full of sugar and white carbs. That will prevent easy fat deposits and make the body leaner, tighter and healthier.

If you are wondering why this is important then you must know without diet control none of the above exercises will have any positive effect in removing cellulite. To get more permanent results you have to go doing the cellulite exercises to keep your body fit and active at all times.

Cellulite is perhaps the most stubborn weight to get rid of but nothing is impossible when you are determined to tackle and stick to the routine. The mantra for cellulite control is routine and repetition. Keep continuing with your strict diet and exercise schedule as mentioned above and you will find yourself free of cellulite eventually. This might take some time but in the end you will have more long term results than through any other means.

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  1. Stacey McGregor

    Cellulite is an issue for 80% of women.

    The biggest problem is that it’s very persistent and it’s hard to get rid of it. On the other hand, it appears in the twinkling of an eye!

    At first, it’s not visible unless you squeeze your skin. If you are lucky, it stays like that, but usually, the skin gets thinner and loses its elasticity which makes the cellulite more visible in the shape of lumps.

    There are some treatments that can help but you should consider changing your diet too.

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