Breast Implants And Breastfeeding – Something You Should Know

Breastfeeding & its significance

Milk of a mother is always best for babies because it is good for the health of mother as well as the baby. Natural breast feeding can help a baby to stay away from many diseases because mother’s milk is very helpful for a baby to stay away from many harmful diseases like allergies & reactions.

Mother’s milk is also very helpful for baby because it also protects him from having dangerous life style illnesses like diabetes &asthma. It is also a proven fact that those women who perform breastfeeding, stay away from dangerous health risks like breast cancer, ovarian & diabetes.

What are breast implants?

For any mother who is planning to have breast implants, she must have a good & positive knowledge related to this subject. These implants are like bags that are silicon gel filled or saline (salt water). These implants are helpful for those women who have little breasts because these will fill the breasts and bring back its original volume that it lost because of the birth of the child.

The volume of breasts is also lost because of weight loos or breast feeding. These implants will recover the breast to its original volume. Breast implants or breast prosthesis are replaced in one or both boobs by a careful cosmetic surgery process. The process of replacing the implants in the breasts is also known as breast augmentation.

A mother can perform breastfeeding even after getting breast implants in her breasts. As a matter of fact, the original quantity of milk produced in the breast will decrease after replacing the breast implants by having a cosmetic surgical treatment, because these implants will be push on the tissues of the breast and squeeze it which is responsible for the low production of milk.

Latest studies have discovered many cases in which breast implant can squeeze the milk duct and it may block the flow of milk in the breasts completely and cause swelling in the breasts. It is not good for the overall health of the mother because she will feel pain while performing breastfeeding. She will also feel pain at the moment when breasts are refilled with milk. There will be a great discomfort while performing the breastfeeding and it will cause to stop breast feeding because of serious pain in the breasts.

It is a very serious threat to the health of mother as well as the baby. Mother will feel a great pain every time she perform breast feeding to its baby. She will also feel a great amount of pain when her breasts are refilled by the milk. She may think of giving up breast feeding to her infant because it is harmful for the health of both, the baby & the mother. Many women stop performing breast feeding to their infant because of a great amount of pain in their breasts and health threats connected to the health of the baby.

Process of placing breast implants

The ability of breast feeding is highly damaged by the placement of breast implants through breast augmentation cosmetic surgical treatment. The ability of breast feeding is damaged because there might be incision around the breast and areola.

Many women decide to stop breast feeding their babies because of these breast implants. A great amount of pain is highly produced by these implants and as a result, mother stop breast feeding their infant.

Saline filled or silicone gel filled breast implants are most widely used in the process of breast augmentation cosmetic surgical treatment. Cuts might be made on or around the area of areola which is the black space around the nipple area of breast in which situation there is chance of reducing and destructive the milk-ducts or nerve.

The other system of release of implants by making incisions in the underarm or under the breasts in which situation the implant is placed behind the milk tubes or ducts and there is less chance of resulting in damage to the nerve or milk-ducts.

Breast Implants

Breast implants after pregnancy


Breast implants are mostly used by women after the birth of child. Child birth, pregnancy and breast feeding can alter the size, position & shape of breast and intervene with how a lady thinks about her body& beauty. Breast implant surgery can improve the self-image of the lady and make her live like a beautiful attractive woman.

The breasts usually get larger during the pregnancy period of a woman and even after performing breast feeding. Therefore, many women decide to have breast implants to look more attractive & smart. Breast implants are very helpful in some cases but these are also very harmful for the health of women & her infant.

Breast implants highly damage the ability of breasts to produce required amount of milk and cause many hurdles in the breast feeding process. The silicone used in the breast implants becomes a great hurdle in the production of milk and it also prevents the milk to get in to the mouth of the baby by blocking its ways. Breast implants are not good for pregnant women and they should always go for natural ways to maintain their breasts because the health of you and your baby is very important.

Breast implants could affect the ability of breast feeding

The actual amount of milk produced in the mother’s breast and breast feeding highly depends on the implants that were done through surgery. The amount of milk produced in the breasts and breast feeding also depends on the incision type used in implants and it could highly affect the ability of mother in breast feeding.

The incision can highly affect & damage the nerves that are used around the areola. Incision can cause loss of sensation in the areola or nipple of the breasts and make the breast feeding very difficult. It is highly recommended for those mothers who are breast feeding that they must have breast implant replaced in the area of the belly button, armpit or under the breast. This method will completely prevent you from gland to the milk ducts and damage of nerves.

The placement of breast implants in the breasts of mother by the process of cosmetic breast augmentation surgery can highly damage the ability of mother to perform breast feeding her child. The breasts implant augmentation could be place in between the muscular area of chest and the cells of the breast. The implant can be possibly placed within the muscular area of chest to prevent damaging the nerves and ducts of milk.


Breasts implant that is put within the muscular area of chestwill not produce for the silicone to move into the milk of the breast.  In the breast improvements surgery, the incision should be done through the excess fat which is within the cells of the breast, to place the improvements in a right placement.  This process will lessen the breast cells & tissue damage.

It is possible that your breasts are producing enough amount of milk even after getting the breast implants but the procedure of breast feeding might become difficult due to the fact that milk might experience difficulties & hurdles in its passing through the broken tubes up to the breast nipples.

In addition, if during the surgical treatment there is any damage to the nerve on the areola and nipple area, the development of milk might get damaged as the broken nerve might not be able to deliver alerts to the mind to launch the testosterone, Oxytocin and Prolactin that are important in releasing and producing milk in the breasts.

Another big and dirty disadvantage of getting breast implants is that there are high chances of leakage of silicone in the breast milk. However, the breast implants made up of silicone are not very frequent these days as they are mostly used in medical studies.

Water filled saline implants are more widely used in breast implants because they are less harmful to the health of a woman. It is really not very simple to evaluate the exact amount of silicone material in the breasts milk. Nerve damage of milk duct fullness or engorgement of the breast.

Disadvantages of breast implants

Check if your baby is getting required amount of milk through breast feeding

It is very important to examine whether the baby is getting the exact amount of milk through breast feeding after getting the breast implants. You should check the weight of your baby every week to make sure that he is getting enough amount of milk through breast feeding.

In case you feel that your baby is not getting the required amount of milk through breast feeding then you should give a formula of breast feeding or supplement to augment the nutritional-requirements of baby. These breast feeding supplements are given once or more every day through a bottle of formula. This will help your baby to get the required amount of milk and save him from many health threats.

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