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Calorie Count to lose weight: Increase Calorie Expenditure to Get Rapid Weight Loss

 Calorie Count to lose weight

The weight loss process is not easy. Don’t be afraid just to know that you may have to starve yourself to get a healthy weight. See, there is a difference between healthy weight and obesity. Having a little curvy figure is not bad. You don’t have to be skinny like the super models. If the super models are like that, it’s their body structure.

Although, they are healthy from inside. To lose weight and get a nicely shaped figure back, you have to watch your calorie intake. You have to know how much your weight should be. Ask your health supervisor to count your BMI (body mass index).

Apart from doing  the exercises, you have to know how many calorie you should eat in your daily diet so weight loss become effortless.

In order to reduce body weight in a significant way, you have to create a calorie deficit in your body. When your body will identify the absence of calorie that I can burn, it will start breaking up the existing fat that is stored in the  cells of the body.

When the body begins to use its existing fat, you start to notice a drop in your weight remarkably.

So, two things are important here basically – force your body to produce lots of energy and also convince it to use the already existing unused fat to do the job. Once your body does these two tasks efficiently, you will get rid of body fat naturally and quickly.

However, today the main topic of discussion here is how many calories you should consume on a daily basis to give a successful meaning to your weight loss mission.

If you can keep patience and make a note of maximum calorie consumption limit, you will definitely see some encouraging results. Men and women have different requirements regarding calorie restriction. The amount of calorie intake also depends on the level of physical activities.

If you are highly active, means you walk daily, you have a freedom to have a little more calorie than the person who is somewhat inactive.

Although almost all people walk every day, there is a difference between simple walk and brisk walk that decide how much calorie you can have. If you have  a fair idea about how much calorie you burn every day, you can design your own calorie chart accordingly.

While counting your calorie intake, the doctor will take your height, your weight and your daily activity level into consideration. So, there are practically no standard calorie intake criteria for all. You have to keep all these three factors in mind while deciding daily calorie consumption. If you go by the doctor’s advice, they do a simple basic calculation to decide.

For example, if you have a habit of walking 1.5 miles per day, you may have to be very careful about your calorie consumption limit; whereas, if you are walking 3 miles a day, you will have much more freedom in respect of calorie intake.

Now you say what you want to do. Do you want to stay inactive and sacrifice all your favorite mouthwatering food permanently; or you want to exercise regularly and enjoy the favorite meals occasionally? Your choice.

Don’t go into too much calculation. You just have to help your body lose weight in every way. If you are obese, your calorie consumption has to be much less than calorie consumption, simple. When you are not quite serious about this basic fundamental, your efforts go in vain. It’s not our purpose to demotivate you, we just want to show you the right direction.

Let’s face it – there is no way you can get rid of your love handles unless you get serious about your calorie consumption.

eat less calories

Again you eat less calories means you know you have to stay away from the fast foods, fried foods and foods like pizzas, cream mixed pastas. Your body needs calorie to burn and produce energy. But wait, don’t get excited just to hear this.

Your body needs calorie that does not mean that you will keep on giving it more than it needs. Excess calorie than needed will appear as fat on the unwanted parts of your body. This is why we are saying that getting an idea about calorie consumption will be necessary. But anyway, you can always shed off weight by limiting the supply of calorie than the actual demand.

How to Decide what Should be the Actual Consumption Limit?

As we said earlier, the consumption limit will be decided according to your height, weight, eating patterns and physical activities. In any case, reducing the calorie consumption is always good. While you are trying to lose weight, you should not even think about having burger or pizzas. People who take advice from dieticians, they also know that how selective you have to be in the first one or two months. You should always be cautious about every kind of food you eat.

What are you worried about? Are you thinking what will happen to your health and figure?  You have nothing to worry. Be very conservative about calorie rich foods. When you see the high calorie foods in the local market, think about the figure of your favorite celebrity. There is another great idea, think about the figure of the slim girl you envy most.

It really works! For women, look plays a very important role and we always get rivals. So if you want to look better than the girl you envy most, you will get the zeal.

If you are already on some physical activities, that does not mean that you have the freedom to eat calories as much as you want. Balance is important. If you are overweight, you are doing exercise; but you are eating high calorie rich foods at the same time, you are not going to see any change in your weight. It will be same after 6 months even if you work very hard

There has to be a perfect plan when you go to reduce your calorie consumption. If you don’t eat calorie at all, that’s unhealthy. It’s unhealthy because your body needs calorie to maintain the need of energy. If you completely go on starvation mode, your body will identify the gap. After some time, your body will get habituated gradually.

At that point of time, your body will stop using fat completely.  After completing your dieting phase when you get back to the normal eating pattern, your body does not use the calorie as it is already habituated of producing energy without it.

So the extra calories starts to accumulate as fat and you become overweight. So you have to keep on consuming a little bit of calorie now and when. You have to do this as you don’t want the above mentioned incident to happen.

Now the question is what should be the ideal calorie deficit that you have to continue. Medical experts say that your maximum calorie deficit should be 1000 calories a day. However, it’s not mandatory for everyone. It’s the maximum limit that no one should cross.

You can’t decide your advisable calorie limit this way. It means that you have to ask your dietician which foods might contain calorie and to what extent. That’s a good idea as you will not get any clue without that.

To limit the amount of calorie intake, you have to keep an eye on your daily or weekly grocery. No cheese, no butter for a few months. Instead, you can use margarine. Margarine is a fat less butter that will not disturb your calorie restriction. Remember the fact that any little consumption of calorie will act against you if you don’t do the exercises.

If there is no physical activity schedule in your daily life, think about adding them. You are not alone in the weight loss struggle. You have to take every step carefully. The weight loss process is the collaboration of a few different efforts. Among all other efforts, diet and exercise play the most important parts. You may not know but there can be many foods that contain calorie.

You get to be smart enough so you can differentiate between a healthy and a calorie rich diet. Most calorie rich foods are super tasty. You get easily attracted to them. All foods that will tend to tempt your taste buds suppose to be unhealthy. The same concept applies to most of us.

Calorie is important for your body to some extent. You have to understand to which extent you need it. The importance of calorie intake also depends on your body’s metabolic rate. The faster the metabolic rate, the greater will be the amount of calorie expenditure.

So don’t be late, take an appointment with a nutritionist or a dietician to know your body’s present condition. It is always good to know in advance how much food or diet restriction your body can take. This precautionary measure will help you minimize the unexpected danger.

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