Cardio For Successful Weight Loss

Cardio For Successful Weight Loss: How Much Cardio for Increasing Speed of Weight Loss

Cardio For Successful Weight Loss

Cardio is one exercise which you should always do if you are too keen to lose weight very fast. Now, many people ask how much Cardio they should do so everything goes perfectly.

Frankly, there is no standard rule regarding the time and intensity of the Cardio exercises. You can’t do Cardio exercises just because one of your friends is doing them.

You need to keep several things in mind before doing it. In fact, you have to diagnose your medical condition before deciding to go for them. Cardio exercises need lots of stamina and power. Any severe medical condition can call unnecessary health problems if you ignore bad health condition.

Anyway, today we are here to discuss how much Cardio you should do to trigger rapid weight loss. As we said earlier, the rule differs from person to person.

lose weight very fast

It actually depends on your tolerance power as well. Cardio exercises help in fast weight loss. Cardio exercises burn calorie like anything. But wait a minute, don’t even think that you can do these exercises without knowing how much calorie you are putting in your body. Cardio exercises may not be necessary if you don’t know how much to burn and how much to lose.

If you think you have to do Cardio exercises if you want to lose fat; then no, it’s not compulsory at all. You just have to be physically active to make sure you are losing energy. The more you lose energy, the greater will be the mount of fat loss.

This is the most common reason why health experts suggest to become physically active. But in any case, doing Cardio to lose weight is not compulsory. You should love the fact that God has given you a nice curvy body.

You have to take care of that gift lifelong. If you are obese, doctor may advise you to do Cardio to some extent. But the level of intensity which you should put into the exercise can’t be same for all. Everyone’s body is different and everyone’s metabolic rate is different.

The rate of weight loss actually also differs according to how many calories a person eats regularly. So don’t make a presumption in your mind that you have to do Cardio daily for one hour. The time and the duration of the Cardio is decided based on the factors discussed above. So let’s see how much Cardio you should do.

How Much Cardio for Increasing Speed of Weight Loss

500 calories per day

Before deciding your daily hours for Cardio, it is important that you take a look at your eating pattern and the lifestyle you have. Is your life too much stressful? Is your daily schedules are too hectic?  Then you must be very lenient toward the fast foods?

If it’s really true, you may also have to do the Cardio to lose almost 500 calories per day. Generally experts say losing 500 kg a week is a healthy weight loss. It always should be a healthy weight loss only.

A drastic drop in weight suddenly is not at all good for your health.  Thinking too much about the Cardio exercises is not going to give you some good results. So try to know what you should do along with doing the Cardio. First of all, get rid of the  bad eating habits.  If you minimize the amount of calorie consumption, you will automatically need less exercise. Some people, who are habituated of doing Cardio, can do this exercise for about an hour.

Initially, you will not be able to do this much as doing Cardio for long hours need practice. You start doing it maximum for half an hour in the beginning. You will develop stamina gradually over time.  It will take a month or two for your body to get habituated.

Once you know that you can do the exercise for one hour without developing any extreme tiring symptoms or tiredness, you are good to go. If you suddenly start to do Cardio for one hour, your body may not be able to bear the stress or extreme tiredness in the beginning.

You may collapse as a result. So, if you are a beginner, you are advised to do only the simple exercises that can help you get habituated and warm up.

You can break the overall timing of the exercise into two or three parts. For example, if you want to do exercise for total one hour, break it into two slots. In the first slot do the warm up exercise and in the second slot go for the higher level exercises.

It depends on you. You can start raising the total duration of the exercise slowly when your fitness and stamina start to increase. You just have to give your body some time to adjust with the recent development. The most important thing to remember is that never go for the high intensity Cardio exercises at once. You might get injured or the chances of muscle injury can increase to a great extent.

Cardio exercises need long time practice. To achieve the speed and stamina of the professionals, you have to practice doing Cardio exercises for years. Once you develop the energy and power to do the exercises, you will find them very easy to continue. Remember to drink as much water as you can if you are on Cardio exercise.

Cardio exercises to lose weight

Cardio exercises to lose weight create a water deficiency in the body. Actually, you lose water in the form of sweat. One more thing about Cardio, more Cardio does not mean more weight loss. Doing Cardio exercises wisely will boost your metabolism. Do the exercise for 30 – 40 minutes to the maximum, but take minimum breaks. It is also not obligatory that you have to do the Cardio exercises seven days a week.

You can even do that 4 – 5 days a week. 4 – 5 days of Cardio exercises increase metabolism to a great extent. Apart from making your body habituated of the Cardio exercises,  You should make a huge change to your diet to lose weight. As you know that Cardio exercises burn calorie, you should not add any more calorie to your body unless you reach a desired body shape.

While losing calorie with the help of Cardio exercise, if you keep on consuming calorie at the same time, it’s not going to show you some good results. What we mean that doing Cardio exercises alone can’t do any good if you can’t maintain a healthy diet throughout the whole weight loss process.

Cardio For Successful Weight Loss

You have to know one thing in advance that Cardio is the method to uplift your body’s natural metabolic rate. People do this exercise so they can burn fat without taking any diet pills or going through any painful surgeries. So never underestimate its importance or take the overall weight loss process lightly.

Cardio exercises have always been in the news as one of the best methods to lose pounds. In a more clear manner we can say that the Cardio exercises are one of the best natural processes of getting rid of body fat. Brisk walking, jumping, biking all are considered as Cardio exercises. Although if you are not much fond of Cardio exercise, you don’t have to do the exercises to lose body fat. You always have options like yoga or aerobics for this purpose.

While it is important that you have to work a lot toward increasing your physical labour, you should always enjoy the exercise that you want to continue during the weight loss period.  If you remain unable to enjoy the exercise that you have been assigned to reduce weight, the exercise will fail to show much valuable impact. Decide the physical activity according to your choice. The more clear you are about the type of exercise, the easier it will be for you to continue them for a longer time.

Cardio exercises are truly effective for maintaining your overall health. It increases blood circulation to your brain. Don’t forget that your brain has great contribution toward weight loss. It regulates all important hormones that have a huge impact on your hunger.

Besides, the central nervous system is the origin of your different types of emotions and it controls most important physical activities. Cardio exercises are a great mean to keep your body and mind fit and fine. It controls blood sugar, maintains blood pressure and keep weight in control. This is why health experts recommend the Cardio exercises.

Cardio exercise puts you in extreme physical stress. Your body, muscles and ligaments get tired and exhausted. Your body’s metabolic rate takes its peak though. We will always advise you to keep yourself on the safe side.

The best way to keep yourself safe is targeting the low strength exercises in the beginning. You should always consult a trainer or a health expert for advise. A decision taken unknowingly may cost you a lot. In the process of achieving a significant weight loss, you may invite some other health problems that you don’t deserve.

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