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No one is richer than healthier

One of the most famous quotes about health, I’ve ever heard is, “He who has good health, has everything. He, who does not, has nothing.” Wow… What a though it is… The moment we read it, it captures our mind. The importance of health is magnified many folds and is presented in […]

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Maintain your cholesterol levels and prevent heart diseases

Millions of people are dying because of heart diseases every year. One of the biggest reasons behind all kinds of heart diseases is high cholesterol levels in the blood. There are two kinds of cholesterols in our body. HDL (high density lipoprotein) Cholesterol, also known as “Good Cholesterol” saves us […]

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Reduce LDL Cholesterol & Live a Healthy Life

Heart disease is a very common problem in the world and many men & women of mature age are affected by this disease. The development of all kinds of heart diseases is linked to the LDL Cholesterol levels. In order to protect yourself from any kind of heart disease, you […]

Best Things to Eat After a Workout

Best Things to Eat After a Workout

Whether you are working out to lose weight or simply to stay in shape, what you eat before, during and after your workout is very important. Before you work out it is a good idea to fuel your body with carbohydrates as a quick source of energy. During exercise, hydration […]