8 signs of unhealthy gut

Does your gut troubling? Know 8 signs of unhealthy gut!

8 signs of unhealthy gut

Whatever you eat and drink, it digests quickly, but sometimes, you may experience sudden abdominal pain and you can’t really understand what and why is it happening?

Most of the people suspect food poisoning, but, it could be more than diarrhea and nausea. You won’t estimate that how sensitive your digestive system is, if its care not taken.

Every system of your body is connected with another system. If one of your systems starts to dysfunction, the vitality of other systems will be compromised automatically.

Similarly, if your gut can’t function optimally, it can affect your overall health.

In a recent study, it is revealed that unhealthy gut’s effects are not only confined to the bloating and constipation.

As 60-80% of your immune system is located in the gut, the gut imbalance can make your immune system weaker.

The strong association of gut imbalances with diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, rosacea, eczema and other chronic illnesses has been found in the latest studies. So, the unhealthy gut is the gateway to a variety of health problems.

By knowing its signs and symptoms, you can take a step for its treatment and prevention. Remember, earlier the gut imbalances are ruled out, better will be the prognosis!

 If you’re experiencing most of the following symptoms, visit the doctor right away!

not losing waistline inches

1- You’re not losing waistline inches

Maybe, it would be the initial symptom that you’re not paying attention to. While losing weight, you’re strictly on diet and exercise plan, but still, you’re not satisfied with the results.

Well, stop blaming to the diet and exercise plan, go and get checked your digestive system!

Gut has a very strong impact on your metabolism. If the normal flora of your gut is disturbed, it will not effectively break carbs or fats.

Consequently, excessive metabolic waste will be stored in the adipose tissue around the midline.

Due to this reason, you’re even trying very hard but still failed to lose inches from your waistline.

2- Your mood fluctuates

As described above that every system is connected, your 95% serotonin (happy hormone) is present in the gut.

You become anxious, depressed or moody due to the variations in the serotonin levels because of the disturbed gut health. So, there is a co-relation between the gut health and neuro-health.

If you’re experiencing the same issue along with other gut symptoms, fix an appointment with your doctor immediately.

3- your digestive issues are at peak

Of course, the disturbed health of your gut manifests a variety of digestive issues. Constipation or bloating is the potential sign that something is going wrong with the gut. When your food isn’t breaking down into the energy, how would you fulfill your energy requirements?

Though, your doctor may reveal that you’re suffering from leaky gut syndrome, IBS, or acid reflux and may prescribe you Prevacid or generic medications to alleviate your digestive issues, but, it will only treat your surface level symptoms, not the cause.

Sometimes, you may take the over-the-counter medications to treat the symptoms, but the root cause can’t be managed with these options, you need to take serious action!

why am i always sick

4- You get sick more often

Well, when your immune system doesn’t work optimally due to the unhealthy gut, any microorganism can enter in your system very easily and start destruction.

If you’re experiencing fever and cold issue more frequently, get checked your digestive system as soon as you can.

Because your immunity is compromised due to the unhealthy gut, you’re less empowered to fight with the bacteria.


5- You’re getting the symptoms of type 2 diabetes

It is believed that type 2 diabetes occur when the pancreas doesn’t release the sufficient sugar-controlling hormone, but you would be amazed that another reason of diabetes type 2 is imbalanced gut.

In a recent study, it is discovered that people with type 2 diabetes have higher levels of the hostile bacteria (didn’t support the gut’s health) as compared to the people without diabetes type 2.

That means if your gut’s bacteria is out of balance, they can increase in number and cause diabetes.

6- You’re feeling tired and fatigued constantly

Several researches have been conducted and yet, this issue is still discovering, but, one concept regarding your low energy levels due to the unhealthy gut is the inappropriate breakdown of food into glucose.

If your digestive system is off and doesn’t function up to the mark, your food will not be metabolized and you will not get the sufficient amount of energy.

Around one million Americans experience Chronic Fatigue Syndrome annually. It could be due to many reasons, but, nowadays, the clinical research confirmed the link between the leaky gut with the chronic fatigue syndrome.

Also, the modern studies also focusing on how the digestive health can help the people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

7- You’re experiencing mental issues

While doing day to day tasks, you would forget things sometimes, but is this happening constantly? Are you thinking that why you’re not concentrating?

Did you answer yes?

Well, what’s the reason? When your gut gets inflamed, your brain also gets inflamed. As a result, your cognitive functions may compromise.

Even, some people also reported ADHD When their digestive system shuts down.

The unhealthy gut can cause brain fog. Your brain surely wants a kick-start, but after doing every possible measure, you’re noticing that nothing has been changed.

Scroll up and read the symptoms again! Are you suffering from any of those? You need a medical attention!

8- You’re experiencing weird skin issues

Skin is the largest organ of your body and it is the ultimate layer of protection. Many gastrointestinal symptoms have been linked with the rosacea, dermatitis, and acne.

In one study, it is stated that near 54% people with acne also suffered from the small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

Hence, don’t take your skin conditions for granted, because, it could be a warning sign of your poor gut.

However, acid reflux, sugar cravings, bad breath, food allergies are other symptoms indicating that your gut is not working efficiently.

So, if you’re encountering any of these, just talk to your doctor and get treated sooner.








  1. Agreed! Paying attention to our digestive track is often underestimated. I remember years ago a local radio station order some fast food and let it set out for 7 days. The food didn’t degrade. Now imagine that sitting in your digestive track. #6 in your article is vital. I notice that I do feel sluggish when I’m not eating the right foods or having some gut trouble. We all can do better adding in fresh fruits and vegetables to our diets. Our body is a complete system; when one section is off it can cause another section to be off. Your article makes it clear to see how important it is to take care of our guts. It’s not about having a washboard stomach, but being healthy. Any insight on other diseases that have their early signs related to poor gut health?

  2. Well I know I have issues but I never thought to connect my skin issues to my stomach.. It makes sense though. Can it also effect scalp and hair? I have had such a bad dry scalp for the last two years. I never had this issue. I also have bumps on my skin and a red patch on my cheek. This all started maybe 4 years ago and has gotten worse. I will work on getting my gut in order for sure!

  3. HealthyForGenerations

    Good article. Thanks for the advice.

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