Drinking Water to lose Weight

Drinking Water to lose Weight

Drinking Water to lose Weight

Can water really reduce your weight? People often suggest drinking water to lose weight. In fact, we have heard this since our childhood. We do follow the guidance and the beliefs passed on to us by the elders. However, the real reasons behind this whole excitements stay undisclosed. Ever wonder why water is so important for losing fat?

Well, lots of questions are coming in the mind. Water is definitely good for your health and weight loss. Why it should not be when most normal functions of your body is related to it? Yes, water is important for digestion and producing energy. If you are still not sure what type of help water can offer in your weight loss efforts, finish reading the rest of the article that describes the importance of water in losing weight.

What Researchers Have to Say about Fat Reducing Ability of Water?  

Being driven by the unlimited passion for knowing the unknown, researchers have been trying for years to know why water is essential for losing weight. Well, you have plenty of research results that say water is beneficial for losing weight. Don’t believe? Ok, then read the research results mentioned in the next section.

One research results says that by drinking water one can lose five percent of his/her body weight in any case. Observation says that most obese people have a wrong dietary habit. They like to depend on the high calorie drinks that minimizes their body’s fat reducing possibilities to almost zero.

A few years back, researchers from North Carolina decided to conduct a medical trial. They included 318 overweight people for the study which is quite a huge research sample. The people were divided into three groups. Two groups were instructed to have lots of sugar infused drinks. Researchers controlled the diet of one group.

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After a certain point of time when the researchers investigated the result, they saw that the people, who switched to normal water instead of relying on the high calorie drinks, lost 5% of their body weight.

In another study conducted by Dr. Brenda Davy, researchers found that people who drank near about two glasses of water just before their meal, lost weight quickly than the others. The same group conducted another study after some time. After a thorough observation of the research result, they found that the participants who had water before having their meal, consumed almost 75 less calories.

Final analysis of the research results says that the human body’s normal metabolic rate drops after suffering from dehydration. Yes. Lack of water slows down the fat burning process. This is why drinking lots of water is very important. Researchers also say that one can make a big change in his/her weight by replacing the sugar rich or high calorie drinks with water.

According to the researchers, it is possible to reduce 2 to 2.5% of the body weight through this method. So don’t ignore the importance of water when you are trying to lose weight.

Can the Weight of Your Body be the Weight of the Water?

Yes, it can. In fact, in most of the cases this can be a reason for being overweight. My friend, your body already is made of  the maximum amount of water; which is natural. It becomes abnormal when the body starts to think you are suffering from water deficiency. That is when the body starts to gather as much water as it can. Do one thing, go to your health supervisor and ask how much water a normal human body contains.

You will realize that water is one of the most important elements of your body. As water is responsible for maintaining almost all major functions of your body, do not stop your body from getting maximum of it. Loss or shortage of this important fluid can delay the speed of fat loss. So, keep a track of your water intake to stay away from water deficiency, especially if you are looking forward to reducing body weight fast.

Drinking Water to lose Weight

What Water Can do For You?

You might get tired while listening too much about the health and nutritional benefits of water, but water values a lot to a human body.

Just think casually, why you need water? Because you feel thirsty? No, because your body asks for it. When you drink water, you give your body a chance to cleanse your system though the wastes. You will not believe how important it is cleansing your system for losing weight. You can say it’s almost impossible to ignore this part if you are trying to lose weight.

You gather too much bad elements from the environment when you eat foods, breathe or follow the normal daily lifestyle. But when you do not remove the harmful elements from your internal system regularly, you harm yourself. You disturb the normal functions of your body.


Don’t forget, burning fat is one of the most important functions of your body. So, to get a toned or slim body, it is important that you drink lots of water throughout the day.

Water helps you lose weight by eliminating the bad contents of your body through the wastes and your skin in the form of sweat. You have to keep your system clean to get rid of body fat. Now you understand why drinking water is important for losing weight?

What else? There is another way through which water helps to lose weight. Water improves digestion and speeds up body’s natural fat burning ability, which is known as metabolism. Please help your body to burn the fat efficiently. Water is best natural factor that can help you lose weight. Water needs no any painful surgery or does not demand harsh dieting.

Who else is going to do that for you? So admire the idea that fat loss is possible with the help of water. Actually, a human body is just like a machine. As any type of machine needs maintenance and servicing once in a while to run well, your body expects the same. Water helps in bowel movements and makes the wastes soft. How the body will flush out the wastes if you don’t supply proper water?

Above all, in the absence of sufficient amount of water, your body will increase water retention. What is water retention? Your body’s natural inclination for storing too much water in the circulatory system or cavities is called water retention. This will make you look fat. Surprise? Yes. It’s true. Extreme water retention is not good for maintaining healthy weight.

Again, drinking lots of water is the cure of this problem. So, to look thinner and stay slim, you have to drink enough water. More water ensures better weight management. Got it?

How Can You Nurture Your Body with Water to Lose Weight?

If you are thirsty and interested to change the test a bit, try the below mentioned water sources. These water sources not only fulfil the need of the fluid, but also offer lots of nutritional elements to your health.

Drinking Water to lose Weight

Coconut Water

So let’s start with coconut water. You like it? It really tastes great. This is one of the best natural sources. You must give it a try. Friend, this is something which will also take care of your skin and beauty along with supplying natural fluid in your body. Don’t want to make it sound too technical; but it’s true that the nutritional elements of coconut water are highly attractive.

Try Lemon Water 

Lemon water does help in reducing weight. How’s that? Lemon water is good for lowering the absorption of sugar. Means it reduces your body’s ability to absorb sugar. As you know, lemon has an acidic content which helps to cut fat. So if you drink lemon water mixing a little amount of honey in it, of course in empty stomach, you will lose fat quickly. Lemon water is also good for body detoxification. So, the toxins that are produced as a byproduct during the fat burning process of your body, get flushed out of your system very easily.


If healthy vegetable soups are part of your daily dinner, that’s great. You don’t have to eat too heavy food in the night. Instead, start having homemade soups regularly.

So, now you get why water is important for your overall health and losing weight. You have to find out every possible option through which you get water in your body. However, it has to be normal water and definitely not in the form of soda or the artificially sweetened water. The best sources of water have been mentioned in the above section.

You have to love your body to see some serious changes in your weight. If you can’t do the Cardio exercises, try to reduce your body’s water retention tendency with the help of the above mentioned tips.

Now you can also  advise others about drinking water to lose weight. If somebody is still unknown of this essential fact, please let them know so they can also get rid of the burden of the extra fat quickly. Drink water to maintain your curves.

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