dry brushing for cellulite

Dry Brush Your Body Cellulite

Cellulite is the one most annoying and frustrating thing that most of us women have.

It is the one question for which we can’t seem to find a correct answer. And we hate it so much, it is an obstacle for wearing the clothes we want, for feeling confident, for feeling sexy in our own body.

We have all tried many different things to get rid of cellulite, but one thing seems to overtop all the others – DRY BRUSHING!

What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing (or skin brushing; dry body brushing) is a technique where you use a big body brush and nothing else. You basically dry brush your body with it.

Dry brushing improves blood circulation in the body, stimulates the lymph flow, exfoliates your skin and allows a faster growth of new cells.

All these advantages of dry brushing strongly fight against cellulite appearance and against the existing cellulite.

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How does Dry Brushing reduce cellulite?

Like we mentioned before, dry brushing has many advantages, many of which are also crucial for fighting cellulite.

With dry brushing your body, you contribute towards bringing all the important nutrients and oxygen to the outer layer of skin.

The circulation improves, which is a problem in the areas where cellulite is present. Your skin also becomes renewed, softer, smoother, tighter and more elastic.

Dry brushing basically stimulates the skin and everything underneath the skin, including all the fat cells, tissues, blood circulation, etc. This helps the body work properly and at its maximum.

All the benefits from Dry Brushing:

– Reduces cellulite.

– Improves blood circulation.

– Exfoliates the skin.

– Removes all the dead cells from the skin.

– Stimulates cells renewal.

– Stimulates the body to get rid of toxins.

– Makes the skin tighter, smoother, softer, etc.

– Strengthens and defines your muscles.

– Stimulates the lymphatic system.

How much Dry Brushing do you need?

Dry skin brushing is something you should ideally do at least once a day. It is not doing any harm, only good.

For the best results, try to dry brush your skin at least once each day for a couple of minutes. It is not a hard thing to do at all. You can, for example, dry brush your skin before taking a shower.

dry brushing for cellulite

Instructions for Dry Brushing

In order to start dry brushing, you obviously need a good brush. Your perfect brush should have natural blisters and a long handle because you need to be able to reach all your body with it.

Always avoid synthetic and nylon body brushes because they are too rough and can really damage your skin. Try to find a brush that is stiff, but not too aggressive for your type of skin.

After you’ve found your perfect brush, you have to learn the technique. You should always start dry brushing from your lower body parts and slowly move up towards the heart. The movements and motions should also always be in the direction from down towards the heart.

These motions are meant to be performed towards the heart because in that way you improve the blood circulation and you stimulate the lymph flow.The motions should be long and moderate.

Dry brushing movements should be done on every part of your body, but with more focus on the cellulite affected parts. These are usually your buttocks, thighs, legs and the abdomen.

So the movements go from the legs up. When it comes to the abdomen area, you should perform circular clock-wise motions with not too much pressure because the skin here is more fragile.

If your arms are also affected by cellulite, you should dry brush them with upwards movements (again towards the heart).

This whole process should not be too hard for your skin. Do not dry brush your skin a long time.

Dry brush your skin somewhere between 3 to 5 minutes, no more than this.It’s best if you do this every day, before taking a shower.

Side Effects of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing your skin should not be performed too much or too hard in order to avoid skin damage.

If dry brushing is done in the right way, there should not be any side effects.

Maybe some small redness or skin sensitivity will be present after the treatment, but this is considered to be normal.

If there is something more than this, stop dry brushing and visit your doctor in order to know what to do.

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  1. victoriaflip

    I’d heard of dry brushing before, but I never really thought about trying it before now. I recently did a “korean scrub” and so much dirt and dead skin came off, it was almost disgusting. I’m thinking regular dry brushing will keep my skin nice and exfoliated to avoid that. Plus, now that I know there are so many other great benefits I definitely want to try. I wonder how long this would take daily before each shower… guess I’ll have to try it to figure out 🙂

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