Effective Remedies For Spider Veins

Effective Remedies For Spider Veins

Effective Remedies For Spider Veins

Have your ever noticed web-like network of tiny veins on your legs or ankles? If yes then don’t panic at all since you are not the only one going through this experience.

These veins are commonly called Spider veins which are harmless and might even vanish on their own. However sometimes the appearance of these veins is accompanied by uneasy sensations of burning which might annoy you.

There are a variety of methods to get rid of spider veins. Some people prefer to try natural homemade remedies while others may prefer to consult a doctor.

Spider veins are medically known as telangiectasias or angioectasias. They are found close to the skin surface and may have red, blue or purple color.

Family predisposition to this problem, obesity and even use of contraceptive pills can increase a person’s risk to suffer from spider veins.

Sometimes people with a history of blood clots or even hormonal influences can suffer from spider veins.

Treating spider veins is never a medical emergency since these veins are harmless.  However if you want to get rid of them then spider vein-free skin is possible!


In this medical treatment which is considered as the gold-standard treatment for spider veins, normally a saline solution or detergent is injected into the veins.

After this, spider veins clot and clump together. This makes them less visible and thus you get rid of them.This procedure is not at all complex. It doesn’t require complicated equipment and is very safe.

This therapy has a success rate of up to 90 percent. The skin looks really improved after it.

However there are chances that the causative factors of spider veins may again lead to their appearance. Hence, a maintenance treatment might be needed in later stage.

Laser treatment

This is another advanced medical technology which can help in the elimination of spider veins from your skin. However, laser treatments are often very expensive and not very effective.

This treatment can be used for dealing with the sensitive body areas especially for people who are allergic to injection used in sclerotherapy.

A combination of both sclerotherapy and lasers: sclerotherapy for the major part of the treatment and a laser can also be used for removing spider veins.

Natural remedies

Natural remedies can also be tried to get rid of spider veins. They can be applied directly to the veins topically which can definitely help in relieving the symptoms of spider veins and shrink them quickly. Try the following:

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

Apple cider vinegar has a wide range of benefits for our body. This magic potion comes to the rescue of sufferers of spider veins yet again.

According to a recent study published on 2016, applying apple vinegar on spider veins helps a lot in getting rid of them.

In order to use apple cider vinegar, you have to Soak a piece of cloth in raw ACV and wrap it around the area with spider webs.

You will notice a visible difference in appearance of these veins after 15 to 20 minutes. You can also ingest Take 1 teaspoon ACV or Mix it with a cup of warm water to help relieve the inflammation of veins.

Witch hazel

This herb is famous for its extraordinary properties as an astringent. It also is known for being an anti-inflammatory herb. When this herb is applied on spider veins,  it quickly shrinks the veins.

Moreover, this herb contains a large amount oftannins and volatile oils. These compounds are the principal active ingredients in witch hazel and they are the cause of the constriction of tiny spider veins under the skin.

In order to use this herb to relieve yourself, you have to first Get some distilled witch hazel extract and soak a cotton ball into it.

After that, you have to Apply the herb topically on the skin. You will feel a visible difference in spider veins.

Lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil

Known for its properties in aromatherapy, lemon oil is one of the prominent essential oils which is used in homes.

Lemon oil has a unique property of strengthening the capillary walls in blood vessels.

In order to use lemon oil for relieving yourself from spider veins, you have to first mix 2 to 3 drops of lemon oil with coconut or almond oil and then massage the area with spider veins.

Ginkgo Biloba

As this herb is known to enhance the blood circulation and improve the supply of oxygen to tissues, this herb works in miraculous ways.

The herb ginkgo biloba causes the tissues to be stronger. Due to this, the spider veins no longer appear on your skin and are gone!

Horse chestnut seeds

These seeds are known for their active compounds which strengthen veins. You can mix witch hazel with the tincture of these seeds and then apply the resultant mixture on spider veins directly.

This home remedy is indeed very effective. A topical cream of these seeds can also be used which improves blood circulation.

Mustard oil

This oil works by improved the body’s blood circulation. When applied on the affected area, it is known to improve the spider veins’ appearance considerably.



Ginger is nature’s gift to us because of its beneficial properties. Ginger has been known to improve blood circulation as it lowers blood pressure.

Ginger leads to thinning of the blood as well. Eating ginger and including it in your daily diet is indeed a healthy habit which can cure the problem of spider veins.

Hence, it is pretty evident that the change of diet as well as consulting doctor for a medical treatment can make your legs and arms free from spider veins.

Maintenance of a healthy body weight and exercising regularly can also help you significantly to cater with this problem.

Try to avoid standing for very extensive time and do not wear tight clothes which are likely to compress your veins.

Try to eat spicy food which is full of natural spices like turmeric and ginger. Once you’re aware of the remedies of spider veins, they won’t horrify you anymore!


  1. Watching injection spider vein treatments are so fascinating to me. They seriously just disappear! But I personally don’t like the idea of getting detergents injected into my body, even just subcutaneously. I would probably like to try the witch hazel option first since I use that on my face already and have found it to really help with inflammation.

  2. I love most of the items you have listed. I am a HUGE fan of ACV but I had no idea it could help with spider veins. My mother’s friend actually gets them and they really have lowered her self esteem the last few years. I know she uses ACV for other health benefits but I don’t think she knows about this! I will share it with her for sure. 🙂

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