Humor and Fibromyalgia

Laugh your Way into your Fight Against Fibromyalgia

Combating fibromyalgia is an ongoing task that involves many different aspects. Learning to beat your own thought processes, your own way of living can sometimes be just what you need to make your fight into a winning one.

Use laughter and humor to fight against fibromyalgia and beat it. Humor has the ability to change your mood and emotionally change how you are feeling.

It also has the ability to physically change how your body is reacting to stress and pain.

Use laughter and humor as part of your arsenal against fibromyalgia. Let humor help you fight the physical ailments, the foggy mental state, and the overwhelming emotions. Laughter is your way to fighting against fibromyalgia and win.

Benefits of Laughter Emotionally

Laughter has the ability to transform your emotional state from one of depression or sadness to one of happiness.

Using humor therapy against fibromyalgia will emotionally help you to deal with the difficult and sometimes stressful issues you are dealing with on a daily basis. Laughter helps you relax and changes your outlook.

Through the joy of laughing, you can find a more positive feeling within, you can find the power to move forward or a drive to make changes. Use the benefits of laughter when you are feeling emotionally exhausted.

Take that exhaustion as a cue that you need to find some humor. Seek the things out in your life that make you laugh, or make you feel joy, it is with these things that you will feel an emotional release. Emotional release is a necessary part of positively battling your fibromyalgia.

Physical Benefits of Laughter

The body physically changes when laughter and humor are involved. Blood pressure reduces, making it easier for your blood to flow through your body.

Your immune system receives a boost from laughter which makes it easier for you to fight off illness.

Circulation increases and your pain threshold increases, these will help you feel better and more likely to increase your motivation to do other activities.

When you think of humor, or laughter, as a natural pain killer that your body can use to fight against sore muscles and joint pain; who wouldn’t want to add that to your daily routine?

Use humor in your daily life as much as possible to combat the physical ailments your body has.

Do not let a day go by without some sort of laughter or humor, it will make each day easier and physically you will feel more able to triumph over your fibromyalgia.

Humor and Your Outlook against Fibromyalgia

We all have good days and bad days; humor will be your weapon to make your bad days turn into good days. With humor, you can look at the day differently, with more positive insight.

Fibromyalgia is exasperated by lack of movement; we tend to move less when our outlook for the day is poor.

Find a favorite funny show or comedian, that can make you laugh; instead of sitting and watching the news, or other depressing television, turn on your laughter weapon to fight your poor thoughts.

Use laughter as your way of motivating yourself. It will physically make you feel better and more able to try to move around more and exercise.

Laughter and humor can be brought on with the simplest of things, find what works for you and keep it available when you need motivation.

Enjoy Life and let Humor Help You

It is hard to have a positive outlook when you are in the midst of struggling with fibromyalgia.

Use humor to help you find joy in life. This life you were given is a gift and being able to enjoy it to the best of your ability is a necessity.

Use laughter and humor to help you find the joy in your life, help you find the thankfulness in the little things around you.

The physical and psychological benefits of laughter can change how you see the joy in the little things around you.

Practice it right now, just laugh. Let out a good laugh and let it shake your body, circulate your blood, and invigorate your life. You cannot change the life you were given, so stop trying to do that.

Instead, use the life you were given and the positives you have in your life by using humor to help you enjoy it.

humor and fibromyalgia

Reducing Negative Emotions

Positive emotions can only have room to build when negative emotions have been removed from your thoughts.

Use laughter and humor as your own personal therapy, a way to remove the negative emotions so happier more functional emotions can take their place.

Get rid of those sad thoughts, kick that anxiety to the curb; instead, fill your mind with empowering thoughts of your happiness.

Laughter has power over your body; just as negative emotions have a power over your body, use the laughter to control those negative emotions.

You don’t need to know a comedian to find joy in the world around you or to laugh.

Find the silly things to laugh at, the little dog across the street, the neighbor child playing in their yard.

You can even laugh at yourself, but use humor and laughter in all you do and it will help reduce the negative emotions that fill your mind.

Fibromyalgia takes energy to fight properly. You have to look at your diet, your lifestyle, your thoughts as you find what works best to make you feel better.

Humor and laughter are just one small piece to the puzzle of fighting fibromyalgia, see if it might help you.

Try different types of humor, comedians, books, television shows, friends and family; you will soon find something or someone that can truly change the way you view the world.

Humor is a physical and emotional toll that you need in your life. Don’t let yourself go another day without harnessing the power of laughter and using it to your good in this fight against fibromyalgia.

You will never know if humor and laughter can help you if you don’t get out there and give it a try.


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