Complex Neural Pulse and fibromyalgia

Complex Neural Pulse and fibromyalgia

Complex neural pulse is one of the newer fibromyalgia therapies that is gaining ground in the medical world. Complex neural pulse (CNP) is a noninvasive type of treatment that uses magnets to pulse electrical stimulus in the brain.

This can help to change patterns and chemical balances. Fibromyalgia is now known to encompass a tremendous impact on the brain as well.

A recent study proved that you can see its presence in CAT scans of the brain, and the long term use of anti-depressants as pain relievers confirms the role of neurochemical dysregulation with this disorder.

What is the complex neural pulse?

Complex neural pulse therapy is a system of applying magnetic pulses through the brain that is then used to change electrical patterns and neurochemical balances.

It is a non-invasive therapy that is similar to electroconvulsive therapy but uses magnets instead of electricity so there are no known side effects.

It is so non-invasive that the recommended therapy environment is the patient’s home. This way they can go about their daily life even while wearing the unit for therapy.

Why would a therapy like this work for fibromyalgia?

While no one is really sure what causes fibromyalgia, we are slowly unraveling what parts of the body and brain are affected by it.

New research confirms that the brain is changed by the flare-ups, and it has long been known that neurochemical balances are affected too.

The use of magnetic pulses have been known to work well with some brain conditions for a while, it is only recently that a device was made and tested to see how complex neural pulse and fibromyalgia combined.

How is it done?

Complex Neural Pulse therapy is something that you can do at home. It consists of a device that looks very similar to an old fashioned Walkman and headphone set up.

The headset is worn above the ears and is self-adjusted to different target areas. The wearer can then engage in different activities while undergoing the therapy including talking, watching TV and other entertainments.

The therapy is done for 20 minutes to an hour, every night, for a period of weeks. It is not as effective in a medical setting as the consistency and duration needed are harder to duplicate.

It is still considered a medical device and you will need a doctor’s prescription to get one. The doctor will program the prescriber module to set the frequency and duration of treatment for the unit as well.

Do people really get relief?

Preliminary studies have shown that some people do experience significant relief with complex neural pulse and fibromyalgia pain. The studies have so far only been conducted by the makers of the device, so they are to be viewed with some skepticism.

Further investigations by unrelated scientific inquiries are establishing that there are very real reasons why this type of therapy would work to help relieve pain.

We now know that fibromyalgia can be detected in the brain and that medications that change the balance in brain chemicals and their actions can provide relief.

It goes to follow that the magnetic pulse therapy would also serve to provide relief too. It may not deliver the same results for everyone that uses it, but it does appear to be delivering results with most who try the therapy.

Complex Neural Pulse and fibromyalgia

How can I try one?

You can purchase a CNP device, or rent one from several different places. All it takes is some looking around to see which is the best financial choice for you.

There are some cautions about complex neural pulse and fibromyalgia use, and that applies if you have a pacemaker device, insulin pump or a history of seizures.

It can be a good idea to get a set of intensity scale sheets from your doctor so that you can really track and see whether or not the use of the CNP is helping your symptoms.

This will also let you and your doctor see if you should try adjusting your time frames when using it and more.

What should I consider?

There are two main considerations when it comes to complex neural pulse and fibromyalgia therapies. The first is the cost, and the second is the consistency needed to gain effective therapy with the device.

You need to make sure that your insurance will cover the cost of the device, or the rental of one for you. There are units made for home use, but they tend to require a prescription for purchase.

You also have to know whether or not you are the type of person who can be consistent with this type of self-motivated therapy too. You have to be able to commit to doing it every day to see the best results.

Alternative treatments are gaining ground

More of the alternative treatments are gaining ground in the accepted medical treatment protocols for fibromyalgia.

Treatments such as yoga, acupuncture, massage, and meditation are all accepted pain management therapies that have documented results.

Many persons with fibromyalgia want to avoid medication as it can carry high impact side effects. The best choice for you may be to use both methods of treatment to help you find the one that works best for you.

Using medications to enable you to go alternative

One of the things you should also consider is the use of prescription pain medications in the short term to allow you the ability to access alternative pain management therapies.

If you are in too much pain you won’t be able to manage the therapies during the time frame they need to take effect. A short term medication can help you to bridge the time frames by providing you with some much-needed relief.

Then you can identify the non-medication method that works best for you and begin to use it. This will let you avoid the long term effects that many prescription pain medications can cause.


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