Foods that make you Lose Weight

Foods that make you Lose Weight

Foods that make you Lose Weight

There are mainly two things that can help you lose weight – nutrition and exercise.

It does not matter what other efforts you are putting in, these two factors are the only thing that will help you get what you want.

Your body does need nutrition to fight the survival process. However, the definition of nutrition differs from person to person.

Unfortunately, some people take it completely in a wrong way. The body needs vitamins and minerals to work efficiently in collaboration with your brain. But what you actually give your body is just meaningless.

You need to give your body the foods that can make you lose weight. In other words, you need to give your body the necessary elements in the form of foods that you eat daily. You will say that you do eat properly.

You take all your meals – breakfast, lunch, evening snack and dinner. But you have to understand that it’s not the matter of frequency of eating. It’s actually about the of quality of eating.

How much nutrition and how much junk you are putting in your system will decide how fast you will be able to lose weight. Got it? We need to know which foods you should eat daily so you can make a positive change in your weight every week.

Actually, a few foods can help you lose weight in a week. How do you think celebrities reduce weight so fast? However, never ever think of a crash diet.

You can get back into a right shape without forcing your body to go into starvation. If you do that, you may rather suffer from malnutrition. In that case, you will look like you are ill.

As you need to be very careful about your daily diet, today we are going to talk about the foods that can help you lose weight fast in a healthier manner. However, you have to make sure you do eat the suggested foods properly.

Before going into more details, you have to know a simple fact. When a person’s body is young, he/she rarely suffers from problems like overweight or obesity.

Do you know why it’s like that? It’s because the metabolic process of a young body is too high. The body burns calories or fat too quickly. Unfortunately, when you start to grow old.

The body’s natural metabolic rate slows down to a great extent. This is why you start to put on weight too easily. Therefore, you have to eat in accordance with your body’s metabolic rate. If you eat the exact amount and the nutrition your body needs, you will lose weight quickly.

So remember that diet is something that you should not neglect at any cost during your whole weight loss journey. So, now the question is what food you should eat?

While talking about foods to lose weight, you should remember that any food that contains a very high level of antioxidants will help you lose weight.

Antioxidants are very powerful elements that treat many of your health problems internally. Antioxidants give boost to the natural working procedures of your body.

So, find out the foods that are rich in antioxidants. Besides the antioxidants, your body also requires the goodness of protein and other vitamin and minerals. Let’s find out some of the important food items in the below section.

Foods that can Make You Lose Weight    

What you want to start with? Vegetables, non vegetables or fruits? Let’s start with the vegetables.


Full of nutrition and help you lose weight. Why? How beans promote weight loss? Bens are full of fiber. A healthy consumption of foods made with beans will help you improve your digestion and keep you full for a longer time.

Although, don’t start eating beans in a high quantity at the beginning. Your digestion system needs to get habituated of digesting the fiber slowly.

So give your body a little time. Start eating slowly initially. Once your body gets habitual of the digestion process, then you can increase the quantity.

Researchers also believe that the beans have a natural ability to reduce blood sugar level. It is definitely a good news if you are trying to lose weight. So, add beans to the list of foods that make you lose weight.

Grilled Vegetable Burger

You can make a nice burger with more green grilled vegetables. For example, red pepper, garlic, onion and grated cheese. Grill the red pepper onion and garlic with little olive oil.

Use them to make the burger with grated fat free cheese. The burger with healthy ingredients will give a zing to your taste. Not a bad idea for a change, is not it?

Blueberries, bananas and frozen grapes

Blue berries, bananas and frozen grapes are good for your health. Apart from adding potassium, fiber to your body, they are also good for keeping your hunger level in control.

A few years back, during a medical trial a group of researchers found that a moderate consumption of grapefruit before having meals helped participants lose weight. It is believed that the phytochemicals in grapefruit control the level of insulin. So, grapefruit is good for improving the process that converts calories into energy.


Again another great source of healthy elements. A moderate consumption of nuts, except the peanuts, can increase your fat losing rate.

Raisin Bran (Homemade)

A homemade natural raisin can help you control your appetite, give you all natural health maintaining nutrients and help you lose fat. The homemade raisin bran is a good source of sweet, natural fiber and sugar.

Hot Red Pepper

Sounds familiar? Yes. Hot red pepper is a very good for your health. A few years back in a study, it was found that women who ate a red pepper in their breakfast had a very lower appetite for the lunch.

After investigating the properties of red pepper, it was clear that an ingredient called capsaicin has the ability to curtain your hunger intensity. This is why you should include hot red pepper in your diet to increase the ratio of fat loss.

Foods that make you Lose Weight


Eggs are rich in protein. An excellent source of energy. Eggs are known to have a good effect on your appetite. Eggs can give you a feeling of fullness for hours. So you don’t have to feel hungry now and then.

Above all, eggs also increase the rate at which you burn energy. You burn a lot so of energy, and your body burns lots of fat. The cycle is just favourable if you’re keen to lose weight. So, consider eating eggs in the breakfast. Star your day with full energy and burn lots of fat.


When you eat salad, you are already mixing too many substances all together. The leaves and the vegetable used in the salads are just full of taste and health vitalizing nutrients. You have to make a habit of eating salad.

Eating salad before having dinner is actually a trick to control the appetite. If you are feeling too hungry, start with salads. Salads are full of green leaves that contain a maximum variety of vitamins and minerals.

When you eat salads, nothing wrong like bad fat, calorie or carbohydrate is going inside your body. So you are eating only nutritious foods. Moreover, salads are also keeping your stomach busy for long hours. So, you eat lunch or dinner in much lesser quality.

This is how you trick your body. One thing to remember, don’t use cream as a salad dressing. Even if you get the fat free cream, please don’t make a habit of adding it to the salad for some time. It will help you keep your body’s calorie and fat level in control.

Green Tea

Chinense miracle herb. This is definitely an awesome discovery. World renowned for its multiple health benefits. However, the weight loss ability of the green tea is just above the mark. The leaves of green tea are full of antioxidants.

These natural leaves have taken the whole world by storm. When you consume green tea, it triggers a fat burning process that will reduce your pounds.

Antioxidants will kill the harmful radicals that slow down the metabolic rate. Moreover, green tea is known to have a very good effect on your hunger controlling hormones. This herb reduces the intensity of hunger. You feel less hungry when you consume green tea.

When you eat the foods we just discussed, try to cook them less. Instead of frying the foods a lot, try to boil or grill them. You will be able to keep the natural nutrients of the foods intact. If you are fond of fried foods, try using olive oil. Don’t remove fat completely from your diet.

Try getting an idea what the good fats are. Good fats are required for your body. It adds natural oil to your body. Try keeping sprouts handy. Whenever you feel hungry, eat a handful of them. These are the ways to keep the body and mind fit and fresh.

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