Using Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Fibromyalgia

Using Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Fibromyalgia

Vitamins and other nutrients play a significant role in helping to manage health issues, including fibromyalgia.

But what sorts of nutrients and chemicals can we use in order to help us out? What role do they play?

In this article, we’re going to take a quick peek at two supplements that may be able to help our bodies deal with the symptoms and issues related to fibromyalgia a little bit better; glucosamine and chondroitin.

What is Glucosamine and What is it Used for?

Glucosamine is actually found naturally in your body. It’s a mixture of amino acid and the sugar that is used by your body.

When it is together in your body, it is used to help your joints stay flexible and it assists you in your motion.

As you grow older, or if you have a health issue, you end up producing less of this vital chemical, which means that your joints are going to deteriorate more quickly and you’re going to struggle with your range of motion.

That’s why they decided to develop it into a supplement that can be used for those of us who don’t have enough in our bodies.

Glucosamine can be found in stores all over the nation, especially if you’re looking at stores that specialize in natural remedies and supplements.

It has been used in a lot of people who are struggling with the symptoms of arthritis, including joint pain and inflammation.

Because of that, more and more doctors have been recommending it that for those symptoms.

Joint pain is a huge problem in people of all ages, and because of that, we need to make sure that we do everything that we can in order to reduce the possibility of injury and further irritation.

What is Chondroitin and What is it Used for?

If you know about how mechanics work, you likely know that certain areas of the machine need to be lubricated in order to work. The lubrication can be pretty much anything, but it’s usually oil or something else that has a lot of liquid in it.

The lubrication allows it to move more freely and it makes it so that it doesn’t get stuck or seized up (or at least, it lessens the chance of that happening for at least a while after it’s been lubricated).

That’s the exact role that Chondroitin plays in our bodies. Like glucosamine, chondroitin is naturally created by the body. What it does is that it makes it so that the joints in your body are lubricated.

It allows the cartilage to move more freely and it helps prevent your joints from getting locked up and jammed. It also helps to produce water in your cartilage and joints, which also helps with lubrication.

That means you’ll feel less stiff. If your body is not producing enough chondroitin, then you’re going to feel stiff and you’re going to have a hard time moving around.

As with glucosamine, chondroitin is also sold in a supplement form that can help increase the amount that your body produces, thus helping you to have a better range of motion and giving you some extra flexibility as well. It’s usually used with older adults.

Using Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Fibromyalgia

How Can These Help with Fibromyalgia Symptom Management?

So, of course, this brings up the big question. What does this do for those of us who are dealing with the symptoms of fibromyalgia? How can these particular supplements help us to live a normal life?

Here are some of the main ways that these supplements can assist in your fibromyalgia treatment program.

One of the most common issues that happen with fibromyalgia is that your joints will become stiff and they won’t move very well. Because of this, it’s important that we take supplements that can help our body to be more flexible.

By taking these supplements, you can move around more quickly and you will be better able to exercise, which can help you with flexibility and keep your weight down, thus allowing you to reduce the amount of pain that you’re feeling.

Another common issue that often goes hand in hand with fibromyalgia is rheumatoid arthritis. This type of arthritis attacks your joints and makes it so that you have a harder time moving around.

By making sure that you are getting these supplements, you may be able to slow down the progression of your RA and you may find it easier to move around and do your tasks of daily living.

Inflammation in the joints can make things difficult, and it’s not always caused by RA. It may be caused by the other issues in your nervous system or you may have other difficulties that make every joint in your body struggle with motion.

Either way, you need to make sure that the inflammation gets under control, and the best way for you to do so is by taking supplements. Other than that, you need to do exercise and other things in order to make sure that you’re ready to go and moving around.

When your joints are having trouble moving, you’re more likely to feel fatigued. Fatigue is already an issue with fibromyalgia, so doing things to improve your movement will also make it so that you feel more energetic during the day – which can help with other aspects of the disorder as well.

Before you add any supplements to your treatment plan, or before you start a diet or exercise regimen, you want to make sure that you get the all-clear from your specialist.

If they don’t know about your changes, and an issue comes up, they won’t be able to diagnose what is going on as easily as they could if they had an idea of what you were taking.

So, make sure that you talk to them and see if they think that Glucosamine and Chondroitin could be helpful for your specific treatment plan.


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