Guaifenesin Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Does the Guaifenesin Treatment for Fibromyalgia Really Work?

It can be hard to sift through all of the different things that are out there that talk about fibromyalgia treatment. Which ones actually work? Which ones are hoaxes?

Are you looking to use medication, or are you looking for a more natural way to manage your symptoms?

The Guaifenesin Treatment plan is one that was developed in the 1990s, and people are still trying to determine whether or not it’s the way to go with their fibromyalgia treatment – it’s still a big question.

What is Guaifenesin and How Does It Work? 

Guaifenesin is actually something that is incredibly common, and you can find it over the counter in certain forms.

Mucinex, which is a name brand product that helps to thin the mucus out, is one of the main products that you can find this particular medication in.

So wait, the premise of it is that people are going to be able to deal with their fibromyalgia symptoms through using Mucinex, or in some cases, the pure form of this drug?

That is the assumption, and Dr. Paul St. Amand is the one who brought the whole thing forward so that people can try it for themselves.

How does Guaifenesin Affect Fibromyalgia?

Well, this is the big question. Honestly, there has only been one test that was put together for the original study, well, that was the only test that ended up showing any sort of positive change for those that were suffering from it.

Of course, that brings up a lot of questions in and of itself, but that’s not the point.

There have been a number of other tests done on guaifenesin, and the answers are inconclusive, thus making it difficult to really say if anything comes out of this whole thing.

But why is it supposed to work? What is the premise that makes people so convinced that this treatment is even going to be able to do anything to help people suffering from fibromyalgia pain? Actually, there is one big trait of Guaifenesin that makes this whole thing make sense.

This particular product allows the body, specifically the part of the nervous system that controls the skeletal muscles and whether they are relaxed or tense.

This is medically noted in a number of journals, so, of course, it makes sense that people would believe that it may do this.

As time went on, more studies were done in order to see exactly what was going on with this medication.

There were lots of people who went in on the studies, and it was shown to have anti-anxiety results as well.

And, of course, both of these things made people think that it could possibly be a great way to deal with fibromyalgia.

The problem came with how much you would need in order to get the results from the medication – it was a lot, and there were other medications that would give you a lot more relief with a lot less.

Guaifenesin Treatment for Fibromyalgia

What Does the Guaifenesin Treatment Look Like?

Basically, what Dr. St. Amand would do is go over the body and make a “map.” This map would show him any number of different areas that had “lesions.”

That being said, he is the only doctor to have ever noticed these lesions – some were on what we know as trigger points, but others were in totally random areas that had nothing to do with fibromyalgia pain, and thus really don’t have much to do with this whole thing. That raises some questions as well.

Anyway, what would happen is that Dr. St. Amand would put people on Guaifenesin for an extended period of time.

They would usually have to take it several times a day, and then continue to take it until they started to see their symptoms disappear or, at the very least, reduce the symptoms that they were experiencing.

Every time that they would go and see Dr. St. Amand, they would get more mapping done.

As time went on, the “maps” that he did would show fewer lesions until, in the end, they were completely gone and the symptoms had pretty much disappeared.

Are There Any Issues to Be Aware Of?

One interesting part of the whole thing that you have to really be careful about is your diet.

Part of the plan is that you cannot have any salicylates, which he claims will stop guaifenesin from actually working for you.

But the problem is, you can find them almost everywhere. Mint flavoring uses it, cosmetics, most drugs, and oils from plants all contain this chemical, which means you have to be really careful about what you’re using and ingesting. Dr. St. Amand has a list of everything you need to be careful of on his website, so he at least gives guidance.

That being said, the side effects are minimal. There is only a little bit of stomach upset, and that doesn’t last long if it happens.

The big issues are the flare-ups that are supposed to occur once you start the program.

These flare-ups will hurt a lot, but according to the plan, it means that the detoxification is actually happening and that the whole thing is going to work for you.

They’ll be really intense at first, and then, eventually, they will decrease until they go away totally.

According to the plan, the longer you’ve had fibromyalgia, the longer it will take for you to be totally cured.

So, honestly, it’s still a big question mark as to whether or not this is an effective treatment plan that you should be considering for your particular needs.

Your doctor will be better able to give you that answer and can give you guidance on if and how you should utilize it.

Never change your treatment plan without talking to your doctor first, and always look to them for any advice that you need. That way, they can keep track of any problems that may come up during the changes in your treatment.


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  1. Debra Brandt

    This protocol does NOT CURE fibromyalgia, but it does reverse it, so this is a protocol that must be followed for life. There is no “special diet” unless you have a condition that requires a special diet for management. I know this protocol works as all my fibro symptoms have been gone for 11 years. I have been following this protocol and the hypoglycemic diet (I do have hypoglycemia) for almost 20 years. Lastly, this is NOT a detoxification as the offending substance that the guaifenesin removes IS NOT TOXIC to the human body. I am following this protocol and will follow it as pristinely as possible for the rest of my life as there is NOTHING like living a normal life.

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