Good eating habits

Healthy Living Can be Started with Commitment

Good eating habits

Healthy living is not something that you would like to adopt just when you need to lose a few extra pounds, but it is a lifelong commitment that you must stick to religiously, well, almost. This is not a one-off thing. It is a lifestyle. You must commit to living healthily every day.

You must overhaul your current lifestyle if it is lacking in the most important elements of healthy living. Thankfully, with commitment and dedication, it will be so easy for you. You need not to invest in healthy living programs that will give you 101 things to do and not to do. Good living is just so simple.

Like so many things in life, healthy living is a matter of choice. You sit down and decide that from now henceforth; you will adopt healthy living by all means. You have to make a pact with yourself, a pact to live healthily, to make life better. First, you will need to explore the aspects of good living. Just what is it that makes healthy living?

– Good eating habits

– Exercise

– Enough sleep

– Avoid bad habits

These are just four of the good things that you should incorporate into your life. However, there are many more, but if you are able to commit to these four, then you will be good to go. Read on.

Good eating habits

This is usually the hard part. People know that they are vulnerable to lifestyle ailments like obesity, heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and so many others, but they are not ready to shove the bad eating habits out of their lives. The problem could be the healthy eating programs that they find in the health magazines and websites, you know, programs that advise them to do 1000 things, eat 1000 types of raw vegetables, salads and so forth. However, it is never that hard if you find a good guide to healthy eating. Consider the following tips:

Eat what you cook, well, at least most of the times. When you cook your own food, you will know very well what went into the pot. When you eat out even in the so-called healthy restaurants, you can never be sure that what they put into the pot is as healthy as they claim.

Read the list labels before you buy food on the supermarket. Avoid preservatives if you can and most important, make sure that the food you are buying has been grown organically.

Do you live in a detached or semi detached house where you have a garden? If you do, get a few tips about how to grow a few things. You can grow spinach, turnips and even beans. That way, you will be assured you are eating organic.

Cut your sweet tooth – Avoid those juicy snacks and take an apple instead. If possible, it would be better to carry your packed lunch rather than eat in the restaurant.

Eat whole-grain breads, pastries and food. These foods will be rich in fiber, and therefore, you will not feel hungry that often and therefore, you will not have to eat that often.


Exercise, good food and enough sleep make a healthy body. However, the truth is that many people fear exercise because they fear that hefty aerobics, weight lifting and the treadmill. The good thing is that there are so many exercise that you can do at home. Such are very simple and very effective and the good thing is that they will not require any equipment.

Exercise releases energy. It will give you the burst of energy that you need to get your day started just right at work. A 30 minute jog  in the morning with your dog will help you burn more than 300 calories, and if you make that part of your lifestyle, you know, do it about three times a week; you will enjoy the benefits. If you get used to exercise every so often, you will get a glowing skin, an alert mind, and you will have enough energy to do your daily activities.

With just a mat at home and some free space, you could achieve so much with simple exercises. You do not need a trainer, and you do not need to spend money. You will be happier, will sleep better, and you will keep aging at bay.

Have enough sleep

A good night’s sleep leaves you full of energy, raring to face another day. When you sleep, you can let the body cells regenerate. You will have a better-looking skin, and you will be alert enough such that you will be able to multitask the following day. Sleep is so important such that the National Sleep Foundation gives many guidelines on how you can sleep better. If you have enough quality sleep, you will beat stress and enjoy better mental health.

Just how much sleep is enough sleep? Remember; it is not about having enough sleep, but it is about having enough quality sleep. For example, it would be better to enjoy 4 hours of continuous sleep rather than 7 hours of sleep with 4 waking sessions in between!

sleeping enough

Kicking the bad habits out

Man takes up so many bad habits that cause many health complications later on. For example, smoking really has no benefits at all, and therefore, it should be one of the first habits to kick out of your life. Did you know that a normal cigarette has more than 4000 carcinogens, that is, chemicals that can cause cancer? If you have been trying to kick this awful habit out off your life without success, an electronic cigarette would help you, maybe, give you the same enjoyment that tobacco gives, but minus the harmful additives.

Avoid taking alcohol over the limits or better yet, just avoid alcohol all the same. Talk to your physician first so that you can be advised of the condition of your blood sugar, liver and even circulation. Always go for a medical checkup, maybe once in a year. Such checkups will ensure that diseases like cancer are spotted at their earliest stages and thus effective prognosis, and treatment can be effected immediately.

Avoid stress, do not work late into the night, drink enough water every day and even more important, kick junk foods out of your life. Ok, I know; I sound like your mother, but guess what … She was never wrong!

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