HoMedics FB- 600 Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa with Heat

HoMedics FB – 600 Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa with Heat Review

HoMedics FB- 600 Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa with Heat

When dealing with sore feet or other feet issues, a pedicure spa is often recommended. However, there are several on the market, making it a hard decision on which spa to purchase.

The HoMedics FB – 600 Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa with Heat is one of the models that many people consider for a replacement spa or their first spa product.

Via Amazon, the product receives a four out of five-star rating. Which is a rather decent rating for any product to receive.

Product Highlights

The highlights of this particular foot spa include:

  1. Offers a massaging vibration
  2. Effervescent bubbles are meant to offer even more massing benefits
  3. There are four attachments with the product
  4. The water reaches 98 degrees and maintains this temperature for the duration of use
  5. There are four pressure-node rollers inside the spa

Product Dimensions

The size of these types of spas can greatly affect whether it is a good choice for a person or not. This particular spa has the following dimensions:

  • 8 x 8.1 x 13.5 inches

The unit weighs in at approximately 3.8 pounds. Overall, the size is one that is considered average. It should not be too heavy for anyone to move. And the dimensions allow this to be stored under a table or in a closet with ease when not in use.

Quality of Product Highlights

As discussed beforehand, there are several product highlights associated with this pedicure spa. But, how well do each work? This is one of the aspects that needs to be considered before deciding on purchasing this unit.

Massaging Vibration

The massaging vibration is meant to help massage the feet and help with overall pain that you may be feeling. The majority of users say the vibration is a nice perk.

This is a setting that can be turned off and on, which is a huge plus. As far as noise, the vibration does cause some noise.

Most consumers find the vibration noise not to be too loud, though it does require turning up the television of whatnot, while using this machine.


The effervescent bubbles are great for those who want to smooth their feet or have even more massaging benefits. A word of warning, if putting any lathering products into the spa, be sure to use these very moderately.

It should be noted that the manufacturer does not suggest putting additives into the water, as this will affect the machine, making it work improperly.

The bubble action will cause significant bubbles with just a drop of a lathering product. There is some noise associated with turning this feature on, however, it was not a top complaint among those who have used this product.


The attachments with this unit include:

  • Two pumice stones
  • A brush
  • Roller for massage

These attachments are a luxury on such a low-price unit. They come attached to the unit, but can easily be detached to utilize.

There is a little storage hatch on the top of the machine that is great for other foot tools that you may have such as clippers, nail files or the like.


The heating feature is a great option for a low-priced unit such as this one, as most consumers have pointed out.

However, in order for the heat to be on, you must choose to use the massage or the bubbles, or both. There is no option for heated water only, which is a drawback for many people.

Timing wise, this only takes minutes, usually ten to fifteen minutes, to reach 98 degrees and will stay this temperature for as long as the unit is plugged into an outlet.

One other drawback seen by consumers is that they wish it had a thermostat to choose the heat that you want. However, 98 degrees is considered not too hot or too cold for most average individuals.

Pressure Nodes

The pressure nodes inside of the unit are meant to massage your feet even further. They are made of plastic and do have built in rounded spikes to add in massaging of the feet.

This is one feature that gets a few negative comments from users, as they find these painful. However, just as many people find this to be great for their pained feet.

Whether a person will love this will really depend upon their personal preferences and whether they have sensitive feet or not.

Positives of the Product

There are several consumer reviews that point out the positives and negatives about this product. Some of the positives that have been noted:

  • Does keep the water warm for long periods of time
  • The spa does allow you to soak your entire foot up to the ankle
  • No water seems to splash out while in use
  • Nodes can be a bit irritating to sensitive feet
  • Will accommodate up to a size 13 foot size
  • It does come with a two year limited warranty from the manufacturer
  • Can remove the nodes if needed


Negatives of the Product

There are a few negatives that have been pointed out by users of this product. These negatives include:

  • There is no drain plug on the bottom, which would be helpful when emptying
  • Additives will damage the product
  • You have to move your feet to make the nodes work on your feet, instead of being automated like many people would prefer
  • Is noisier than what most people would have thought

Overall, the HoMedics FB – 600 Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa with Heat is an affordable option with a list price of $79.99. It receives decent ratings for the price compared to more expensive machines on the market.

For those who have feet issues or simply want to be able to give themselves their own pedicure, this is a machine that will accomplish this with ease and be a minimal out of pocket expense.

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