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How to lose Water Weight?

How to lose Water Weight

Trying hard to fit in your old dress? If you have got too much flab, you may like to reduce some of it. Trying for the last couple of months? Any luck? No? Then you are not doing everything in a right manner. Did you try to find out the reasons responsible behind your excessive weight gain?

OK  got it, you are saying it’s mostly your water weight, as there is less fat content in your body. Fine, then we will solve this problem together. Today, we will talk about how to lose water weight. Don’t get annoyed please, be cool, it’s very easy. Just try to read the next section.

When scientists found out that dehydration increases the chances of water retention, they also announced that we women are at greater risk. This is because the problem of water retention is very common in a woman’s body. Anyway, the best way to handle an unexpected situation is knowing it from every angle.

You have to know and understand the things that can increase water retention. You can reduce the impact of water retention by staying away from any actions that can trigger this problem. So, what can we do to control abnormal water retention and make the stomach look flat? Take a look at the below section.

You are about to know some really effective tips. However, you should never expect an immediate result when it comes to reducing weight. Fat takes time to leave a human  body.

A woman’s body face menopause around the age of 30. For some, it happens even earlier. The level of two hormone estrogen and progesterone drops severely. To reduce the havoc created during menopause, most women take a few medications. These medicines work as a replacement of estrogen. When women take these medicines as a replacement of estrogen, they often suffer from water retention.

How to lose Water Weight

 Drink Water To lose Water Weight

Sounds a bit confusing? Actually, you have to supply a lot of water to your body to get rid of it. Sounds counteractive? Yes, to lose water weight, you have to drink a lot of it. When your body will know it has plenty of water coming in, it will dump water. This way you will get rid of the excess water weight fast. Dehydration is not at all good for weight loss.

A dehydrated body identifies the scarcity of water and starts to store any water that comes in. Gradually over time, you gain excess water weight. This is the basic concept that works behind the water retention problem. However, don’t take it as a single source of the problem. You will find a lot more factors responsible for triggering this condition in the next section.

Consume Less Salt

Ask any expert, or ask any elder person, they all will stress on this point as an effective water weight reduction measure. Don’t add extra salt to your foods. Salt increases sodium in your blood stream which in return increases water retention. You also may like to avoid processed foods. Processed foods are high in sodium. You don’t have to do it lifelong. It’s just a matter of time.  Once you get back your original body shape, you can enjoy the processed foods; but, in limit.

Do Exercises

Don’t Forget to Do Exercises

You can’t forget this part at any cost. If you have no such medical problems that restrict you from doing brisk walk, aerobics, Cardio exercise and swimming, include any of these physical activities in your daily schedule. Exercise is good for any kind of health problem. Actually, exercise helps to improve body’s natural healing abilities. When you sweat during increased physical activities, you lose water. This is why exercise is very important to balance the level of water in the body.

Moderate Consumption of Vitamin C can Reduce Water Weight

You have another solution for controlling water weight. Each and every vitamin has a good effect on your body. Vitamin C is also one of them. This vitamin increases water output from the kidneys. However, you got to be a little careful here. Excessive consumption of vitamin C can stress your kidney and increase the chances of retaining more and more water in the body in future.  So, get a fair idea about how much vitamin C you should consume in a day. If you ask about the sources of this vitamin, the name of various types of fresh fruits should come first.

Lower the Consumption of Sugar too

We need to reduce the intake of sugar too? Is it right? Unfortunately, yes. Can be a little tough for you if you are fond of sweet foods. You have to cut back the consumption of sugar. For example, when you feel thirsty, grab a bottle of normal water instead of sugar infused drinks or soda. Make this a habit.

When you see some mouth-watering chocolate delights, don’t get persuaded by its attractive look. You have to limit your extreme urge for the cupcakes, doughnuts for some time. As sugar increases insulin level, body’s capability to expel sodium also decreases. Not an ideal situation when you are struggling to reduce water weight. You want to look smart and fit? So you have to do a bit of this.  Every adjustment you do with your diet at this time will count a lot.

Stay Away from Alcohol: You Should Not Try It to Lose Water Weight

While talking about increasing water intake to get rid of the excess water weight, the thought of drinking alcohol may come in your mind. Hey, stop the thought there only. Alcohol creates dehydration. You already know that dehydration encourages water retention. So, you have to stay away from alcohol no matter how long it takes to reduce water weight. Anyway, too much alcohol is not good for your overall health.

A Little Yoga will Do no Harm

There is almost no any health problem that this ancient method can’t handle. If you are on a regular exercise schedule, you will suffer less from problems like increased water weight. Unless you have some medical problem that needs you not to involve any workouts, give t least half an hour every day to some kind of physical activities. Yoga is an excellent choice. When you do yoga, you stabilize your mind and improve brain functions. As you know, your brain controls almost all your important physical activities.

Yoga improves the functions of the central nervous system. What this means that you have to give your body a chance to throw the excess water out of your system. Nonetheless, exercise is the best way to improve your body’s different types of functions. If you are obese, your insulin is definitely not within the reasonable limit. Yoga or exercise keeps insulin in control, which in return increases body’s ability to throw sodium out of your body.


Don’t Even Think about Starving Yourself

Thinking of skipping meals? Not a good idea at all. When you starve yourself, you eat more bad foods. Instead, eat your all meals; but, in a lesser quantity. When you do not get any chance to eat bad foods, your health remains just fine. Include protein in your diet. Protein is good for reducing water retention.

Know and Get habitual of Eating the right Foods

You should always eat healthy. By healthy we mean eating foods that do not act against your wish. In simple words, if you want to lose weight or reduce weight of water, your aim should be eating lots of foods that can help you get success. You would not like to eat foods that can make your job or harder or make your life worse.

Fruits rich in magnesium and potassium can be consumed. You should eat bananas to help yourself get potassium. Potassium is good for balancing the level of water in the body. Avocado raisin and apricots are also other sources of potassium.

Some people also suggest using tincture of dandelion. It is said that tincture helps to extract the excess water stored in the cells or circulatory system and then flushes the water out from the body. So why not try this solution to see some positive changes in your water weight.

You are very good looking; but, you have to keep your beauty intact. It goes without saying that to keep yourself young forever, you have to keep your weight in control. Chose a right method to reduce your weight. If you select a weight reduction method in a hurry, chances of making mistakes will be high.

No any natural weight reduction method can bring you incredible success overnight. So, don’t expect things to turn in your favour so easily. Stick with the methods that we have just discussed. Just embed one thing in your mind that you have to work hard to get mind blowing results. You are not alone in the race. So, do not give up so easily. Try the above mentioned ways to reduce water weight and look slimmer.

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