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Maintain your cholesterol levels and prevent heart diseases

heart disease

Millions of people are dying because of heart diseases every year. One of the biggest reasons behind all kinds of heart diseases is high cholesterol levels in the blood. There are two kinds of cholesterols in our body.

HDL (high density lipoprotein) Cholesterol, also known as “Good Cholesterol” saves us from all kinds of heart diseases. It also saves us from serious diseases like hypertension, impending heart attack, coronary heart diseases and stroke.

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Whereas LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol commonly known as “Bad Cholesterol” is a real danger to our body and a big cause of all kinds of heart diseases including heart attack, stroke, coronary heart diseases and hypertension.

Difference between LDL & HDL cholesterol levels

Your LDL cholesterol levels in blood should be lower but HDL cholesterol levels must be high to prevent the threats of heart diseases. Proper understanding of cholesterol levels can help you to balance the cholesterol in your blood and prevent heart diseases. We obtain cholesterol from our dietary means and it is produced in our liver.

Cholesterol helps us in maintaining the functions of the body such as production of vitamins, formation of membrane, bile & hormones etc. Access amount of LDL cholesterol levels can harm the body system as it has a tendency to accumulate in the blood vessels and form plaques around the walls.

How can Bad Cholesterol increase the threats of heart diseases?

The real secret to keep your heart healthy is to maintain the cholesterol levels in your body. It is very essential that you start monitoring your blood cholesterol levels from the very young age of 20. Most men & women talk of lowering their blood cholesterol levels but rarely do you hear men & women talk of increasing their blood cholesterol levels.

This is only because majority of the men & women believe that high blood cholesterol level is the only cause of all kinds of heart diseases. Both bad and good cholesterol are responsible to determine the levels of cholesterol in your blood. Increasing your HDL and lowering the LDL cholesterol levels can lead you to a healthy and active lifestyle.

In case your HDL cholesterol levels are low, your doctor may recommend you the medicines like fibrates or niacin in order to increase the amount of HDL cholesterol levels. These medicines will also help you to reduce the LDL cholesterol levels to prevent heart diseases.

Reduce the threats of heart diseases through medication

The minute you are clinically identified as having high blood cholesterol levels, your entire lifestyle has to go through some very crucial and extreme changes. Your doctor designs a method of treatment for you to follow, so that you can lower your blood cholesterol levels.

Apart from changing your diet program and exercising routine, cholesterol levels medicines are given concern, in order to bring down cholesterol levels in your blood immediately. The most effective way to bring down the bad blood cholesterol levels to follow a systematic and strict program or the method of treatment.

Majority of the people are very lazy to modify the dietary routines and exercising. For this reason only prescribed medication can help them to maintain the cholesterol levels in their blood. It is highly essential for you to bring down the bad cholesterol levels in your blood.

You can do it with the help of proper exercising and changes in your diet plan. In case you are lazy and can’t modify your diet plan and exercising then proper prescribed medication is the one and only way to cutting the bad blood cholesterol levels.


High level of LDL or low level of HDL can be very harmful for your health and you may suffer many dangerous diseases like brain damages, liver and kidney dysfunction, hypertension, heart attack and stroke. You will be able to control these threats with the help of proper prescribed medication.

It highly depends on your cholesterol levels to lower your diabetes, blood pressure, control LDL, and increase HDL & Triglycerides etc. Now we are able to understand that cholesterol is obtained from our dietary means and produced in our liver, the medication set by your doctor either reduces the production cholesterol through liver or cholesterol absorption through dietary means.

Cut the fat and reduce bad cholesterol levels through exercise

You must reduce your body weight if you are a victim of obesity. Being overweight tends to decrease HDL levels significantly. You need to set up a weight loss schedule and cut all kinds of fat parts such thigh, abdomen, hips, legs and arms etc.

Reducing the body weight is the best and organic way to cut the bad blood cholesterol levels. You will be able to reduce the LDL and increase HDL cholesterol levels with the help of proper exercise. You just need to give 30 to 45 minutes daily and you will see the results very fast.

Because of low HDL and high LDL you feel very lazy and inactive, but you can say good bye to the laziness and live a very healthy and active life with the help of proper exercising. Your exercising routine must include running, swimming, walking and cycling.

woman running

Running is one of the best ways to cut the extra fat from the body and reducing the cholesterol levels. You can even prevent yourself from other health threats like back pain and diabetes with the help of running. Running will cut down the extra fat from the thighs, hips, legs and abdomen.

Swimming is another good way to cut down the LDL cholesterol levels. Swimming keeps you active and cut the extra fat from your body. Swimming will help you to cut the fat from your abdomen, arms, neck and face.

In case you are extremely heavy and can’t run or swim, then walk is the best natural way for you to cut the fat and reduce bad cholesterol levels. You must give 45 minutes to walk every day and try to walk fast in order to cut the extra fat from the parts of your body. You can reduce the fat from hips, thighs, abdomen, neck, face, arms and legs through every day walk.

Morning walk is another good idea to reduce the bad blood cholesterol levels. The best time to walk is the time of morning when everything is fresh and calm. Fresh air goes into your body and your liver becomes fresh. Once your liver takes fresh air then it reduces the bad cholesterol levels and increases the good cholesterol levels in your body.

Change your diet plan

You must cut down all kinds of foods that involve high saturated fats and carbohydrates. Your weight will grow if you take high saturated meals and carbohydrates. Once your weight has grown, your LDL cholesterol levels will automatically increase and lead you to the threats of heart diseases. You should cook all kinds of healthy meals in the olive oil.

Olive oil is the best way to maintain cholesterol levels through the blood. Olive oil keeps your LDL low and allows you to live a healthy and active life. Moreover, olive oil prevents us from many dangerous diseases like heart attacks, diabetes and cold. You should also take peanut butter and avocado. Consumption of fiber will also help you to cut down the HDL cholesterol levels.

You should also get the healthy foods enrich with vitamins and minerals. Fish is one of the best blessings that we have on this planet. Fish is the healthiest diet for us and it completely allows us to prevent all kinds of heart diseases by increasing good cholesterol levels in our blood. Majority of the medical experts recommend eating fish once a week. Fish is also very helpful for those people who are suffering from hair fall.

Stop smoking & consuming alcohol

Smoking is the real monster connected with the people who are patients of high cholesterol levels. Tobacco used in smoke is one of the most dangerous monsters that destroy the health of a human. Smoking not only increases the bad cholesterol levels in the blood but also cause various dangerous diseases like cancer and kidney problems.

You should stop smoking immediately if you are suffering from bad cholesterol levels and a patient of heart. Smoking will never allow you to live healthy and you can even die soon if you don’t give up your habit.

Alcohol is another zombie connected with the life of those people who are suffering from bad cholesterol levels. Giving up smoking and alcohol can help you to reduce bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels through your blood. If you are really serious about living a healthy and peaceful life then you should stop all kinds of dirty habits like smoking and drinking.

Working out on decreasing the bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol levels can benefit your health significantly by keeping you away from dangerous heart diseases. As a result you live a very happy, healthy and active life.

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