Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones

How natural methods of handling kidney stones are more beneficial

One of the most painful things any person can experience – because childbirth is not something a man is able to do physically – is the passing of a kidney stone that can feel like you are trying to push out a jagged rock while urinating.

It’s worse if you have a stone that won’t pass on one or two trips to the restroom – it could actually take a few days where you might be fearful of going to the restroom.

The thing about these is that you would expect whatever to come out to be very large and noticeable, but when you urinate through the strainer that many doctors provide after you are diagnosed with this, you find that it looks like just a merely tiny shaving of a larger rock. It can be quite frustrating at the end and you swear you want to prevent any more from forming.

Rather than spending large amounts of money on drugs and medicines from the store, there are a number of natural remedies that can reduce and prevent kidney stones from forming in the future.

What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones can be a nightmare for both men and women as they are very hard deposits of minerals and salts formed from different acids in the body that are solidified within concentrated urine. Imagine having a rock trying to go through the urinary tract with jagged points scattered across the surface.

This is what makes passing these very tiny stones – although they hardly feel anywhere close to tiny during the passing process – that can hurt lot when trying to get them out of the body during urination and it doesn’t happen in one shot.

The good news is that these don’t cause any significant damage to the body, although you may not have that thought crossing your mind in the moment of passing.

This is a very common condition to have as about 12 percent of all men and about 7 percent of all women will end up dealing with these the need to pass these stones at some point in life – usually this takes place during the middle to later years of life.

Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones

How do they form?

The interesting things about kidney stones is that they don’t have a single and definite factor that leads to the why. Instead, we have several different factors that can create a variety of unique crystals that are formed within the urine and different substances like calcium, oxalate and uric acid. Additionally, urine can actually be lacking and creates a higher risk of rocks being formed and stick together.

One of the first things you need to do to decipher what the cause of your kidney stone was is to know what type of stone was being passed through your urinary tract. Just keep in mind that despite all of these, there are a lot more types that are extremely rare and almost like their own individual cases.

Calcium stones Usually in a form of oxalate, you have something that was derived from foods like fruits and vegetables that have a higher level of oxalate. Chocolate and different kinds of nuts are also partially to blame. The liver also makes this oxalate and different changes in diet like having too much vitamin D can also improve the odds of this stone forming.

Struvite stones – A very common follow-up when you find yourself having a urinary tract infection of some time. It’s safe to assume that you will have a very large stone that was grown very quickly with no signs ahead of time to provide any form of warning.

Uric acid stones – This type is actually the result of not drinking enough water and a side effect of not being properly hydrated. Other ways to get these stones include having a diet with large amounts of protein or having a tendency to have battles with gout. There are also some family genes that can lead to a better chance of developing these stones.

Cystine stones – Speaking of conditions that are passed down, this type of stone is a very common hereditary disorder that can lead to too many amino acids being excreted.

What are the common signs and symptoms?

One of the first signs a person will have is a large amount of pain in either the groin or side areas of the body – although there are some cases where a person can be feeling this excruciating pain.

Another very common sign you may have at least one kidney stone is when you find blood in your urine – which is when you would probably want to start planning a trip to the nearest medical center.

The other symptoms that you might have a kidney stone coming is the constant need to go to the restroom to urinate that don’t have as much urine per trip and/or includes a burning feeling when urinating. You may also find either evidence of white blood cells or a colored pus within your urine or might be dealing with a fever, nausea and fits of vomiting.

Why should you use natural methods?

When selecting a completely natural method of treating kidney stones, you will not be exposed to any artificial chemicals that can cause several negative side effects including the possible development of diseases like cancer of the kidneys.

Let’s not forget that many of the mass produced prescription medicines may not be as effective as advertised.

Additionally, you can also receive many of the beneficial vitamins and minerals that your body needs while also dealing with your kidney stones.

Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones

1 – Keep yourself hydrated very well

Whenever you are looking for a good way to use nature to help your overall health condition, it’s no surprise to see hydrating being near the top of the list. Need to lose weight? Drink water. Have a lot of headaches? Drink water. Have kidney stones? Drink water.

Drinking a lot of water is always a great thing to do to benefit your body overall, but if you have kidney stones – or you are looking for a new way to help prevent them from showing up – then having plenty of water flowing throughout your internal system is even more important as a natural way to help flush out any excess minerals or other substances that can accumulate to form into those painful little stones.

If you don’t have the capabilities to want to have the patience to take the time to track how much water you drink during a day, you can follow the very basic rule of darker colored urine being a sign of dehydration while clearer urine means you are doing just fine and have been drinking plenty of water up until that point.

2 – Apple cider vinegar

One of the 10 best natural ingredients is on this list and others that are very similar for a number of good reasons and that’s because apple cider vinegar is considered a very effective and proven remedy for several types of health conditions that can cause one to be ailing – especially those nasty little kidney stones.

This apple cider vinegar will actually help you dissolve and deteriorate anything that is trying to form within the kidney and the urinary tract that will eventually be flushed out with all of that water that you have been drinking, right?

In fact you can mix about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a glass containing about eight ounces of water every day as a great way to prevent any chance of those kidney stones being formed internally.

At the same time, there are also apple cider vinegar tonics that are sold for drinking as is from glass bottles for consumption during the morning, lunchtime and after dinner to give yourself the most optimal benefits coming from apple cider vinegar.

If you still don’t like the idea of mixing with water alone, you could also try mixing two tablespoons of that unfiltered and raw, organic apple cider vinegar with a natural type of sweetener like honey or stevia powder with another four ounces of water.

3 – The duo of lemon juice and olive oil

If you have a need to pass larger kidney stones, this natural method isn’t necessarily the best option for you. But those who have smaller stones that can try to create a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil as a natural way of helping break up those tiny stones and having them flushed out of your entire urinary tract system.

The first step is mixing a quarter of a cup of lemon juice and another of olive oil to drink – followed up with about eight ounces of water.

The most important part of this remedy option is to be on the lookout for using the most high-quality components for this mixture and that means not having your body introduced into anything that might actually create bigger health problems down the road – i.e. sucrose, HFCS.

If you want to use a great tasting lemon juice that features no additional sweeteners, pesticides or any other type of contaminant, you can try organic lemon juice and there a number of different brands to track at different stores. Speaking of the importance of ingredients, you should also consider using the 100 percent extra virgin olive oil that is purely organic and natural as well.

Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones

4 – Pomegranate juice

There has been an increase in the popularity of pomegranates because of the number of benefits it brings to people because of the number of antioxidants, but it has been proven to help prevent the creation of kidney stones – this according to a 2008 study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Experts have recommended that people should drink one to two glasses of pomegranate juice daily in an effort to help not only their kidneys, but also because of the several benefits that come from those antioxidants that will help provide a natural cleansing for the rest of the body. Honestly, there are not a lot of reasons not to like having a good glass of this fruit juice.

You can usually find it in the stores, but it’s important to make sure you get the full benefits from picking up 100 percent organic pomegranate juice – just like having any type of fruit juice.

5 – Nettle leaf tea

Using the stinging nettle plant is one of the most common methods for taking care of supporting and relieving joints and also to help keep the allergic reactions and symptoms at bay. But it also contains the powers of an efficient diuretic that can help prevent the accumulation of bacteria inside the body and the things that form what become those painful kidney stones.

The best thing you can do is drink anywhere from two to three cups of this nettle leaf team every day as a way of getting the different minerals and impurities to be washed out of your system and the kidneys to prevent any growth or formation of those nasty little stones.

Additionally, drinking this tea regularly will also provide you a lot better health and prevent any chance of developing a dreaded urinary tract infection, which can also lead to the eventual creation of kidney stones.

6 – Proteins from vegetables

When we think about proteins, we think about getting them from different kinds of meat like beef, chicken and pork. But eating too many of those animal proteins can actually lead someone to develope kidney stones – which is why some people who are bodybuilders may try to get additional protein from peanut butter and different supplements.

But vegetables can also provide a good source of proteins can be a good replacement option that can allow you to avoid the extremely painful moments of having to pass one of those stones – which can make anyone be willing to rethink their diet once they have gone through that process once.

Proteins can be found in different vegetable sources that include chickpeas – which is used in making the popular hummus spread – as well as green peas and soy. Soy is actually considered a good secondary option to those whey protein powders. The key note for one to have the average body needs about 50 grams every day.

7 – Increase your fiber intake

While you can enjoy the protein benefits of eating your vegetables, many of them also provide the benefits of fiber as different green leafy vegetables are the best source. Fiber is one of the best ways to prevent the formation of kidney stones and can also stop any that are existing from growing further.

This happens because the fiber will actually reduce the amount of calcium that gets into the urinary tract and keeping it within the intestines. Calcium that is passed through the colon is just that much less that can accumulate in concentrated urine to form the painful crystals we call kidney stones.

It’s important to learn more about which fruits and vegetables are the best options because some fruits can actually contain a large amount of oxalate – one of the biggest contributors to the formation of stones.

8 – Kidney beans

This might seem like a very ironic addition to this list – because this legume has a similar color and shape of the vital organ – but these are a good way to prevent and reduce existing kidney stones.

What they lack in the amounts of fiber unlike the foods listed above, they make up with several different nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help provide a better overall health for not only the kidneys but also preventing any urinary tract infections.

Among those benefits is a great source of the non-animal proteins like the ones mentioned a few spots up on this list, as well as a large amount of vitamin B6 and B12.

The best way to prepare these kidney beans is to cook them in water until they are tender enough to eat – don’t use any kind of beef broth or chicken stock because of the large amounts of salt. After straining a few times, you can also drink the broth created from cooking the beans to help provide a natural cleanser to flush out those impurities that can form kidney stones.

Sure you could just get a prescription for a painkiller from the hospital to help you get through the passing of those painful little stones, but those can cost a lot on your insurance bill or even out of pocket – depending on how good of a deductible you are provided in your plan.

It can be a lot easier for everyone when you utilize some of these natural remedies so that you won’t spend too much, especially when you consider that many of the items on this list are very easy to obtain from a grocery store and won’t require any form of doctor’s prescription to obtain.


8 Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones That Really Work

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