Natural Remedies for Stress

10 Simple Natural Remedies for Dealing With Stress

Stress can be one of the most difficult parts of life to deal with. Whether you are an important businessperson who has to attend a lot of meetings and presentations every day, mixed with a lot of travel, or you have children as a stay-at-home parent who is trying to keep the home clean and organized, we all struggle with the hustle and bustle lifestyle that has become so common.

Some will turn to their doctors to be given a prescription to provide what they hope will be a quick fix. But the truth is that there are a lot easier ways to remove the effects of stress without having to deal with prescription slips, pharmacies or medicines that might have artificial chemicals that can harm you.

Forms of stress

The first type is acute stress, a very common type that can be developed from the number of expectations and pressure of work, family, school and other things in our daily lives.

Sometimes it can be caused by something exciting or negative – too much of either kind will actually cause psychological issues and other symptoms, like having headaches from built-up tension or even intestinal damage.

There is also episodic acute stress where the person might be overwhelmed with several different things and has the belief that they have a million different things to do because if they don’t, everything is going to go wrong.

Consider it self-inflicted damage that is caused by work, school and other goals. The symptoms of someone who has episodic acute stress include having a shorter temper, some irritability, tension, anxious behavior and the inability to organize things.

The third type is chronic stress that can wear someone out over time and will continue to have negative impacts on the mental and physical state.

Usually someone is unable to deal with what seems to be never-ending tasks and the pressures that come with them that can cause a lack of optimism that can lead to depression and can cause several conditions like heart attacks, strokes and some forms of cancer. There’s also the higher chance of self-inflicted violence that could eventually lead to suicide.

The thing to remember is that all of these types of stress will create several emotional, behavioral, cognitive and physical conditions – there is no such thing as perfect immunity for any part of your body.

The thing about the various symptoms is that there are some that are quickly noticeable and those that can sometimes go undetected unless people know what to look for – ranging from minor side effects that last moments and long-term health concerns that can shorten your life over time.

 Natural Remedies for Stress

Common symptoms of stress


Some of the most notable effects include the ability to become aggravated a lot easier, as well as becoming more frustrated and the occasional mood swing to the negative within moments. Part of that is when you feel there are so many things to do between work and home where you might be overwhelming yourself and cannot control everything at the same time.

This can cause you to not be able to relax or keep your mind quiet just long enough to enjoy rest. Because you begin to feel you can’t do anything right, you begin to lose self-esteem and you will eventually think you have become a burden for your friends – which leads to you becoming a lot more unsocial.


Eventually you will begin to find yourself not having as much energy as before because you aren’t giving yourself the proper time to rest your mind, partly because of the insomnia that you may have developed.

Physically, your start becoming more prone to developing headaches and stomach issues like having some constipation, vomiting and even diarrhea. Let’s not forget you might feel more pains and aches in your joints and muscles and even chest pains caused by a much faster heartbeat.

There are also a lot of problems with becoming more prone to different illnesses like the flu and other infections. There’s also less desire for sexual intercourse. Other issues include different nerve effects – like ear ringing and sweating palms – and the constant grinding teeth with a clenched jaw.

Why natural remedies instead of prescriptions?

There are several different treatment methods that use prescription medications that may include harmful synthetic chemicals and while they may work in the short term, there are long-term health risks that can develop such as cancer or the deterioration of vital organs.

The thing about using natural remedies for stress, or any other type of health or mental condition, is that you are less likely to have any of these and other negative side effects and while receiving all of the benefits.

1 – Using the power of the passion flower

For centuries, tribes and people who have lived in nature have utilized the healing powers of flowers, plants and herbs to help heal a number of different mental and physical conditions – whether it is ingested or rubbed on the skin or head.

The passion flower has a similar history of being considered more of a folk remedy method that helps deal with different issues related to stress, including anxiety and insomnia.

Like many of the other natural herbs and plants that are used for other conditions, the passion flower is actually able to help act more effectively that many of the different prescription drugs that are designed to help deal with all forms of stress.

While there is still a need to have independent clinical trial studies to be done to help provide unbiased and honest proof, there are a number of people who do strongly believe that passion flower helps your body increasingly create a higher level of the chemical gamma-aminobutyric acid – also known as GABA.

The chemical will accumulate towards the brain to help lower the activity within your mind in an effort to allow yourself to become more relaxed. Now there are a number of different ways to take passion flower into your body – this includes a number of teas you can brew at home or a liquid extract to ingest orally.

Please keep in mind that none of these should be taken if you are a woman who is either pregnant with child or are planning to breastfeed.

Also don’t let your children ingest passion flower and should expect to meet with your primary health care physician to make sure passion flower will not negatively interact with any of your prescriptions or your lifestyle.

2 – Get yourself a good massage

Do you ever hear about how there are some people who feel they need a physical release that they can only get from a regular massage? It’s a very common method for taking care of the various effects of stress and relieving a number of negative side effects for several centuries.

Besides, there are not that many people who would turn down the opportunity for a good massage – especially if they know about the many ways it helps reduce the number of stress related issues.

Dating back to their earliest history, Chinese tradition has used massage as a great way to help with a number of blockages that impact the different energy channels throughout the body and being able to remove those will lead to a much better bill of health.

In addition to massage, it is said that Hippocrates – known best as the father of Western medicine – used a number of treatment methods to use the friction from massage to heal the different physical parts of the body.

It’s no surprise that today’s modern society have found the different pressure points throughout the average body to help provide relieve and the elimination of tensed up muscles and the different pains in those and the joints.

Let’s not forget the fact that you will improve the blood circulation to provide better capabilities to said muscles, joints and the brain.

 Natural Remedies for Stress

3 – Get some time to escape through meditation

Sometimes, we all just need a simple way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the world we live in. One can use meditation to find such an escape and you wouldn’t have to take away too much time from your schedule – maybe about 15 to 30 minutes each day at the most.

That should be a small enough time you can fit into your lunch break or in between different meetings or assignments.

There aren’t any costs associated with meditation because all you really need to get that much needed break is yourself in a quiet area where you can utilize your mind in a much more positive fashion.

Once you are in a room or spot outside away from others, you can let your thoughts run around free in your mind while you think only about your breathing during that time.

Set your phone to an alarm to fit within that 15 to 30 minute window you have scheduled for yourself so you aren’t catching yourself breaking your meditation to look to see how much time you have for yourself.

4 – Increase your activity through exercise

There are more reasons to wanting to get a gym membership beyond the weight loss and muscle building goals. Having a more active lifestyle is a great way to get stress relief benefits that are very similar to those you receive from simple meditation because you are having a moment to be alone with your thoughts – only you are able to use physical movements as a way to release those thoughts from your mind.

You can do this with weightlifting or Zumba, or you could do more relaxing yoga or Tai Chi – all of which will allow your body to release endorphins that will enter the brain and cause a lot more happiness and positive attitudes.

There’s also less stress when you know that your increased activity is going to drop any extra weight and reduce the number of weight related health issues.

5 – Do some organizing of your life

Let’s face it, one of the reasons you might be extremely stressful is from the inability to find anything not only on your desk, but in your home. In similar fashion, you want to be able to reduce anything that might cause a large amount of clutter in your mind that impacts your ability to maintain a good sense of control and a peace of mind.

One of the best things you can do is make sure you aren’t running around without an idea or an outline of the things you need to do in each day. That starts with making a list that you can keep to force you to be accountable to getting the most important things done first. That can range from your job to things you need to get done around your house.

Housework can be a good way to improve your life’s organization because you don’t want your living space to have tripping hazards everywhere you walk. If you don’t do something, you will have a higher risk of being more stressed than before.

6 – Work on your diet and eat healthy

It’s no secret to anyone that eating a lot of food that has no nutritional value and is just artificial junk that doesn’t belong in your body because it won’t give you the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will boost your energy to get through the day.

Having a well-balanced diet with foods filled with whole grains and proteins will give you the energy to get through the day.

Some of the best foods you could include in your daily meals should include blueberries, almonds, salmon and vegetables – all of which have a number of different tools that can help you battle stress without including too many calories.

Another thing you need to do is stop your coffee consumption to just one cup in the morning because the additional cups will lead to problems with your health that include an increased anxiety and more jitters – eventually crashing into sleep randomly at what could be an inopportune time.

7 – Cut down on your time with electronics

A mind that is overly active can be one of the biggest contributors to those high levels of stress. In fact, the biggest problem in trying to reduce the symptoms of stress is when you try to disconnect yourself from televisions, internet and the use of cell phones because many people might make themselves very dependent on all of those items.

Doing such a task as shutting yourself down from electronic dependence can allow you to start block off some of the things that bring us the unnecessary stress in our lives and this will eventually allow us to become more appreciative of living in the moment.

It is really important to do this before going to bed so that you get enough sleep. Speaking of which …

 Natural Remedies for Stress

8 – Getting rest through plenty of sleep

Having the proper amount of sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your body and your mind. In fact, it’s one of the best natural stress reducers you can do at home.

But you have to find the perfect balance because not having enough will cause one to be a little bit crankier or more irritable, while having too much sleep can lead you to be more sluggish when getting out of bed and a little more depressed.

9 – Increase the amount of B vitamins

Having these essential vitamins will help you increase the better functionality of your brain and the attached nervous system that connects all of the different parts of your body – there are also additional benefits from being able to find more ability to relax and have more energy.

Another thing to note is that you can get your B vitamins by consuming cereals with germ and bran grains as well as lentils, nus, eggs and most dairy foods.

10 – Use aromatherapy in your home and office

Sometimes having a good scent around your will actually help reduce your stress and improve your mood so that you can better eliminate any anxiety you may have while improving your focus and ability to cognitively think and concentrate.

According to experts, you are boosting the limbic system that releases beneficial chemicals in to bring to promote a combination of feeling relaxed, calm, loved and excited – examples include cypress, lavender and rosemary.

None of these 10 natural methods to reduce the stress in your life are going to drain your wallet of large amounts of money. Remember that the expensive treatments may contain a number of artificial and synthetic ingredients that might do some long-term damage to your overall health.

So there’s no harm in trying out something that is a lot cheaper and can be done at home easily and for pennies to the dollar.

The important thing to remember is that you should not wait too long to start finding ways to eliminate your stress because the symptoms can accumulate beyond a point of “no return”.


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