healthy living

No one is richer than healthier

healthy living

One of the most famous quotes about health, I’ve ever heard is, “He who has good health, has everything. He, who does not, has nothing.” Wow… What a though it is… The moment we read it, it captures our mind. The importance of health is magnified many folds and is presented in this quote. And that is how important health really is to everyone for that matter, be it rich or poor, infant, kid, youth, adult, old.. It applies to every one of us.

Modern way of living and lifestyle

The way of life, standard of living the way we work, think and do things have changed significantly over a couple of decades or so. Basic needs of human beings are now, not just limited to food, clothing and shelter. It now includes good job with handsome salary, all the luxuries and amenities that are available to mankind and so on and so forth. In the urge of achieving all these, which is quite difficult practically, we usually tend to compromise the very basic, important and vital part of our own self and that is none other than health.

Yes, health is that one thing which is compromised most of the times, be it for anything. Most of the times we tend to extend our sleep and skip our daily morning workouts or hang-out with friends instead of our evening workouts at gym. This would not have made much difference if the way we work and do things were not changed.

The modern work culture does not have much physical involvement that it used to have a couple of decades ago or so. Due to the advancement in communication and computer technology and more and more online shopping websites coming up, people don’t even bother to walk a mile to a store or mall nearby and do their shopping. They just browse through some online shopping websites, place order and get the things to the door step. This has made the generation lazy and prone to diseases. Apart from that, people working in IT sector, have to work for 8 hours sitting at one place and stretching it even further some times.

This brings in lots of health issues like back pain, dry eyes, tightening up of muscles. Due to the higher level of tension and work pressure, it is very common to have increased anxiety and tension levels. This has higher probability of leading to high blood pressure, depression, hyper tension and other serious health issues. Sometimes people get addicted to using computers and browsing internet so much that, if they don’t use them at-least for few hours a day, then they feel worried, tensed or depressed, they also take their frustration on someone else and this is really a pathetic condition one can find himself or herself into.

What is the problem and what is the solution?

There is a solution for all the health hazards addressed above. And the solution is very simple. Just do your exercises regularly, have good and healthy food habits, ensure the water you drink is pure, wash your hands after using washroom and before having food, and others which I think you already know. Though it may seem very silly at some point of time, it is very much important.

Doctor’s advice for healthy and fit body is to have a balanced diet. A balanced diet consists of one glass of milk, food that contains serials, pulses, vegetables, meat; egg minimum three liters of water, a cup of fruits and others. “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”…

Healthy people are at their cool and are capable of understanding the things. They look beautiful, attractive and charming and a smile on their face is just like a glitter of the gold. They maintain good relationship with the people they interact with. When all this is possible with just having a balanced diet and regular workout, why not go for it?

healthy living

But in the urge of maintaining good health, people tend to have food in excess. Researchers recently have reviled that excess of iron in body can hamper functioning of the brain, researches have also revealed that partially un-boiled meat increases the possibility of being affected with cancer, having too much of cheese and oily food leads to body odor and so many others which you already know.

Not only that, the profession we are involved in also decides our health condition. Drivers sit for long time and drive very frequently which leads to back pain. Sports professionals tend to use the same body part more than any other part which leads to wearing out of bones in that part. IT professionals see the screen of computers and usually have slow eye blinking rate. This leads to dry eyes and also suffer from back and neck pain.

Working out in a gym, or at home, meditating, breathing exercises, concentrating and focusing on a particular object, having good sleep, relaxing, going out for a trip to come out of the pressure of life, undergoing body massages are all good, effective, simple and tested and verified way of keeping oneself happy, hale and hearty.

How one should have sleeping habits is very well described in the following proverb: “Early to bed, early to rise makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Swimming is another good exercise which not only increases blood circulation and increase metabolism of your body, it also softens you skin, make you feel young, energetic and moreover, it’s a great experience.

healthy living

Are you an expecting women, this one is for you

Women, who are expecting, have to take greater care of their health. They should see to it that they quit smoking and consuming alcohol well before they plan of having a kid. Speculations are that women have greater risk of being affected by cancer when compared with men. Oxygen and nutrients come to the baby through the placenta. Smoking hampers the functioning of placenta which means the baby will not get the required amount of oxygen and even if it gets, its contaminated which in-turn damages the babies’ lungs. Other effects are ectopic pregnancy, premature birth of baby, baby being underweight and many more.

There is a disorder called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome [FAS] which is a pattern of physical and mental disorder that develops in the fetus if the mother is indulged in consuming alcohol. Hence it is better to ensure that you have completely stopped consuming alcohol and smoking cigarette.

How crucial is our body weight?

Body weight of a person is another important factor in deciding how healthy a person is. There is a separate calculation setup that tells how much a person should weigh compared to his height. It’s called the Body Mass Index [BMI] ratio. A person who is under weight, considered to be unhealthy, such people feel tired very soon, are short tempered, not interested in any activities, low hemoglobin count, more prone to diseases, their body language is not proper, lack self confidence. On the other hand, people who are overweight have different problems associate with them.

Overweight people are lazy, they too get tired very soon, they feel difficulty in speaking fluently, have sweating problem, body odor which are really very disgusting. High cloistral has high possibility of ending up in heart attack. Daily activities are hampered and bulgy body looks awkward. Hence it is very much important to maintain the BMI ratio. People with proper body mass index ratio, are sporty, energetic, attractive, confident and have good body language.

Be strong at your basics

Almost every one of us remembers and cherishes our childhood days. The way we were, the way we did certain things in certain way, how our parents took care of us, ensured every need of ours is meeting. One thing worth remembering is the way our parents monitored us by ensuring we have brushed in the morning, cut our nails, washed our hands before having food, ensured we do not put hand in our mouth, don’t eat outside food, and the list goes on and on… And when we have a look at our daily activities, we don’t follow most of the things that were taught to in our childhood. Having long nails has become a fashion. We don’t care to wash hands. We may have not even given up the habit of biting our nails which leads to appendicitis. These small things make lot of difference in maintaining good health.


Maintaining good health keeps an individual and people around him happy. Person feels good about himself and a difference in approach can be noticed. He is productive in his work fit enough to do adapt to different and difficult climatic conditions, less prone to diseases. Enjoys life everywhere he goes. Well, there is no other riches than having all this by just having good health.

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