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Why I am not Losing Weight?
Weight Loss

Why I am not Losing Weight?

Trying hard for the last couple of months and still not able to shed a single pound? That’s really monotonous, is not it? Why do you have to be in such a condition? There is definitely something wrong. You are either ignoring something or making some mistakes that are ruining […]

Breast Augmentation

How to Make Your Boobs Grow Faster

You live in a world where you are permanently surrounded by specific beauty standards. While appearance should never be more important than what is on the “inside” of a person, and it should never be more important than health, the truth is that how you look can influence you in […]

Sleep Disorders

Insomnia: When the Sandman Refuses to Come By

Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder characterized by being unable to fall asleep, unable to stay asleep or a combination of both. Individuals with insomnia will either have extremely poor-quality sleep or not even get enough at all. As a result, they don’t feel refreshed when they wake. This […]

Antidepressants for Fibromyalgia

Can Antidepressants Be Used for Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is one of the most poorly-understood medical conditions. Those with the condition often experience near-constant pain, mental fog, depression, and anxiety, and fibromyalgia often develops over time. Because this is a condition that is still being researched, doctors aren’t completely sure what causes it. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, […]