VelaShape for cellulite

Reducing Cellulite with VelaShape

VelaShape for cellulite

Sexy, thin and firm body, who wouldn’t want that? All our lives (especially us girls) we have been trying so hard, in every possible way to lose weight, tighten our bodies and get rid of that stupid cellulite.

We have all tried millions and millions of diets that are so exhausting and all for nothing. Worthless hours wasted in the gym and worthless hours of sweating and working out.

Countless restrictions on the food we eat and countless failures. It seems like no matter what we do and how hard we try we just can’t look like we want to and can’t achieve our goal.

And this can be really frustrating, especially when there are women who look absolutely amazing and perfectly toned everywhere around us.

Have you ever wondered how they do it? How they managed to have those bodies?

I don’t know for the rest of you, but I feel that I’m on a diet my whole life. Every day I try to find some new way to lose weight, new way to tighten my body, new foods with twice less calories, and at the end of the day – no results.

And then I start all over again. If you see the bigger picture, most of you are probably doing the same thing. And oh, don’t even let me start talking about cellulite.

A disgusting layer of fat which looks like orange skin, and we can’t wear bikinis or shorts because of it.

Now that’s the real problem. Cellulite is so stubborn that we can’t find a way to get rid of it no matter what we do.

If you are one of us sufferers, this will cheer you up. There is something that you can do to stop all these struggles. Have you ever heard of VelaShape?

What is Velashape?

VelaShape is an extremely efficient device that is used for a laser procedure which is non-invasive.

VelaShape uses radio frequency and infrared light energy to shrink the fat cells in the treated area.

VelaShape is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) cleared and safe to use. It is claimed that it firms and tones your body with as little as 4 treatments.

Who wouldn’t want to get visible improvement after only 4 treatments?

How does Velashape work?

The VelaShape device works with multiple techniques and methods combines. It works with a Bi-Polar Radio frequency plus an Infrared Light Energy.

Apart from these, it also has a Vacuum and a Mechanical Massage. The process of using the VelaShape procedure implies heating the treatment area because of the infrared light.

It feels like a massage and it is not uncomfortable at all. The Vacuum and the rollers for the Mechanical Massage make the skin soft and smooth in order to receive the treatment heat energy better.

This treatment increases the metabolism of your energy storages, lymphatic drainage is also increased and the size of your fat storage cells is significantly decreased.


Expected Results

VelaShape is a device that will provide a complete body changing treatment. There have been millions of happy and successful people who have had amazing results for as little as only 4 treatments.

Using VelaShape will provide you with a smooth, soft skin, with very noticeable cellulite reduction.

Apart from the cellulite loss, you will also experience a complete body reshaping by treating the areas you wish to change and reshape.

In short, VelaShape can completely change your body and make it thinner, with no cellulite and tight.

Areas of Treatment

Like we said before, VelaShape is an FDA cleared device and it is safe to use for treating many areas of your body.

VelaShape can be used on your thighs, buttocks, abdomen and stomach, legs, your love handles, arms and back.

Who can use VelaShape?

VelaShape is a safe treatment for almost everyone. It is proven that VelaShape can be used on all skin types, colors and tones.

Most of the people are perfectly suitable for a VelaShape treatment. However, if you suffer from some condition, talk to your doctor or the person treating with VelaShape in order to see if it’s okay for you to use this treatment.

Pain or Consequences

We mentioned several times that VelaShape is a perfectly safe and healthy treatment. The process itself is not painful and it feels like a heated massage.

After the treatment, many people have felt like a small heat in their skin tissues and little redness is a normal and common thing.

Apart from the heat feeling and redness, there is nothing else that can affect you in a negative way.


  1. Ariana Price

    Great article! I’ve personally always been told to stay away from these types of procedures and they have always seemed scary and ridiculous to me, but after reading this article I definitely will be looking into velashape as a way to remove my cellulite .

    I’ve always struggled with cellulite, and I have tried changing my diet as well as focusing on exercising, a procedure like this does sound appealing to me! Thanks for the article, I will be consulting my doctor about this on my next checkup!

  2. so cute and straight forward post. Now i am good to go confidently.
    Thanks for the great post.

  3. Great article! this information helped to beginners who want know about Velashape treatment. I share something about Velashape treatment specially Velashape has 3 main benefits as follows,
    1. Nonsurgical Fat Reduction
    2. Improvement In Skin Tone And Possible Cellulite Reduction
    3. A Complement To Previous Body Contouring Procedures

    Also don’t believe quickest and cheapest Velashape treatments.These will cause your entire body so first you must ensure quality of treatment before start your Velashape treatment

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