Salt Water Flush for colon cleanse

Salt Water Flush! The Best Way To Cleanse The Colon

Colon Cleansing

Colon or the large intestine is an important part of your body and responsible for detoxification.

Owing to the kind of world that we live in there are a lot of food products, is manufactured by companies, that aren’t as healthy as we might think them to be.

When we consume such products, that have a lot of preservatives and artificial chemicals, our body needs to get rid of these toxins to ensure our safety.

However, it can’t do all of the work by itself and external help is required. Detoxification is a process of wiping out toxins from the body’s different organs and nourishing us from the inside.

If this detoxification process doesn’t proceed as planned it can give rise to a lot of problems.

A lot of irritating symptoms are likely to appear, for instance, allergies, unexplained fatigue, a confused state of mind, irritated skin and much more. That is why it is recommended that the body should be detoxified at least twice a year.

If the colon is not cleansed or waste material is not flushed out from the body, the digestive along with the natural cleansing system grows weaker and ultimately one has to go for colon cleansing therapies because detoxification is necessary to live a healthy life.

There are many methods to cleanse the colon. But the Salt Water Flush is the best and the most popular way to quickly cleanse your body from the inside.

Salt Water Flush

This is a pretty much safe and natural method to eliminate toxic material from the body. Salt Water Flush is also known as a “Master Cleanse”.

It improves the cleansing system and if there is any defect, it helps to purify the colon and digestive system.

It is just a matter of five minutes for it to help you wipe out all toxic substances from the body.

By detoxification with the help of salt, the digestive system naturally pushes waste from the body and eliminates trapped feces, etc. It is a very easy method which makes use of the ingredients you have in your home.

This method is based on a very ancient technique which is called the “Ayurveda Intestinal and Whole Body Cleanse”.

It washes the digestive system from top to bottom and purifies it completely. It offers numerous benefits to your overall wellbeing and you should definitely give it a try. Here’s how you can do it!

Directions to cleanse the colon with the amazing Salt Water Flush

This method will be the most effective if you happen to do it properly. While it is very easy there are certain things to remember before doing it.

  • Skip one meal before starting the salt water flush or at least keep your stomach empty for 2 hours before performing it. The best method is to skip dinner and then do the salt water flush so you will wake up feeling active and fresh in the morning.
  • Remember to use filtered water.
  • Use 1 quart of lukewarm or room temperature water.
  • A total of 2 tablespoons of sea salt should be added in that water.
  • After mixing it well, check the taste by drinking it. If it is not salty enough, you can add more salt!
  • Once it is prepared, pour it into the glass.
  • When you feel that the temperature is right, drink the glass of water.
  • After drinking, rub your lower stomach area gently to make the cleansing process quick and effective for the expulsion of fecal material.
  • If you feel the need to use the bathroom after 15 minutes to 2 hours once you’ve had a cup of sea-salt water, it means the master cleanse has worked.
  • If you don’t feel such a need then you need to put some more salt water in your stomach.
  • Use the bathroom and also take a shower.
  • Don’t overdo the salt water flush. Once every two weeks is good enough.
  • Use pure sea salt and don’t go for replacements like a cheap variety of salt because it will not give desired results.

Salt Water Flush for colon cleanse

Advantages of Salt Water Flush

Salt is an amazing substance with loads of nutrients and minerals. Real sea salt is also loaded with numerous nutrients and produces an effectively positive result for one’s health.

Refined salt in foods gives rise to health-related harm so there is a critical need for real salt. There are several uses and advantages that this technique has. Let’s go over them!

1- Reduce Constipation

One of the major benefits of salt water flush is that it reduces constipation. Our daily diet contains so many lethal substances like pesticides, bacteria, environmental pollutants, and impurities, etc.

Human-made toxins are in abundance in the environment. All these things are adding fuel to fire and lead towards the accumulation of plaque-like substance on our intestinal walls. Seal salt will remove such waster material from the walls and eliminate them from the body.

2- Eliminate Diarrhea

Toxic materials prevent the body from solidifying the waste material. But cleansing your colon through the use of salt water flush will help waste become solid.

3- Avoids Colon Cancer

Doing a master cleanse every few weeks is the best way to avoid colon cancer. If colon cancer happens to run in the family then this sort of cleanse can help you prevent it.

4- Clear Blockages

Salt flush smoothens the working of the entire body and cleans your blood. It boosts up the breakdown of cholesterol and ultimately saves you from gallstones. It helps infections to heal quickly and removes blockages in the intestines.

5- Removes the symptoms of toxicity

When the cleansing system gets the week, symptoms of toxicity like a coated tongue, constipation, backache, headache, skin problems and sore throat are likely to appear. Salt water flush helps greatly when it comes to overcoming all such problems.

6- Others

Salt flush promotes the expulsion of bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms. It also enhances the development of intestinal flora and colorectal muscular activity. The hormones get balanced. Optimal pH level gets established.

This ancient technique is a blessing. You will definitely feel great after performing it. So, go ahead and experience the wonders of salt water rush.


  1. Do you drink the whole liter of salt water or just a glass full when doing the salt water flush? And can you do the flush anytime of the day?

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