How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Legs

Shed off Leg Cellulite

 How to Get Rid of Cellulite on LegsCellulite has to be one of the worst things in women. And this is scary since most of the women are suffering from it. That orange-peel, bumpy and dimpled skin really does not look attractive.

And cellulite does not choose if you are thin or fat. It can happen to anyone, no matter the size and weight.

Cellulite can be defined as a fat that is stored in the fats deep underneath our skin.

This fat pushes upwards the connective collagen tissues and creates those bumps on the skin. This can happen for many reasons. One reason is if there is too much fat in the cells so they increase in size. Other reason is if the connective tissue is weak and can’t hold the cells.

Water retention and toxins attracted to the cells are both other reasons that can also contribute to cellulite appearance. Poor blood circulation in that area can be also a cause. Genetics are also connected with the appearance of cellulite. The fact that you are a woman is also a predisposition for forming cellulite… and so on.

Countless reasons for cellulite to appear. But are there countless solutions for its disappearance too? Well, this is the hard part. Getting rid of cellulite can be a real challenge.

Cellulite can appear in the thighs, arms, buttocks, abdomen, etc. Many of these parts can be covered with clothes. However, as the summer approaches, our legs are going to become more and more exposed. And legs are the part that is most prone to cellulite. So, how can we reduce the cellulite on our legs and make them look thin, toned and sexy? Is there a way to not be ashamed to wear shorts?

Of course there is. That’s why we’re here. There are many solutions for shedding the cellulite off your legs. Depending on the time you have and the money you are willing to spend, there are many different solutions for cellulite on your legs. Here are some options, and you can decide what’s best for you:

Changes in diet: if you are not in a hurry, diet changes might work for you. The diet that will help with your cellulite battle should be focused on low calorie intake. Decrease your daily calories on between 1200 and 1500. You should avoid foods that are high in saturated fats, sugars, processed foods, carbohydrates, white flour, alcohol and other caloric drinks. Best foods to eat in order to reduce the cellulite in your legs are: fruits and vegetables, fiber rich foods like oatmeal, antioxidants like berries, lots of water, lean proteins, grains, nuts, omega 3 fatty acids.

Exercising: results from any treatment can be improved and doubled with exercising. You just have to do the right exercises. Cardio exercises are not enough for cellulite loss. A combination of cardio, strengthening and stretching flexibility exercises should be performed in order to accomplish the best results. You should do exercises that focus on your legs.

Massages: there are many anti-cellulite massages that can be performed on your legs in order to reduce cellulite. A professional consulting and opinion is valued for the type of massage that works for you.

Exfoliators: there are various exfoliation products that can be bought for this purpose, but you can also make your own home made product with a mixture of coffee grounds, sugar and oils. Rub this on your leg skin in order to improve the blood circulation, remove dead cells and massage it deeply to get to the fat cells under the skin.

Dry brushing: This is a famous way of losing cellulite, or at least lower it appearance. Buy a big brush and start brushing your legs with long movements. Do this only for a couple of minutes because your skin might get irritated.Although this might not be a very good long term solution, it can provide reduced cellulite appearance on the legs temporarily.

Creams: There are many creams meant for reducing the cellulite from your legs. However, not many people have found these creams to be as efficient as they claim to be.

Other treatments: Like we said before, there are numerous treatments that can help you make your legs perfect. If your budget allows you and you feel ready, you can try some more invasive procedure such as laser treatments or even surgeries. Laser treatments are not so invasive, but can be expensive. Both laser treatments and surgeries provide the best results in reducing leg cellulite, but must be maintained afterwards.

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