connection between Diabetes and Exercise

The all-important connection between Diabetes and Exercise

It is quite evident that exercise makes it easier for Diabetes Care. Apart from the diet and the medication that you undergo, exercise plays a major role in keeping your condition under control.

There were many research undertaken to understand the effect of Diabetes and steps to keep it under control.

In the recent years some of the research proves it to be promising for diabetes care. Details of some of them are as follows:

– The recent study has proved that there is a highly significant connection between exercise that we do and glucoregulation in the body.

– Regular exercise has effect in reducing the effect of Type 2 Diabetes for the people with IGT which can be called in other words as Impaired Glucose Tolerance.

– Independent of the body weight of a person, there is a great effect in reducing HbA1c with the help of regular exercise. And it is important that the exercise interventions should be highly structured for type 2 diabetes.

– Another study also proves that people with low physical activity or low aerobic exercise tend to have more effect on the harmful effects of diabetes.

There is a high chance for cardiovascular diseases on people who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

– In order to improve the conditions of glycemic control for the patients with type 2 diabetes, resistance trainings prove good effectiveness.

Considering all the above factors, the doctors insist more on physical exercise and they clearly explain the connection between diabetes and Exercise.

The exercise that you do regularly is also capable of reducing stress in the patients with Type 2 diabetic conditions.

Physical activity acts as a precaution for some complications that can commonly happen with diabetic patients.

Benefits of regular Physical activity for diabetes care

There are many benefits in doing regular physical activity. This not only keeps your diabetic condition in control but it will also provide you good refreshment to mind. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Provides you protection from the risk of heart disease and strokes.
  • Good physical exercise will give you a peaceful deep sleep.
  • It helps in relieving stress
  • Helps in lowering the cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
  • For the amount of energy you need for your daily activity, daily exercise helps you gain good energy.
  • Maintaining weight is very important. For people with diabetes, there will not be proper control over the weight. Physical exercise helps you maintain good weight.
  • Due to high sugar levels, blood circulation in the body will be affected. Physical activity strengthens your heart making it pump enough blood for blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Relieves you from weak bones and muscles.
  • Regular exercise to your body parts will help in easy movement of your joints.
  • Reduces serotonin secretion and provides you a depression free life.

You will be able to see a good difference between your previous body condition and the current body condition after your regular exercise.

Choose the right exercise for Diabetic control

It is very important that you should choose the right exercise for your diabetic control. As part of the diabetic control program there are some exercise available that are very common among people across the world.

These exercise will be very helpful for you to maintain the body health in spite of having high sugar levels in your blood.

Before you start with an exercise plan, it is important that you consult your doctor for advice.

For your body condition some of the exercises may not be effective. In some cases some exercise may even be harmful.

Based on the age of the person there are some exercise which should be avoided. Your doctor will be able to provide you details on the exercise that will be best for you.

When your doctor checks the condition of your heart, he will be able to provide you details on your diabetic condition based on the functioning of heart.

connection between Diabetes and Exercise

Due to high sugar levels in the blood, there can be high possibility for blockage in arteries. In that case heavy exercise should not be done.

Some exercise may sound like easier for you but will not be very helpful in maintaining the body health.

Most of the doctors provide walking as the best exercise for Diabetic control. During walking a person is giving equal importance to all the functionalities in the body. This helps in keeping the diabetic under control.

Things to keep in mind before you begin your exercise session

You cannot straight away start with an exercise session. There are some precautions that you should take before doing a regular exercise.

As it is said by the experts, regular checkup of your heart condition is important to know how well you can accommodate exercises.

If you are not well placed in a day with your health conditions, you will have to hold on doing exercise.

Sometimes if your body is not in suitable state it will reject the exercise that you do and provide you negative effects.

Before you start with your exercise, you should first set a goal for you. You may not be a person who do regular exercise.

In that case you should start with preliminary exercises and then move to hard exercises.

Still the exercise that you do should be consulted with your doctor. When you start it slow and make a progress intensively there will not be any harm to your internal organs.

Dehydration is not a good condition for diabetic patients. So when you do exercises or walking, make sure you are hydrated in regular intervals.

Though you are confident about your blood sugar levels, it is always good to hold a blood glucose candy with you.

If you are new to exercise, it is highly advisable to check your blood glucose level with the help of blood glucose meter before and after you regular exercise.

This will not only help you understand how it is varying but it will also prevents you from unnecessary complications.

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