Clinical Presentations of Diabetes

The Clinical Presentations of Diabetes – Be on the Look Out and evade the Consequences

When human body reaches an inability state to produce insulin by itself, that state is called Diabetes. This is due to autoimmune destruction of cells in pancreas which is the beta cells.

In other words Diabetes can also be categorized as a chronic illness. This is mostly seen starting for people of age 30 – 40 years range. In some cases it is also applicable for people of very young age as well.

There are many research going on in understanding Diabetes and providing a perfect solution to the people. All these studies are in progress and there are already many advancements happening.

Diabetes care can help you or prevent you from the risk of illness or complications. It is very important to be on the lookout and evade the consequences.

The following ten steps will definitely help you in diabetes care and provide you a safe future.

Self-Management Commitment

This is the first step to bring more awareness in you about the consequences of Diabetes and the measures that you should be taking to keep yourself free from the complications.

Your doctor or the health advisor will be able to provide the basic details that you need to know for diabetes care and they will be with you and help you whenever you need them. Bringing healthy eating habit and enough exercise is very important for you.

Avoid Smoking

As it is said everywhere, smoking is definitely injurious to health and with conditions like diabetes, it will lead to unnecessary complications. As part of the smoking complications, following things can happen:

  • Damage to lungs where the blood flow to lungs will be reduced.
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Damage to nerves
  • Sudden stroke
  • In some cases it will lead to ulcers and infections leading to removal of body parts.

You can speak with your health advisor to get more details about the consequence of smoking and how it is related to complications with diabetes.

BP and Cholesterol should be under control

The levels of Cholesterol and Blood pressure is also very important and related with Diabetes care. If the blood pressure is very high, it is easy that your blood vessels might get damaged.

When you have both diabetes and cholesterol and if the level increases the damage that it causes will also increase. In order to keep these conditions in control, proper eating and regular exercise will help you.

Check your physical status and eye condition regularly

Apart from the regular physical status checkup that you do every year, consider doing a three or four diabetic checkup in a year.

This will help you understand the current condition of diabetes in your body and it will also help you control it further.

All medical problems that you have will be easily identified during your physical status checkup.

You doctor will also be able to provide you a complete report on how these conditions will go with your diabetes.

Vaccines should be up to date

For a normal person vaccines are important but for a diabetic patient with weak immune system should consider vaccines as a very important factor to keep yourself away from various complications and diseases.

If you check with your doctor, they will be able to provide you details on the importance of vaccines considering your health condition.

Teeth maintenance is important

As you see, every body part plays a vital role in smooth functioning of your whole body. Brushing your teeth twice a day will help you fight with teeth infections.

Diabetic patients are easily prone to gum related problems. If you get some symptoms or problems with your gums, it is really good to call your dentist immediately to enquire about it.

Feet should be checked and cleaned

For diabetic patients the blood circulation will not be very good due to the high levels of sugar in the blood. This can also cause a damage to the sensitive nerves in your feet.

If your feet gets a damage accidently or a small cut, it should be treated immediately. This can lead to high complications. In some cases there can also be a sensitivity loss in the feet.

Clinical Presentations of Diabetes

Consider daily aspirin as an option

Aspirin is something that you will have to consider to avoid the sudden stroke or heart attack, if you are diabetic patient.

However it is totally what your doctor advises you to take. Doctor will be able decide whether that particular therapy will be required for you or not.

Caution when you are consuming alcohol

If you are taking alcohol, make sure you are well aware about the quantity that you take. If you are consuming alcohol with any of the other items, it is also important that you should be including these calories as well to your regular calories. Sometimes the other drinks with alcohol may be rich in sugar levels.

Stress should be taken seriously

If you are stressed out for some reason, it is very important that you should take the situation seriously and try not to avoid your diabetic care routine.

This happens with most of the people where when they are stressed out due to various reasons, they forget to take their regular pills.

The normal insulin that is produced in the body will be affected if you are stressed out. To avoid stress you can used some relaxation techniques.

After all the above advises, it is your duty to be on the Look Out and be cautious about the consequences of diabetes.

Due to various reasons you might get some complications but if you are confident about holding your health in good conditions, diabetics should not be a hindrance for you at all.

For all the steps that you take by yourself, keep yourself motivated and also follow the instructions from your doctor to make sure the things that you are doing are always right.

A good amount of daily exercise is very important for you to keep the conditions in balance.

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