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The Truth Behind VelaShape: Cellulite Solution, or Ineffective Remedy

Regardless of weight or size, cellulite can have unsightly effects on approximately 80 percent of women who are at least 20 years old.

Over time, fat cells increase in size and multiply, which, in conjunction with other body processes, can have unsightly consequences for the surface of the skin.

The septae, a substance that is found on the margins of connective tissue chambers, push upwards as this happens, further exacerbating the appearance of cellulite on different parts of the body.

Because of the widespread reach of cellulite, treatments and remedies are constantly in high demand. One such treatment is VelaShape.

With the promise of reducing the appearance of cellulite, many women doubt its abilities.

However, some tout the ability of the treatment to effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite on their hips, thighs, and butt.

What is VelaShape?

VelaShape is the only cellulite treatment device cleared by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to both effectively and safely contour the body while reducing the appearance of cellulite.

While some claim that the treatment can produce noticeable results in just weeks, the typical results time lapse is anywhere from four to six months.

VelaShape works with elōs technology, which combines Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF), Infrared Light Energy in addition to Vacuum and Mechanical Message to administer targeted heat to fatty tissue.

This technology is the first, and only, a tool that is simultaneous deploys the power of all three of these effects, making it a far more comprehensive choice in comparison to other treatments.

How Does the Elōs Technology in VelaShape Work?

The technology behind VelaShape is what makes it truly remarkable, allowing for multidimensional cellulite treatment all in one procedure.

Intense pulsating light is known to cause numerous problems, but elōs has been able to overcome this.

When used in VelaShape, this technology allows for safe and comfortable treatment that permits a toned, contoured and well-sculpted body without the pain of most medical procedures.

Optical energy is perhaps one of the most revolutionary aspects of VelaShape, allowing for the precise targeting of preheated areas that maximize the benefits of the treatment.

This treatment poses no severe risks to the epidermis, as the technology can be controlled for both efficiency and protection.

Because most cellulite is caused by the poor condition of the connective tissue, poor lymphatic drainage and a consistently increasing number of fat cells in the body, most treatment for the root cause of cellulite cannot be cured by VelaShape.

However, the elōs technology within it does facilitate the smoothening of the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite and the area affected by cellulite as well.

How Long do Typical VelaShape Treatments Last?

VelaShape treatments last for anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes per session. Although many people claim that the technique can produce results in a rather short period of time, it typically takes a significant number of treatments over the course of any number of months, typically four to six, to begin seeing the most drastic results.

However, there is no set pattern to the VelaShape method of cellulite reduction. While there might be some necessary maintenance for long-term sustainability of the results, the requirement for constant sessions will dwindle over time.

For that reason, it is important to consult with any doctors prior to getting the treatment to discuss a personalized treatment plan to address any unique needs or desires.

Truth Behind VelaShape

Is the VelaShape Treatment Effective for All Women?

One of the greatest attributes of the VelaShape treatment is that it can be used on all women, no matter their age, skin color or ethnicity.

Of course, the greatest influence on the outcome of the sessions is the condition of a woman’s cellulite, as this can determine other necessary components of the VelaShape treatment.

Of course, women with larger amounts of cellulite or more severe cellulite may have more gradual success with the program than women who are simply treating a small area on their lower body.

However, there are very infrequent exceptions to the purported success of the treatments, making VelaShape a viable option for anyone seeking an effective treatment for cellulite reduction.

What are the Potential Benefits of Using VelaShape Instead of Other Cellulite-Reduction Techniques?

Cellulite reduction can be an extremely difficult process. For those who have large amounts of cellulite throughout different areas of their body, this can be even more significant.

In contrast to other technology and treatments available, VelaShape does hold some benefits. Just some of the benefits of this method of treatment over others include:

Limited Downtime – Because of the advanced technology of VelaShape, there is no downtime or waiting around for recovery after treatment.

This is not the case with many other procedural remedies for cellulite reduction, making VelaShape a more appealing option.

Limited Potential for Side Effects – With technology approved by the FDA, VelaShape poses a limited potential for harmful side effects, making many women far more comfortable with this treatment over other methods for cellulite reduction.

Limited Complications – While many other procedures can affect the skin and body, VelaShape poses no such threat, making any complications associated with the procedure extremely limited.

Limited Time Spent Waiting for Results – Due to the advanced elōs technology of VelaShape, results can begin to manifest in just weeks. This is a rapid improvement over other procedures, which can take a far greater period of time to work.

Limited Discomfort – Due to the safety standards of the device used to administer VelaShape, women who choose to undergo this treatment experience extremely limited discomfort.

Are There Any Potential Drawbacks to Using VelaShape for Cellulite Reduction?

No Universal Guarantee – Although VelaShape is known for its effective results, not every woman experiences the same turnout.

While some women’s cellulite completely disappears, others are left with some still evident on the surface of the skin.

No Predictor for Results – In accordance with the fact that there is no universal guarantee for results, there is also no way in which to predict the potential results of using VelaShape.

Thus, women that choose to undergo this treatment for cellulite reduction are risking the potential of reaping no positive benefits following the recommended number of sessions.

Not a Permanent Remedy for Cellulite – Like essential oils and other treatments for the appearance of cellulite, VelaShape doesn’t eliminate the cellulite itself.

Thus, without maintenance through ongoing sessions, the appearance of cellulite on the surface of the skin will quickly return.

High Cost – VelaShape can be a pricey procedure at $200 to $400 per session, especially in consideration of the need for maintenance therapy after the initial four to six sessions required for any results.

Because of this, VelaShape can be rather expensive in a long-term perspective, especially with no guarantee of a positive outcome.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Using VelaShape?

There are very few serious side effects associated with using VelaShape as a remedy for reducing the appearance of cellulite on the body.

Most commonly, the negative effects of the treatment are on the surface of the skin, as infections are infrequent. Some of the common side effects of VelaShape include:

Redness – This is prevalent immediately after treatment, lasting anywhere from two to four hours.

Pinching Sensations – Some women report feeling a pinching sensation after undergoing VelaShape sessions, but this is infrequent and related to more severe remedies.

Bruising – Women with sensitive skin are especially prone to bruising, especially around the hips and the thighs. In most cases, bruising dissipates within seven to ten days following the procedure.

Blistering –While blistering is rare, it is possible when undergoing the VelaShape treatment.

This is most common on skin that has been previously damaged, meaning that it is a skin condition, rather than the treatment that can cause this side effect.

Infections – In the rarest cases, infections are possible. Again, this is mostly in response to the skin where previous conditions have been prevalent.

how does velashape work

So, Does VelaShape Really Help Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite?

Although the reviews are quite mixed on this subject, the majority of women claim that the procedure provides less than its promised results for their cellulite woes.

Perhaps the greatest reason for this is because the VelaShape treatment is not a solution for cellulite, but rather a treatment that helps conceal its appearance on a surface level.

With other cellulite reduction solutions like liposuction, mesotherapy, and endermology, VelaShape does appear to be a more affordable alternative to these more drastic procedures.

With the proper diet, exercise and maintenance, VelaShape can be an effective cellulite reduction solution for women who have simply run out of options.

Alone, the treatment appears to be rather ineffective for the permanent reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

Many women find that the sessions can be uncomfortable and even painful at times. However, when properly implemented with the right lifestyle changes, the revolutionary technology of VelaShape does hold the potential to live up to the expectations that it creates.

While VelaShape cannot be proven effective for all women who choose to undergo treatment, it poses a powerful option for those desperate to reduce unsightly cellulite on their entire body.

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