Reasons Not To Get Breast Implants

Top 10 Reasons Not To Get Breast Implants

Reasons Not To Get Breast Implants

Many mature women feel completely depressed and insecure because of little breasts. Breast is one of the most beautiful parts of the woman’s body and its proper care should be taken. Breast is a natural gift connected to the part of the women’s body and large breast is a very good way to impress others.

Large breast is a good way to attract others and many women are getting breast enlargement surgeries to look more beautiful. One of the most common ways to increase the size of the breast is breast implants. Many women are getting breast implants to increase the size of their breasts to impress others but it is highly recommended that always go for natural ways to increase your breast.

Top 10 reasons not to get implants

Here we are going to discuss top reasons not to get implants

1- According to the latest studies of National Institutions of Medicines, more than 40 % of the women who get breast implants need another surgery to correct something wrong that happened because of the first surgery. This amount is different in particular research, based on things like how long women were supervised, the common time being five years.)

2- Latest researches conducted by saline breast implant developers, 27 % of the breast implant create breast cancer in the ladies & these implants have to be taken back out of the bodies of these women, because of many adverse reactions. Other 14 % of the women also under go another surgery to correct something that is wrong with their breasts due to the first surgery. Even those women, who are healthy even after getting breast implants, must experience at least one or more complications in the period of 3 years.

3- As a matter of fact, breast cancer patients have many complications because of the implants, as compared to the healthy women. It is unjustified to use breast implants medically because these creates many health threats in the body of a woman. Many of the problems are about three times more as likely for mastectomy re-construction sufferers as for cosmetic-augmentation patients.

4- Health experts have discovered that more than 9 % of the saline breast implants end up in the period of just 3 years.  This case is also connected with the healthy women. Therefore, it is highly recommended that never go for breast implants if you want to live a natural & healthy life.

5- Another research of FDA has revealed that those women who are going well with breast implants and have not complained for any kind of complications in their implants, two third of those women have problem of ruptured implants at least in the one side of the breast. This rate is higher in the 12-15 years old breast implants as compared to 20 years old implants, because older breast implants were developed from the thick content.

6-  Another shocking story about breast implants is that the significant amount of silicone content in the breast moved elsewhere in the bodies of more than 20 % of the women. Many medical experts start removing these implants by claiming that these were ruptured at the time of removal. Many doctors are still lying about the benefits of breast implants to save themselves from bankruptcy. But we should understand that there is no benefit of breast implants at all.

7- Health experts have found in many studies that your chest wall can be damaged or injured after getting the breast implants. This is real alarming situation because these implants also damage the heart and lungs. In many cases, women also died after the few years of getting breast implants.

8- Breast implants are 100 % made up of unnatural silicone which is not good for a natural human life. We are humans and our body can never afford any artificial & unnatural part in it. However, many doctors are lying that latest breast implants contain a good amount of vegie oil. But this is not true. Silicone gel sometimes creates some mildew looking stuff in it. This is completely unnatural and cause very serious threats to our bodies.

9- For those women who belong to European countries and have an option of oil-filled implants, don’t have them. Because latest researches conducted by British health experts have revealed that the oil material start getting leaked in to the body after a specific time period. This leaked oil will start observing the body-calcium and cause many health threats to the body including heart diseases. The government of England have recently withdrawn its approval for the sale of oil-filled breast implants and these are not being sold anywhere in the UK.

10- Any kind of surgical treatment in to the fatty tissues of the body create more threats as compared to the surgical treatment in lean tissues. Any infection created by the breast implant will be very hard to treat in this case. In many cases the implants have to be taken out of the breasts to control the dangers created by infection. Statistics tell us that this problem exists in 1 breast implants patient out of 80.

Breastfeeding complications

Mostly, those women get breast implant that has recently given birth to a child. Breasts of pregnant women are unshaped in the period of pregnancy and after the painful process of child birth. These women get breast implants in their body to look more attractive and beautiful. Breast implants are completely artificial materials that are not good for our human body system.

These saline and silicone contents used in breast implant damage the production of milk in the women body. These implants not only reduce the production of milk in the breasts but also become hurdles in the ways of milk and nipples. Women feel many difficulties in breast feeding the baby. These breast implants also cause a great pain at the time when mother is performing breast feeding. This amount of pain increases by the passage of time and many women decide to end the breast feeding.

Many women are also getting breast cancer after having breast implants. Because silicone is a material which is highly responsible for the development of cancer in a woman’s body. If proper steps are not taken, then this cancer can even cause death. Therefore, it is highly recommended that always find the natural ways to increase breast size.

Our human body can’t afford any artificial material like silicone. Therefore, finding a natural way to improve breasts is the only best remedy that you can have. You will find many useful natural ways to enhance your beasts like exercises, massaging the breasts with natural herbal creams & using natural herbal pills. These are some natural methods to enhance the breast in the best way.

Reasons Not To Get Breast Implants

Always use natural ways to increase breast size

Yes, you will find many good natural ways to increase breast size that are very useful & enhance the appeal of your breasts. You can get the best desired size of your breast by following some useful & practical natural ways to increase breast size. You should also discuss with your doctor before following the natural ways to increase breast size because many women are health sensitive and they may get any kind of unwanted disease by following the natural methods. For example, pregnant women can’t take exercise to increase the size of their breasts because it is dangerous for the health of baby & the mom as well.

We must understand that breast enlargement exercise is the best & most common way to increase the size of breasts. However, as we mentioned above that pregnant women should avoid the method of exercise to increase the breast size. There are many good, practical & useful exercise developed by the health experts to increase the size of breasts in a natural way. Proper diet should also be maintained while taking these exercises.

You should take breast enlargement exercise regularly until you get the desired results. Increasing the size of breasts with the help of breast enlargement exercises is a long-term process. Therefore, you should have a strong will-power & determination to increase the size of your breast with breast enlargement exercises. You may get shocked after seeing the results because your breasts will become amazingly larger, appealing and attractive with the help of breast enlargement exercises.

One more good way to increase the size of breasts is through natural herbal pills. These natural herbal breast enlargement pills are very fast in action & start delivering results in less than one week. You should take these breast enlargement pills two times a day to get your breast bigger. Another good way that is also very useful for pregnant women is increasing your breast size by using natural herbal breast enlargement creams. Many good manufacturers are producing high quality breast enlargement creams that are very fast in action same like breast enlargement pills.

You should never go for breast implant because it is a great threat for your health. Always seek natural ways to improve your breasts and live a healthy & active life.

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