Pain Under Foot Near Toes

Why Do My Toes Hurt?

Foot pain affects a lot of different people, but the toe pain is one of the most common forms of foot pain that affects people.

Many people don’t suffer from the toe pain continuously, but instead only do from time to time. First of all, the human foot is actually more complex than many people might think.

It consists of twenty-six different bones, and an even greater number of joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Due to the complexity of our feet, and considering that we walk on them every day, it is quite easy to damage it in an accident.

And unfortunately, the toes are the part of the feet that people damage the most often.

Even if we feel only the slightest pain in our toes at first, it is only bound to get worse as time goes on and as we don’t do anything about it.  Eventually, we’ll find it very hard to walk and have much less mobility.


Probably the most common symptom of the toe pain will be when you complain that your toes hurt.

You should take careful note of this since our toes probably hurt from time to time and we don’t do anything about it since we assume it’s just one of the things of everyday life.

In reality, when our toes hurt we need to take it much more seriously. Toe pain can actually be the result of very simple everyday activities or issues that we are usually very unheeding about.

For example, the pain in our toes could be the result of improper everyday posture, or it could be the result of wearing shoes that don’t have enough cushioning or an uncomfortable arch (so next time when you buy shoes at the store, make sure you buy the shoes that are the most comfortable!).

However, other symptoms can be things such as medical issues that we will need a doctor to officially diagnose.

Why Do We Feel Pain in our Toes?

Everyday activities are a major factor in the toe pain we may develop.  This includes walking and running and performing various physical activities and exercises.

Everyday activities such as these can be the root cause of any sharp pain and soreness in our toe joints that we can feel every day.

The toe that most people complain about hurting is their big toe, and the truth is that if you are feeling soreness or pain at or near your big toe, you won’t be able to determine the true cause behind it until you consult with your doctor first.

Of course, you’re probably wondering how seriously painful your big toe, or any toe for that matter, needs to be before you decide it’s time to pay a visit to your doctor.

While you ultimately are the number one decider as to whether or not you need to go to your doctor, it is generally recommended that you visit your doctor if your toe has a tingling sensation, is suffering from inflammation or swelling, soreness, a lack of blood circulation leading to a discoloration of the toe, or even if you are feeling a minor pain that is both consistent and constant.

Another major cause of pain in our toes is a physical injury. We may suffer from receiving cuts and splinters to stubbing our toe against the wall, to having to have a toenail removed to suffering a fracture or twisted joints to burns.

If our toes are hurt physically in any of these manners, an infection may develop. At that point, a doctor is your best chance of treating an infection, which is only going to get worse the longer it goes untreated.

Pain Under Foot Near Toes

The Most Common Reasons Behind Toe Pain

Arthritis is a major factor behind the toe pain, and arthritis itself can lead or be related to a huge number of other medical issues such as fibromyalgia, gout, or osteoporosis.

Arthritis essentially unites, if you will call it that, all of the different diseases because they all have to do with the pain, swelling, and inflammation of the joints.

Developing arthritis in the joints of your toe will definitely restrict your ability to move, and lead to infections and increased pain in your toes.

Another all too common reason behind the toe pain is from fracturing a toe. Toe fractures actually happen to people more often then you may think, but fortunately, a cast from a doctor is usually not needed for a fracture as they can be successfully treated by you at home. For a while, you will continue to feel pain in your toes and swelling will likely develop.

Most of the time, fractures happen because of something physical, like running and tripping, stubbing our toe against a wall, or dropping something heavy on a toe.

Help from a doctor or medical professional is only needed if the fracture breaks through the skin or if the treatment you give does not work after a few days to a week.

Athletes suffer from the toe pain too, and the most common form of the toe pain for an athlete to endure is called turf toe.

Turf toe refers to when the ligaments of or surrounding the big toe are sprained, usually resulting from the toe being jammed at a bad angle or landing on the foot awkwardly after jumping n the air.

It’s easy to tell if you have experienced a turf toe because the pain will instantly shoot through your body from your toe.

Afterward, the affected area of your toe will begin to swell uncontrollably, leading to a heavily restricted movement of the toe.

It usually takes weeks or even months for the pain of turf toe to finally go away, but for a full recovery, you should definitely go to your doctor, who will prescribe you with some medication and instruct you to rest and wear more comfortable shoes.

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