Why I am not Losing Weight?

Why I am not Losing Weight?

Trying hard for the last couple of months and still not able to shed a single pound?

That’s really monotonous, is not it? Why do you have to be in such a condition?

There is definitely something wrong. You are either ignoring something or making some mistakes that are ruining your overall efforts. Don’t be so depressed though.

We are here for you. You know what happens, when you work very hard for something and do not understand why all your efforts are going in vain, you withdraw very easily. That’s when you make the mistake.

Losing weight is actually very tough. The time taken to reduce the pounds is not the same for all. Dear, you have to understand your body first.

See, the basic working procedure of the human body is the same for all of course; but, the health situation, the living style, and the body’s working procedure speed is not.

You must understand that being depressed you are again putting your whole weight loss regimen at risk. Stress is not good for weight loss.

You will get rid of the excessive weight with proper awareness and consistent efforts. Which mistakes can delay your results?

Why I am not Losing Weight?

Are You Eating Right?

You might think you are on the right track, but the actual situation might be quite different. For example, if you don’t know the ingredients used in your food or what your food actually contains, you will not get quick encouraging results.

For example, you should not eat potatoes if you want a fast result. Potatoes are high in glucose.

If you are overweight, that means your body actually has enough fat to burn and produce energy. You don’t need any more glucose. If your body gets more glucose than it actually requires, it will store it as fat.

Therefore, say no to potatoes. The same rule applies to rice and white flour foods. Rice and white flour foods are big sources of carbohydrates.

While talking about carbohydrates it is important to mention that you should eat complex carbohydrates rather than the simple carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates take time to digest. So you don’t feel hungry for a long time. To stay full for a long time, you can also try higher fiber foods. Why so? Because the high fiber foods do not get digested so easily.

Getting disappointed thinking that you may not be able to eat the mouthwatering foods anymore? No, it’s not actually like that. It’s just a matter of time.

You eat a little less during this time. Once you get back into right body shape, you can give some relaxation to your taste buds. In fact, you can eat a little amount of spicy and unhealthy food during your dieting as well.

This will not do much harm. For example, eat only healthy, non-fried, fat less food during the weekdays. Choose one day from the weekends and go for dinner outside. This idea will keep you motivated and give your taste buds a change.

Actually, this process is much more successful than the one where people try not to eat any fatty foods during the whole period.

Staying on a harsh diet for more than a month or so can make you depressed quite easily.  So give yourself a break occasionally. You deserve it!

Salt: It Can Delay Your Weight Loss

Did you ask anyone to check the salt content of the food you make or eat? Hey, don’t underestimate this factor. Excessive intake of salt is your enemy during this time. It’s not just you, salt is not good for any person.

When you eat too much salt, your body gets inclined toward water retention. This means that excess salt consumption inspires your body to store lots of water in your circulatory system. Not good when you are on a diet.

Excess water in your body’s internal system makes you look fat. This is why you should ask someone, who does not eat the food you make regularly, to taste the meal prepared by you.

This is just to make sure you are not consuming too much salt. Give attention to the processed foods you buy from the local market. These foods contain a high amount of salt.

So even if a person, who is slim; but does not do much exercise, will get overweight after excessive consumption of the processed foods.

If you love to eat fried or spicy foods, make them at home. They will then be much more healthy. Consider using low-fat oil while cooking, so you can eat much lighter food. So know your food to shed weight quickly.

You are taking too much Stress for a Very Long time?

If you are thinking of achieving success in your overall weight loss regimen, stress will never let you succeed. Get rid of stress by any means.

Are You Medically Fit 

Did you get your blood sugar and thyroid level checked recently? No? Wow! How can you do that? When you want to lose weight, you have to keep the blood sugar and thyroid level in control.  Don’t tell me you didn’t have any idea about this.

If you are not losing weight easily, increased blood sugar level, insulin disorder or increased thyroid hormone can be one of the reasons. Get these hormones checked immediately.

Thyroid disorder is too common in women. Blood sugar can increase due to increased tension. As mentioned earlier, continuous stress can create a mess inside your body.

Hormonal disorder is the first thing that you will notice while you are stressed. Under excessive tension, the brain produces the maximum amount of hunger hormones.

You even forget sometimes how bad your eating habit has become. Because you have no time. Friend, you have to make time for yourself. The most frustrating fact about obesity is that it takes time to reduce.

So keep calm and have a thorough diagnosis of your health condition. You will be able to make out if there is anything wrong with your health which is slowing your body’s natural fat burning speed.

A brisk walk or Walk on the Treadmill: You are not doing any of them?

Are you ignoring the daily walk? Look, sitting on the desk for 14 hours a day, you will not lose weight so easily.

Understand the fact that your body needs to spend energy to get rid of the extra body fat. Although nobody is telling you to hit the gym or do the Cardio exercises, you have to walk daily, and that is also not less than half an hour.

So, if you are not doing brisk walk daily, you are not on the right track. Walking is too important for increasing metabolism. You burn lots of fat when you walk. Therefore, try to point out how many days you actually walk.

If you are too lethargic to walk at least 4 days a week, that could be a major reason for your failure. If you are walking for two days a week now, double it. By doing the brisk walk, you can even control the level of blood sugar and normalize insulin.

Do You Sleep Enough?

One basic reason behind excessive weight gain is insufficient sleep. Yes. When you don’t sleep for Enough time, your brain does not get rest.

You should be surprised to know that our brain does the maximum amount of weight loss work when we sleep. Amazing, is not it? Yes, scientists say that when you sleep, your brain burns calories at the highest speed.

So you should always take enough sleep to help your body and mind get refreshed. When you get a chance to take proper rest, your brain gets the time to repair and improve the body’s different natural working processes.

So if your body is suffering from any kind of cell damage or something,  your brain will make all efforts to repair the damaged cell.

Besides, sufficient sleep also reduces your stress. To keep the hunger intensity in control, it is important that you sleep for enough time.

In other words, you should make no compromise with your sleep irrespective of the fact that you have lots of work burden.

Are You Hydrating Your Body?

Did you ever notice how much water you actually take throughout the day? Many people work hard to reduce weight but still does not get satisfactory results due to too much water loss.

Water is the other name of life. Scientists say that water can make a huge impact on your body shape. They say that in the absence of a sufficient amount of fluid, a human body slows down the fat burning process drastically. Water boosts metabolic rate.

So if you can’t lose weight so easily, it might be possible that your body is just not getting enough fluid. Moreover, a dehydrated body has more tendency to store water in the body.

So never reduce your water intake if you want to lose weight fast. You do workouts and then again you don’t drink with proper water. Nothing can be worse than this.

After working so hard and making so much improvement in the lifestyle, you are bound to see a noticeable reduction in your weight. Then you will feel like taking the world by storm. Have a nice day!

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