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signs and symptoms of lupus

Lupus: A Misunderstood Diagnosis

If you have been handed a diagnosis of lupus, chances are that you have lots of questions. Sadly, this disease is not a simple one with simple answers. Unfortunately, you can’t just take medication and make it all disappear. Since this disease doesn’t really have any clear-cut signs and symptoms […]

Anti-inflammatory Endo Smoothie

The Potent Endometriosis Smoothies

Lately, smoothies are in endless varieties and forms. However, to accurately ascertain what combination of ingredients produces best results remain an enigma. There is an assorted combination of nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables to superfoods and powders, just to mention a few. Nevertheless, what you intend to achieve with […]

Primary insomnia

Insomnia: When the Sandman Refuses to Come By

Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder characterized by being unable to fall asleep, unable to stay asleep, or a combination of both. Individuals with insomnia will either have extremely poor-quality sleep, or not even get enough at all. As a result, they don’t feel refreshed when they wake. This […]

define multiple sclerosis

What you need to know about multiple sclerosis

Usually, the body’s immune system is ready to defend your body against anything foreign that can cause illness. But if a person is dealing with multiple sclerosis, better known by the initials MS, then that same immune system will actually damage and destroy the protective insulation that surrounds the body’s […]

what causes joint pain

Why Joints Hurt

Having some discomfort here or there after being active for a long time might seem like such a minor inconvenience, but it turns out that this could be the sign of a bigger health problem that has a number of names and faces. There are a number of different ways […]