Bananas for pregnant

16 Superfoods To Eat During Pregnancy

The pregnant mum needs to be nourished effectively during the pregnancy trimesters; she is not providing nourishment for herself only but for the baby, likewise. To avoid severe birth defects, the pregnant mum must maintain a healthy lifestyle, including; staying away from alcohol and cigarettes and unhealthy diets that can […]

Back Pains During Pregnancy

Ways to Avoid Back Pains During Pregnancy

The weight of your growing baby can trigger back pain occasionally, and it is an issue you have to deal with especially in the third and final trimesters of your pregnancy. Aside from the weight of the growing baby, the pressure exerted by the uterus on your nerves and blood […]

pregnancy sleep position

Sleeping and Chiropractic Care While Pregnant

When you become pregnant, you may start to notice that you’re experiencing many more sleep disturbances, such as heartburn, snoring, leg cramps, and nausea. Plus, if you already had bad sleep habits before you became pregnant, you will likely notice that pregnancy just compounds them. Here are a few tips […]

pregnancy-announcement ideas

You’re Pregnant: It’s Time to Let Everyone Know!

Getting pregnant is such a big deal! You don’t want to just casually slip this big announcement into a casual conversation, do you? Here are some rules on announcing your pregnancy and some great ideas for making this big announcement. How You Should & Shouldn’t Announce Your Pregnancy Tell Your […]