Back Pains During Pregnancy

Ways to Avoid Back Pains During Pregnancy

The weight of your growing baby can trigger back pain occasionally, and it is an issue you have to deal with especially in the third and final trimesters of your pregnancy.

Aside from the weight of the growing baby, the pressure exerted by the uterus on your nerves and blood vessels can be enormous, on the pelvis, and this can cause a shift in your center of balance.

In order to avoid falling forward while you are pregnant, you may try and lean back occasionally and then stand up straight and tall to reduce the pressure on your back.

It is important to keep good posture during pregnancy; it is the number one secret of avoiding back pains.

You should consider the following ways of relieving back pains when they arise at any trimester of your pregnancy;

Good posture practices

The center of gravity of your body will shift forward as your baby grows within, and to avoid tripping and falling forward, you should try and lean back a little.

This may strain the muscles located in your lower back slightly, but you should practice these good body postures to avoid back pains;

  • Stand up straight and maintain a tall body posture,
  • Hold your chest in a high position,
  • Relax and keep your shoulders back and well relaxed, and
  • Don’t lock on your knees.

You should consider using a comfortable wide stance to achieve greater support, when you are standing, you should also practice resting a foot on a low stool and then take some time off as breaks.

You must also practice the act of sitting with care, by using a chair that can support your back. Similarly, learn to place a pillow right at your lower back.

Make use of the right gear

You should consider wearing low heels, and not flat footwear, and make sure the shoes do come with arch support.

The use of high heel shoes will further push your balance forward and that may cause you to fall.

The use of a maternity support belt, is also common, this device may provide limited support but most users find it very useful in maintaining balance during pregnancy.

Lift objects properly

When you lift objects, even the small ones, you must gently squat down and then lift your legs. Do not make the mistake of bending at the waist when lifting objects; likewise, you must not lift with your back. Try as much as possible to understand your limits when lifting objects from the ground.

Learn to sleep on your sides

Always sleep on your sides and not your back, and you should learn to keep one or both of your knees bent.

You should also consider getting pregnancy or support pillows in-between your bent knees as well as in other places such as underneath your abdomen, and right behind your back.

Occasionally try the cold and heat massage

Though the evidence supporting the effectiveness of cold and heat massage on pregnancy can be limited, they are still helpful in relieving or avoiding back pains during pregnancy.

Massaging the body, through the application of a cold or heating pad or ice pack can help provide relief to back pains. These procedures of treatment should be minimized to avoid any complications to your skin.

Include some low impact physical activities in your daily routine

Certain low impact regular physical activities, when incorporated into your daily routine can actually help lower the risks of developing back pains during pregnancy.

Your health care service provider must be able to help you identify low impact activities that will not cause any complication to your pregnancy.

Activities such as walking, swimming, and some stretching exercises are known to strengthen the back during pregnancy.

Stretching your lower back can also help, in this case, you should try out resting your hands and knees, along with your head, along a line, then gently pull in your stomach, while rounding your back slightly, hold yourself in this position for few seconds, before relaxing your back and stomach.

While performing these activities, make sure you keep your back, as flat as you can, and ensure that you practice as much as 10 repetitions, and make sure you report any unusual observations to your health care service provider.

acupuncture for pregnant

Complementary therapies will help

Aside from the various preventive exercises and measures highlighted above, you should also consider some complementary therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic activities to help ease off your back pain or reduce the risks of developing such pains.

Acupuncture has remained an effective traditional aid for many ailments of the body, likewise, chiropractic treatments are modern aids, that has been proven to help protect the skeletal structures as well as the muscular systems of the body.

It is important to discuss the choices of acupuncture and chiropractic treatments with a health care service provider before seeking help through such methods.

Know when to consult your health care service provider

If you suddenly develop back pains during pregnancy, and it lasts for more than 2 weeks, then the cause of such back pain could be a serious health issue, you must consult your health care service provider immediately.

Certain medications such as Acetaminophen may be recommended in some cases, but make sure you avoid self-medication to avoid developing complications to your pregnancy.

Certain back pain developments during pregnancy may be the sign of pre-term labor, or urinary tract infection.

If you develop back pain accompanied by vaginal bleeding during the back pain, similarly, when the back pain is accompanied by fever or burning sensations during urination, then you must consult with your doctor.


Developing back pains during pregnancy must be handled with caution, especially when such pains do not subside.

Most back pains should dissipate, once you have been able to maintain a steady proper posture of your body, you should be able to avoid back pains and their complications.


Ways to Avoid Back Pains During Pregnancy

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