7 Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite

7 Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite Before Summer!

Cellulite is a nightmare, and at no point is it more frustrating than in the build-up to summer.

We all want to feel comfortable and confident with our bodies, and we’d rather not show off our legs and bums if we feel they are not look at their best.

Cellulite doesn’t look terribly good, but it’s on full display when you dig out your shorts and skirts for summer.

Worse still, it is completely unavoidable at the beach or in the pool, when you have to wear your swimsuit or bikini.

If you are worried about enjoying your summer because of your unsightly cellulite, consider these seven brilliant, easy, and proven ways to get rid of your cellulite before the summer rolls around.

But first: where does cellulite come from?

Knowing your enemy is half the battle, so it’s essential to understand what causes cellulite. Only then can we start to tackle it.

Even though it really doesn’t look great, the good news is that cellulite is not necessarily indicative of poor health.

Although it is more commonly associated with larger people, skinnier people are just as likely to develop cellulite if they eat the wrong things, don’t drink enough water, or don’t do enough exercise.

Science doesn’t yet know exactly what causes cellulite yet because it seems as though there are a great number of different causes.

Amongst the reasons that scientists have found out so far for certain, however, are some things that cannot be helped: weight gain, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, hormones (such as estrogen), genetics, stress, a poor diet, and not enough exercise are thought to contribute to or exacerbate the development of cellulite.

However, despite the fact that some of these things cannot be helped – for instance, genetics and hormonal shifts – cellulite is actually treatable and preventable.

Just because you have a genetic predisposition to cellulite doesn’t mean you have to suffer with it for the rest of your life.

There is a lot you can do to get rid of your cellulite if you already have it or prevent its development if you haven’t.

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So how do you get rid of cellulite quickly?

There are loads of products on the market at the moment that claim to help with reducing and getting rid of cellulite completely – creams, soaps lotions, massage therapies, lasers, and even liposuction are all said to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Yet so far most of these treatments haven’t had long-lasting results – most of them, in fact, do not get to the root of what causes cellulite.

However, these seven ways of reducing cellulite are proven to work, so these are the ones you should be looking into.

Combine these great ways with a cellulite cream and watch your nasty dimples just melt away!

Drink plenty of water

You should be drinking plenty of water anyway. Being hydrated helps your body to work in the way that it is supposed to and it has numerous health benefits, not to mention helping to tackle cellulite.

Just increasing your daily intake of water by another glass a day before the summer starts could have drastic results.


Yes, everyone knows this one, but it is important. Before the summer starts, you may be planning on slimming down anyway.

If you are also hoping to tackle your cellulite at the same time, then you will need to make sure to eat the right things.

Certain fish, such as salmon, have been shown to contain essential fatty acids that can help your skin cells repair themselves, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite on and around your thighs.

Berries, particularly blueberries and blackberries, offer great nutrients for keeping your skin taut and elastic.

Replace your usual puddings with a delicious fruit salad, perhaps, or make sure to eat salmon once a week and lost weight as well as your cellulite.

7 Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite


Whether you go running each day for twenty minutes or whether you opt to stay at home and do a workout that really targets your thighs and bum, it doesn’t matter. If you are moving, you are tackling your cellulite!

The most important thing to make sure that you do this every day in the run-up to summer to be in which the best chance of achieving that beach body before you hit the beach.

Body massages and scrubs

Scrubbing and stimulating the skin around your legs and bum means that more blood gets to your skin.

Improving the circulation of blood to your skin means it gets more oxygen and is better able to repair and maintain itself.

Every time you have a shower, you should be making sure you scrub your thighs with a brush and stimulating the skin.


This one sounds bizarre, but it’s absolutely true! Tanning can actually help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Okay, so you might not want to do it before the summer, but once you’ve lost a little bit of your cellulite thanks to your brand new diet and exercise regime, you can sit on the beach or by the pool with your friends in the knowledge that simply sitting in the sun is helping to melt away the rest of your cellulite.

This means that, even if you don’t manage to get rid of all your cellulite by the time your summer starts, you can enjoy your time in the sun, even more, knowing that it’s helping with your little problem.

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Coffee wraps

These are a slightly more expensive option to get rid of cellulite, but they really work, and quickly.

If you’ve run out of time to go running every day and eat plenty of the right things, you might want to look into this option as a last resort.

Cellulite Creams

All throughout the processes and suggestions given above, you should be using well-chosen and effective cellulite cream.

Make sure that these cellulite creams are packed with genuine active ingredients that work and use them at least twice a day to see real results very quickly.

7 Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite Before Summer


  1. Now that spring is finally upon us I feel like I really need to start working on getting into better shape. Water is always something I’ve been really bad about drinking enough of and to be honest if I did more of it I’d probably see a relatively large change. Of course diet and exercise are the two most important things, I’ve never even heard of coffee wraps before! Thanks so much for giving me these great ideas.

  2. I had never considered a coffee wrap, but it makes sense that the caffeine would help rejuvenate the skin where cellulite is. I’m definitely planning on tanning and exercising to try to help reduce mine for this summer!

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