breast implants

Breast Implants Gone Wrong – Don’t Get Breast Augmentation Surgery

breast implants

Breasts – A great gift of nature

Woman’s breasts are one of the most beautiful parts of the body and a great gift of nature.  Breast is a great source of attraction and if you have good, healthy & appealing breasts, then surely many men & women will be attracted by your personality.  No one gives intentions to breasts consciously, but subconsciously, people will start noticing and loving you. In short, if you have good, appealing and large breasts then you are a great center of intention and people always like you.

You should always maintain your breasts if you like to be a center of intention. If you want that people start noticing and liking you then you should take proper care of your breasts.

Little breasts – A big tension

Many women are having small breasts because they don’t take proper care of their breasts. Many women have little breasts naturally and they can’t figure out the actual reason that why they are having little breasts.

There are millions of women in the world having common problem of little breasts. It is not possible for them to increase the size of their breasts because either they are so much busy in their everyday work or feel shy to discuss it with others.

Many friends also make a fun of your personality if you have small breasts and you end up feeling so hopeless. Women with small breasts can’t live a normal and confident life. That is why it becomes very important for them to increase the size of their breasts by any means. Therefore, many women decide to have breast augmentation surgery commonly known as breast implants.

Why women get breast implants

As mentioned above, many women can’t live a normal & confident life because of small breasts. Even friends and family member start making fun of your personality if you have small breasts. It is also not good for your carrier. Because large and healthy breasts create a very attractive personality in you and if you have a good & attractive personality then you start getting success in every walk of life. Many women get breast implants because of all these mentioned issues. Getting breast implants by breast augmentation surgical treatment is an artificial way to do that and you must know that it is not good for your health.

Breast implants gone wrong because these are dangerous for your health

Yes, this is true, breast implants gone wrong. Many latest studies have discovered various dangers adverse effects of breast implants. These are totally dangerous and you should always avoid them. Many young girls and mature women get impressed by Hollywood actresses because they have large breasts by getting breast implants.

This is not even good for Hollywood actresses because they are also getting so many side effects after getting breast implants and get surgical treatment many times. Breast implants create a great amount of pain in your breasts after the surgery and this pain stays with you until you die.

Would you still like to get breast implants? It is highly recommended that always seek natural ways to increase the size of your breasts and never go for breast augmentation surgery. If you get breast implants by a painful surgical treatment then you are wasting a huge amount of money with lots of pain.

8 Reasons not to get breast implants

There are many sound reasons to not getting breast implants by a painful and expensive breast augmentation surgery. You should always avoid getting breast implants because these are not good for your overall health. Few sound reasons to not getting breast implants are mentioned as next:

1- Silicone or saline breast implants are banned because these are completely unnatural and create many dangerous diseases in your body. You can also see the edge of this unnatural saline material from the surface of your breast’s skin if you have breast implants in your body. This is completely unnatural way to do that and you should always avoid getting these breast implants.

2- Latest studies tell us that more than 10 % of the saline made breast implants get deflated after 3 years.This is a completely frustrating and you need another surgery to renew them.

3- No matter whether you place breast implants above or under the muscle, breast implants surgery is always one of the most expensive ways to do that and you will be required to invest several thousand dollars in it. You will not be only charged for the surgical treatment but also for the services provided by the medical doctor and nursing staff.

It can easily add up to $6000 or more to get a breast implants surgical treatment. Plus you will again be required to get another surgery because of the inconvenience created by the first surgery which will cost you extra charges and pain as well.

4- Many people underestimate the level of pain connected with the breast implants surgery but it is completely wrong. Breast implants surgery is always very painful and you will also suffer pain after getting the surgery. If you give birth to a baby and want to perform breast feeding then you will not be able to do so because it will create a great amount of pain in your breasts.

5- Many studies by American and European health experts have revealed that chances of getting breast cancer increase after getting the breast implants. Many women are even dying because of breast cancer after having breast implants in their bodies.

6- One thing you should always notice that if getting large breasts is a good sign and good for your personality then why many women with large & heavy breasts are trying to reduce the size of their breasts with different medicines and exercises?

7- You will have limited choice of wearing good fashioned clothes if you have large breasts. That is why many good models are always small breasted.

8- Breast implants will make your life more difficult if you are an athlete. These will not allow you to perform running, jumping or swimming with comfort.

increase breast size

Always seek natural ways to increase breast size

You will find many useful natural ways to increase breast size that are very practical & easy to follow. Breast enlargement exercises are a good technique for getting large breasts because these are very effective and maintain a good level of blood circulation in our body. One of the biggest reasons that do not allow our breasts to grow is putting so much stress.

This stress comes with tight bras and circulation of blood is affected because of this stress. Proper circulation of blood in our breasts is very essential for keeping them fit & large. You will find many good bras like padded and push-up bras that are very good for your breasts because these do not put any kind of harmful stress on your breasts. Our breasts start growing when a proper level of blood is circulating in our body.

Take exercises to enlarge your breasts

There are many useful exercises to increase the size of breast in a natural way. You can start going gym or take some breast enlargement exercises at home that will help you to maintain a good level of blood in your body & as a result, your breasts will start growing.

You are always in search of attractive & appealing breasts & these breast enlargement exercises are the best natural remedies for you to get your purpose. Taking breast enlargement exercises regularly is not possible for pregnant ladies. Pregnant ladies can’t take these exercises because of their physical complications. Using breast enlargement pills & massaging with creams is a good natural remedy for these ladies.

Use natural massaging creams & herbal pills

Using breast enlargement pills & massaging your breasts with natural breast enlargement creams is one of the best natural ways to increase breast size. These pills and creams are created from natural herbs that are very effective & help your breasts to grow in a very fast speed. You should use these breast enlargement pills two times a day or as per the instructions of your doctor.

These natural herbal pills are very effective & deliver the positive results in just few days. Massaging your breasts with natural herbal creams with soft palms is a good natural way of increasing the size of your breasts. You can use this method because it is very effective and deliver positive results quickly.

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