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Breast Size – Everything You’ve Always Wondered

Boobs are almighty. Yeah, you heard me. Boobs are a symbol of a woman since forever. You do not want to underestimate the power of women’s boobs.

Everyone loves boobs, men even women admire a good pair of breasts. Female breasts are adorned in all fields, in all arts, in all shapes and sizes.

We all sometimes feel self-conscious about our boobs and wish we had the perfect pair. For those of you who do have those, you’re really lucky.

The media is loaded with beautiful girls with perfect breasts, creating an illusion that we all should look exactly like them.

However, most of us are full of doubts when it comes to our breast size. Ever since we hit puberty, breasts seem to be a huge enigma.

We have so many questions and concerns and we really need to find some answers and find out what’s true.

Here are the most needed answers to some of the most important questions for you.

When do breasts stop growing and developing?

This breast growing and developing usually starts about 2 years before the first menstrual cycle.

Some girls start growing boobs earlier and some later, but speaking in general, this is the time when the first development occurs.

Breast growing and developing can last until somewhere between 17 and 20 years old. This is the time when our breasts naturally stop growing.

However, everyone is different and that’s why the natural process of growing can’t be defined strictly.

Do not even try to compare yourself to other girls. Every girl goes through puberty in a different way, so everyone’s development will be different.

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The reasons why breasts can stop growing.

We all know they stop growing eventually. The question is why? Well, in order to answer this, we can first start by explaining the reason why they start growing in the first place.

When girls enter puberty, their ovaries start producing the hormone estrogen. The estrogen causes fat to store in the breasts and this is how our boobs grow.

When we exit the puberty, estrogen production starts to reduce and our breasts stop growing.

Apart from the natural stop of growing, there can be other factors that might interfere with the breast growth:

– Your Diet: What we eat can really impact the growth of our breasts. Very poor nutrition is not good if you want bigger boobs.

You need all the important nutrients from the food if you want your body to properly produce hormones so that your breasts can grow. You can solve this problem by starting to eat healthier.

However, this may not always be the case. When some people gain weight their boobs increase in size too, but others might gain in weight but stay the same cup size.

Breasts are mainly fat, so you can try to add more fatty foods to your daily menu.

– Your Genetics: There are some exceptions, but if all the females in your family have small boobs, the possibility is that you will have small breasts too.

However, this is not always the case. Breast size is usually an individual thing and can depend on many other things.

–  Hormonal Balance: You might experience breast enlargements and reductions throughout your whole life because of hormones.

For instance, your boobs will start growing in pregnancy but then decrease in size again after breastfeeding.

Or if you start taking birth control pills, your breasts will start increasing, but if you go off the pill, they will shrink again.

You can hear many people say that a woman does not know her final breast size until she gives birth.

Breast Size and Genetics

It is proved that breast size is hereditary. However, don’t get confused if your mother is a D-cup and you just a tiny A-cup.

The genes that determine your boobs’ size might not be from your mother. Even if your grandmother is not a match, it still can be hereditary.

Maybe your great-grandmother is guilty of your breast size. Or it doesn’t have to be on your mother’s side of the family, maybe your father’s line is responsible for your boob size.

In some cases, the size of your breasts might not be similar to anyone else’s. You might inherit only the shape of your breasts or just the color of your nipples.

This is because there are many other reasons apart from genetics that contribute to the size of your breasts.

That’s the reason why you shouldn’t wonder why your breasts don’t resemble your mum’s.

Do breasts stop growing when you get your period?

 Definitely NOT. Actually, this is the time when your breasts usually grow the most. In general, boobs start growing a year or two before the start of your period and continue to grow until you are 18 or more. So expect to get your period a year or two after your breasts started growing.

This is all individually, but they definitely continue growing after your first period.

Your breasts can start growing later and more slowly, or can start growing earlier and rapidly. Nothing is surprising at this age.

breasts during pregnancy

Your breasts during pregnancy

It’s not only your belly that grows when you’re pregnant. Luckily, your boobs will grow too. Breasts tend to grow throughout the whole pregnancy.

This is the sign that your body is preparing for breastfeeding. The reason why they grow is that of the development and growth of milk glands inside them.

The first changes in size will happen somewhere between the sixth and eighth week and will continue throughout the whole pregnancy.

Do not be surprised if your boobs increase even 3 cup sizes, especially if it’s your first pregnancy.

The best thing you can do when your breasts are growing rapidly is to keep the skin on your breasts moisturized.

That way, you will prevent the annoying stretch marks and help the boobs stay firm even after you give birth.

You will also experience changes in your nipples. They will become bigger and darker as well as more sensitive to touch.

Your boobs will stay larger up until you stop breastfeeding. Then, they will start shrink and you will probably end up with the same size you were before.

However, there are cases when the boobs remained larger or in some cases they were even smaller than before. That’s why you should enjoy your big boobs while you’re pregnant.

Am I normal? One boob is bigger than the other!?

This is one of the most common questions among women, especially teenage girls who have many doubts and fears because of this.

If one of your breasts is slightly bigger than the other, don’t worry, you are not a freak! Asymmetrical breasts are actually considered normal. Women with symmetrical breasts are very rare to find.

According to some researchers, having asymmetrical breasts are not connected to other medical conditions.

The only bad thing about it is that it can really affect the self-image and self-esteem, especially in young girls.

When breasts start growing and developing, one breast can seem much bigger than the other, but this appearance often changes or becomes unnoticeable when your breasts fully grow.

If this is not the case with you, again, don’t worry. There are many common medical procedures and corrections that can help you.

Sometimes the help can be just as simple as a good bra. Go visit your doctor and find out what works best for you.

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Did You felt a lump in your breast?

Okay, so a breast lump in most cases is not something serious. However, if you feel a lump, do not wait to go to the doctor.

A breast lump can be two things: cancerous or benign (not cancerous). Do not panic because 9 out of 10 lumps in women’s breasts are benign. Benign breast lumps can be:

– Cysts – tissues filled with water;

– Fibroadenomas – harder round tissue;

–  Pseudolumps – usually a consequence of implants or some shifted rib, hard on touch.

Cancerous lumps can sometimes be hard to differ from benign lumps with just touching.

These lumps will feel very hard on touch (like the pseudolumps) and can be found anywhere in the breast. That’s why you have to visit the doctor as soon as you feel a lump.

Lumps are most commonly (but not only) found around the armpit area. The best thing you can do is to check yourself by touching your breasts at least once a month and if you feel something go visit your doctor.

Exercise to reduce your big boobs!

Have you ever wished you had bigger boobs? Well, just know that surprisingly, women with big boobs may also have problems.

If you are one of these “lucky” people, bad news coming! Reducing breast size can be really hard.

Some girls might lose their breasts first, but in some girls, they might just stay untouched no matter what.

Breasts are mainly fat, so if you want to reduce your size, you will have to reduce the fat. This is easier said than done.

The reason why this is so difficult is that when we lose fat, we can’t exactly target just one part of our bodies, which means that you might lose fat from other body parts and still keep your big boobs!

This is why changes in diet are usually not enough. Apart from diet changes, you must start exercising.

One of the best exercises for reducing your breasts is cardio and push-ups. Cardio exercises will help you burn more fat (hopefully from the boobs) while push-ups will tone your breast muscles and help the boobs stay firm.

A combination of these two exercises along with a low-fat diet can really help you a lot.

exercise to reduce your breast size

Problems with small boobs!

Small breasts can be very embarrassing for most women. First, let me say that small breasts can be beautiful too.

If you think that you are less attractive because of your small breasts – you are so wrong. It is actually proven that men really don’t care about breast size.

All the fuss about big versus small breasts is made up of women themselves. In some cases, big breasts can even look far less attractive than small ones.

Well, after clearing things out, if you still want bigger boobs, continue reading and you will find out what you can do to enhance your bust.

 There are reasons behind every pair of small breasts. In some cases, genes are the first to blame, but the hormonal imbalance is also a common cause for small breasts.

If you wish to enhance your breast size, there is more than one thing you can do:

Eat and grow!

Increase your breast size with food. A lot of women do not want to go through hard and painful procedures in order to increase their breast size.

That’s why a change in diet should be the first thing to try. High levels of testosterone can be the reason for your small breasts.

In this case, you have to eat foods that are rich in estrogen levels. Such foods are usually whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Soy and dairy products, flax seeds, beans, peas and most of the spices and herbs are all excellent foods that are high in estrogen.

Herbs have been especially famous and popular when it comes to breast size. Some of the best herbs to increase your breast size are fenugreek, fennel, and wild yam.

There are many people who have confirmed the connection between these herbs and breast growth. Why not try them?

 In order to reduce your testosterone levels, you need to avoid eating carbs. So, all you need to do is eat estrogen rich foods and avoid carbs.

Vitamins that can help you increase in size

Vitamins can’t strictly affect your breast growing, but can affect the skin condition of your breasts.

There isn’t just one vitamin with a special purpose of breast growth, but there are many different vitamins that can affect in a positive way. Maybe a combination of all these can give you an outstanding outcome!

Vitamin A, for example, can help you by improving your skin condition in a way that will make your skin more elastic and nourished. You can find this vitamin in egg yolks and many green and yellow vegetables.

Vitamin E also has a similar function of keeping your skin firm. You can also use this vitamin in a form of oils and creams.

Apply these creams on your boobs and you should feel a difference after a couple of weeks.

Vitamin C will help your body to produce more collagen which is important for breast growth and skin tissues.

Vitamin C is also excellent for your overall health. You can find it in many citrus fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin D- this vitamin also promotes breast growth and repairs broken tissues. It is found in milk, tuna, salmon, cheese etc.

Breast implants

If you have already tried all the above options and they didn’t work for you, this is the third option. If you decide on putting in breast implants, there are first a couple of things that you need to be aware of.

You will first have to choose the material of the implants, whether it should be silicone or saline (these are the two most common options). Then, you need to think of the desired size as well as the shape of the implants.

The next thing you need to choose is the texture of the implants, and finally the procedure and the placement.

These are all crucial things that you will have to discuss with your surgeon if you decide on putting breast implants.

Another thing that women who are interested should be aware of is the age restriction. There might be some differences in different countries but in general, you have to be at least 18 years old.

For saline implants, there is a restriction of being at least 18 years old, and for silicone implants, you have to be at least 22 years old.

However, if there is some medical or health reason why you really do need breast implants, there might be some exceptions in age restrictions.

Like many other surgeries, you must expect that there could be risks involved. While breast augmentation is one of the most common surgeries today, you still need to think twice before you decide.

The first thing you need to do is talk to a qualified person for in-depth information about all the risks and possibilities involved.

Generally speaking, these are the most important things that you need to know about your breasts’ health and size.

No matter what problems or doubts you have, remember that it’s all mostly in your head.

Try to work on having more self-respect and love your body the way it is, because I’m sure that for most people it’s beautiful!

Finally, if you do decide to make some changes, please take the above tips into consideration.

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