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Efficient Exercises for Reducing Cellulite

To be physically fit is important, but now as the summer season is approaching, is even more important.

Your body that was covered in clothes and coats will now be exposed to all the public opinion and the eyes and comments of people around you.

And you can’t possibly avoid this. Summer is the time for shorts, no sleeve shirts, bathing suits, and bikinis, and you do not want to miss all that because of your body shape and looks.

But of course, you know all this and you have already been preparing for the summer.

You’ve been exercising, dieting and losing a lot of weight, and everything seemed perfect.

But then, you suddenly realize that you’ve missed something – the stubborn cellulite! And now what?

How can you reduce the cellulite and make your body perfectly toned and fit?

Do not worry you are not the only one with this question. Many people are wondering the same thing.

There are many treatments and solutions for cellulite and all of them are full of promises and guarantees about the efficiency of their results.

Many creams, serums, massages, there are even some very invasive procedures like surgeries and laser treatments.

However, according to most of the people who have tried these procedures, it’s all hopeless. So, what other can we do? Is there another option for reducing cellulite?

In fact, yes there is. All of these above treatments are useless without the help of EXERCISING!

Now when you know what the best solution is, you still need to figure out how it is done. Not every exercise reduces cellulite. There are many exercises that do not focus on cellulite at all.

This is why you should learn what kind of exercises you should do for reducing cellulite, for how long, and what are the results that exercising will provide for you.

Type of Exercises for Reducing Cellulite

In order to successfully shed cellulite, you will have to combine 3 types of exercises: CARDIO, STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY exercises.

Doing only one of these 3 types will not do much for reducing your cellulite.


These exercises can be used as a starter to warm up the body. Warm up with some light walking or slow running.

Then you can run an intense burst for a few minutes like a sprint run. Sudden intense running has shown to trigger your body into burning more calories and fats.

After this burst, slowly start slowing down and continue running for another couple of minutes in order to stabilize your organism. Other cardio exercises include fast walking, swimming, aerobic, etc.


Strengthening exercises are one of the most important ones for losing cellulite because they build your muscles.

Building muscles are important because when you have muscles, your body burns twice as many calories and plus your body will look firmer and more toned.

Weight lifting with your arms or legs is essential for this type of exercising. Start by lifting small weights and then make them heavier as you progress.


These exercises are done to tone and relax your muscles as well as improve your flexibility and elasticity.

These exercises are usually some stretches and balance exercises. They really are helping a lot in your overall body fitness and condition.

Best Exercises for Reducing Cellulite

As we previously mentioned, combining exercises will lead to the best results. Here are some of the best exercises that you must learn to combine in one training session in order to maximize your exercising results and successfully get rid of cellulite:

Squats with weights

Stand in front of a chair with your back towards the chair. Grab a weight in each of the hands.

Keep your back straight and start lowering as if you are going to sit down, but don’s seat. Stay “almost sat”. Stay in that position a while and then go up. Repeat 10 times.

Hamstring Stretching

Lie on your back and raise one leg as up as you can, but keep it straight. Use some long towel around your feet and pull the leg towards you without bending the knee.


Stand straight and make one big step forward. Bend your knee at an angle of 90 degrees. Stand like that for a few seconds and go back. Repeat with the other leg.

Stair Step-Ups

Use stairs or something similar. Step up and down changing legs continuously.

Knee to Chest

Lie on your back and with your arms start pulling one knee towards your chest. Hold like that for a few seconds. Do this with the other leg.


  1. Allison Williams

    I did not know exercising got rid of cellulite! I’ve always been naturally skinny so I never really needed to workout but for some reason I have an abundance of cellulite. I definitely will incorporate exercising into my daily routine now. I want to rock my bikini! Great article by the way! I definitely am going to share this with my mom who has the same problem I do! Who knows, maybe she can be my exercise buddy! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing tips with video instructions.
    We don’t have to do any hard core exercising to remove cellulite — we just need to keep a routine and stick to it. Jogging, walking, hiking, swimming, etc. Anything that requires strong leg movements will be excellent for your problem.

    I think hiking would be good in your case, as you’re trying to work the legs. Keep in mind hiking can be anything — from walking up & down stairs to using a stair-stepper machine to even walking up an “unused” escalator that is running.

    I also suggest using anti cellulite cream during your workouts. The cellulite exercises will attack from the inside, while the cream will attack from the outside. It’s a two sided attack, so you can’t go wrong.

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