Fibromyalgia and chronic muscle pain

What you can do About Fibromyalgia and Chronic Muscle Pain

Whether you have just discovered you have fibromyalgia or you have known about it for years, you are in pain.

If you have had it for some time, you are more likely in a degree of pain above and beyond what you ever expected to be in and you have likely sought myriad modes of relief either to varying degrees of success or no success at all.

Solutions are needed and they are needed now.

This is a targeted article aimed at achieving real results now. This is not about miracle cures; this is about the real deal.

You will need to take action, perhaps even do a bit of research on your own, take a dash of responsibility and empower yourself to know that you do not have to live with chronic muscle pain every day of your life anymore.

Results may or may not be immediate. They may or may not last, but if you persist, you will find healing and you will start to get better. Are you ready to get to work and get better? Get ready to challenge fibromyalgia and chronic muscle pain.

Going Green

Going green does not mean you need to start wearing hemp clothing, throw out all your leather and begin buying tofu blocks and sprouting wheat berries.

Though some of these ideas may not hurt, stigma and dogma will be of little use combating fibromyalgia syndrome. You need green vegetables now.

Get out the steamer and buy some green vegetables. Don’t make this complicated. Get the ones you like. If you hate broccoli but like red cabbage, don’t buy broccoli and get red cabbage. Buy organic.

Just do it and don’t bother with all the reasons why right now. Save time. Trust and love yourself and aim toward getting better.

Now, these are just the vegetables you are going to cook, not the ones you are going to start juicing. Yes, you are going to start juicing.

Get a juicer. First of all, don’t just walk into the random pop-market and buy the cheapest juicer you can find with smiling “random health guy” on the box. No. Get an Omega Juicer online. Go ahead and extend the credit. It is worth it.

Purchase about 20 pounds of organic carrots and the same amount of organic celery and about half that amount of pre-washed organic spinach. Find a farmer’s market. You will find these things.

They will usually be located in metropolitan areas or Asian markets. Do your best. On the internet, look up how to wash, dry, and juice the veggies. Juice them. Drink the juices.

You will get used to the taste. Lay back. Feel the effects. Notice how you start to feel better? Welcome to the beginning of your recovery.

Why Does Nature Heal?

Nature heals because food is medicine and medicine is food. This is both a nutritional concept and a spiritual concept. As a matter of fact, it is not a concept at all, it is a blatant fact.

We have grown into a delusion that packaged food and fast food is actually food when it is not. It is actually empty waste which should be as illegal as drugs and is causing more health problems than we realize.

There is nothing wrong with a good pastry. There is something wrong with eating a dozen donuts. Let us face facts. Natural foods heal because they are what our bodies are intended to eat and they contain precisely the nutrients in exactly the proper balance we need.

How does this relate to fibromyalgia and chronic muscle pain? The muscles are literally starved for the proper nutrient and electrolyte balance, so they send pain signals to indicate injury and distress.

It is much the same as if you get a cut. Your body tells you there is a wound and you are bleeding and need to attend to the wound. It is the same principle on a different scale.

Fibromyalgia and chronic muscle pain

The Next Stage

Next, people wonder, how am I going to live off of steamed vegetables and vegetable juice? Of course, you don’t have to do that! You could try.

Perhaps you could stumble across some miracle, but more likely you would become horribly protein deficient and end up in the hospital with some gross malady which most of us would not care to imagine.

Healing is not about going to extremes. The suggestions about “going green” are simply based on the clear notion that most of us do not get enough vegetable nutrients in our diets at all.

Juicing happens to be a fantastic way to get concentrated plant nutrients into our bodies in a painless manner. That is all.

We still need other nutritious foods. We need healthy, lean, organic proteins. For the Pesca-vegetarian, this means fish and beans.

For the strict vegetarian, this means beans and perhaps occasional eggs with certain healthy grains and usually not wheat.

Wheat has been shown to aggravate fibromyalgia and chronic muscle pain in many cases, even when no wheat allergy is present.

When people choose to eat a diet with meat, the Paleo Diet has often proven to be quite successful at helping to improve the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

This is a diet that consists of lean meats, fish, vegetables, and no grains. There are some nuts and seeds allowed. As it turns out, the Paleo Diet has shown to be curative of many diseases.

Many diets exist to help improve and even potentially cure fibromyalgia syndrome problems. What it takes is first finding the proper nutritional protocol and then implementing it.

Finally, it takes the strong spiritual commitment of following through with the diet and fitness regimen to make it work for the long term.

After a time, the choice becomes clear: Live in constant, never-ending pain, jumping from attempted relief to another, or accept what must be done and commit to a path of healing, whatever this may be for you.

Embrace health, whatever this may be and fully accept it. Live free from pain.


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  1. I eat vegan most of the time and this proved very helpful for my condition. I already reduced my carbs intake and no longer eat unrefined sugar and fatty foods. If I crave a pizza I’ll just order a vegetarian one but I try to eat 2-3 slices at most, not the whole box. Moderation is key!

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