Healthy tips to improve your digestive system

Healthy tips to improve your digestive system

The best possible way to sustain a healthy digestive system is to stay hydrated, eat healthy especially foods containing high fiber), and consuming foods rich in probiotics.

In every busy world, it is becoming more difficult to monitor our diets, especially when we are busy, over-stressed, and over-worked, all these situations can trigger symptoms of poor digestion, these may include; excessive gassing, internal distress, constipation, diarrhea, and some advanced gastrointestinal disorders.

There are some helpful tips that can change your digestive system positively and help restore a good quality lifestyle.

Tip #1: Consume more probiotics

Natural probiotics can improve the population of “good bacteria”, and when you replenish the good bacteria in your intestinal gut, your nutrient uptake is increased and such bacteria can help fight pathogens that cause serious distress to your digestive system.

Tip #2:  Consume foods rich in Potassium

Foods such as Banana are rich in Potassium minerals. Potassium is an excellent Vasodilator, and anti-inflammatory, these two features can improve digestive health.

Foods like bananas contain a high amount of fiber that is capable of adding bulk to stools, thus aiding the elimination of more pathogens and toxins.

Tip #3: Increase consumption of Avocados

Just like Banana, Avocados are also rich in fiber, in addition to this, Avocado is quite cheap but packed with nutrients that are friendly to the digestive tract.

Avocado contains substances that stimulate Peristaltic motion and at the same time reduce the risks of inflammation on the guts.

Avocados are rich in antioxidants that reduce the risks of pathogenic attacks in the intestines.

Tip #4:Consume more green vegetables

Green vegetables such as spinach contain insoluble fiber, though, these insoluble fibers are not as effective as soluble ones but they can still bind up stools and facilitate their removal from the intestines and colon.

Tip #5: Cut down on your caffeine

Caffeine may be a very good stimulant especially when you feel sluggish in the morning, but it contains high amounts of acid that can upset your stomach and digestive system.

To avoid any chronic stomach problem associated with coffee, you can switch to herbal or green tea, or make sure you eat a healthy meal before consuming coffee.

Tip #6: Consume carminative foods such as Cinnamon

Carminative natural foods such as Cinnamon are known to ease off excessive gassing, caused by digestive problems.

Foods like Cinnamon can reduce the growth of yeasts in the digestive tract, which is more prominent in women than men.

Yeast’s overgrowth can cause a number of digestive issues, including bloating, pains, and constipation.

Tip #7: consider herbal aids such as Cumin

Herbal plants such as cumin; have been used for centuries as digestive aids. These herbal substances can also provide relief against problems such as heartburn.

Consumption of highly acidic foods such as spices can trigger heartburn and a number of digestive disorders. You can include half spoon of cumin in your recipe to boost your digestion.

Tip #8: Increase your intake of digestive stimulants like Black pepper

As a matter of fact, most pepper, whether red, green, or black have a positive effect on the digestive system, however, Black pepper has a higher amount of “Piperine”, a substance that increases digestive juices, these juices stimulate effective digestion and increase nutrient uptake.

Tip #9: Have an early morning stretch

Having a big, healthy stretch in the morning, is one of the best possible ways of exercising your muscles (including the muscles directly linked to the digestive system).

Your digestive muscles can be twisted up after breaking down a large meal; however, stretching exercises can make them more relax. Stretching once or twice a day can help reduce the risk of bloating and flatulence.

Tip #10: Increase your intake of laxatives

Natural laxatives like ginger can help flush the digestive tract and speed up the elimination of toxic build-up.

Ginger is one of the oldest root plants that has been used for centuries to deal with inflammation in the gut and provide soothing relief for stomach hurt.

When your system is flushed, the risk of developing constipation is reduced.

Tip #11: Increase your concentration of dietary fiber

Natural substances such as Brans contain a huge deposit of dietary fibers. Bran contains some 24g of fiber per cup, hence it is normally recommended for easing off constipation and also helps in the stimulation of bowel movements, thus promoting peristaltic motion and bulking up stool, for the effective elimination of waste from the digestive tract.

Tip #12: Protect your digestive gut with healthy teas

rather than consume coffee, you should consider natural tea (this could be green or herbal tea).

Tea is capable of easing digestion and provides soothing relief for the stomach. Tea is known to contain some active compounds, including polyphenols and catechins, known to protect the gut, and also increase the secretion of Pepsin-the enzyme that increases the digestion of protein.

Tip #13: Consume super-foods with high water content

Staying hydrated is one of the best possible ways to increase digestion and elimination waste.

Foods such as berries contain high amounts of water, in addition to containing high antioxidants that reduce the risk of inflammation and promote the functionality of the gut.

Tip #14: Stay hydrated

Whether you are consuming water or any other healthy drink like green tea, the importance of staying hydrated cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to improving digestive health.

Painful bowel movements, as well as constipation, can be avoided by staying hydrated constantly (consume as little as 6-8 glasses of water a day).


You will not sustain a healthy physical and mental status if you ignore your digestive health. Your digestive system eliminates wastes and ensures that toxic build-up is eliminated from your body.

For this reason, it is important to cut down all unhealthy habits such as excessive smoking and drinking and switch to a healthier lifestyle, in order to enhance your digestive capabilities as well as eliminate substances that can cause sicknesses, especially when they build up un-hindered.

Healthy tips to improve your digestive system

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