How to remove kidney stones naturally

How to Remove Kidney Stones Naturally

How to Remove Kidney Stones Naturally

The human body is a machine which continuously works out in order to sustain its health. The internal mechanisms are designed in such a way by nature that unnecessary things get eliminated from the body. The mechanism of elimination consists of two ways: though urination and through anal excretion.

The urination process is carried out through a well managed urinary system, the functional unit of which is kidney.

The urinary system consists of a pair of kidneys and a urinary bladder connected through urinary ducts. The kidney is not only a vital organ for removing toxins but also for the filtration of blood.

The kidney also serves as a gland for the production of hormones released in stressed or excited conditions.

Kidneys are bean shaped and they are located in the abdominal region of the body. These are sensitive organs and they can be degenerated or infected due to a renal disease or a toxin that causes this particular organ to malfunction.

A human body can survive on a single kidney, if one kidney fails; it can be removed through surgery while the burden shifts to remaining kidney.

If the kidneys are not functioning properly then the person is recommended to go through dialyses. In severe conditions when both the kidney fail then the person needs an organ transplant from suitable donor.

­­­In a normal physiological state, the food that we eat is broken down and metabolized by the digestive system.

The substances produced are transferred to the blood stream where they interact with the liver and kidney. These substances consist of nutritious compounds as well as waste.

The waste need to be removed by the body and your kidneys remove the waste from the blood stream so that the waste does not accumulate in the body leading to hazardous results.

Kidneys encounters the waste components in the blood stream and filter the clear blood back to the body and process waste to be removed through urination.

For every 200 quarts of blood, kidneys flush out 20 quarts of waste out of the body. The waste also has extra amount of water and salts not required by the body.

Kidneys have tiny structures known as nephrons which have a dense capillary network intertwined with tiny tubes carrying the urine called tubules. The urine is stored in urinary bladder until it needs to pass out of the body.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are the calcium salt deposits of oxalates and phosphates, the inorganic salts of calcium ions.

In a normal person the urinary tubules are clear and the flow of urine is without any hindrance as it is able to pass out of the body and the pressure on the kidneys is less.

However, salt depositions form a solid hard mass looking like a stone that block the tubes and damage the nephrons due to which kidney cannot filter waste properly and the tubules are blocked due to which it becomes hard to urinate.

The patient suffers from pain during urination and kidneys have to suffer a lot of pressure during the filtration process.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

  • Sudden pain in abdominal region, back, groins, and genitals
  • Change in urine color, sometimes blood in urine
  • Feeling uncomfortable while in sitting and lying position
  • Frequent urination with severe pain

How to remove kidney stones naturally

How to remove kidney stones naturally

There are many clinical ways to remove kidney stones which are quite painful and the patients has to take several drugs to breakdown these stones which have adverse effects on the liver’s metabolism.

Although clinical treatments are renowned and prescribed but there are chances that these deposits will reform if the person takes any diet rich in calcium and oxalates like tomatoes and spinach.

So, it is recommended that a person should go for natural ways in order to treat this condition and also not have to experience any pain. Natural remedies for kidney stones also help prevent reformation of the stones.

Drink water- Stay hydrated

If you are diagnosed with a kidney stone that is less than 5 millimeter then it will dissolve and will pass out on its own.

You need to drink as much water to stay hydrated and clear urine will be an indication that your body is fully hydrated.

You should avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol beverages because these drinks lower the water content of the body.

Lemon Juice and Olive oil

Lemon juice is acidic as it has significant amount of citric acid which helps the stones to dissolve. You can take lemonade, lemon tea, or water with soaked lemon slices.

Olive oil is also a natural remedy in combination with lemon juice to remove kidney stones. Mix 2 oz of lemon juice with 2 oz of organic olive oil and drink this directly with 12 oz of water. It will naturally help to improve the symptoms.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are so called because of their shape and their significant remedial benefits in kidney stones. Their pods were traditionally used with boiled water and people used to drink to ease kidney stones pain.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranates have antioxidant properties which help to prevent you from suffering from this condition. It has a sour taste and acidic properties which also help to cure kidney stones.

Squeeze out two pomegranates to enjoy freshly prepared juice or eat organic pomegranates to have healthy kidneys.

Organic Celery

Celery seeds help in urine production and to cleanse the kidneys from toxins and waste. Using celery as a vegetable or making tea by boiling celery will help you clean your kidneys from stones and it will also inhibit stone formation.


Basil helps you to release kidney stones from urinary tract easily. It acts as a kidney tonic. Basil juice with honey is a great remedy. Basil tea is also helpful in curing kidney stones.

Fibrous Foods

Fibrous foods are also very beneficial. Kidney stones are mainly due to calcium which crystallizes inside kidneys. Insoluble fiber from vegetables and fruits lessen the calcium by fixing it into intestine from urinary tract thus, preventing stone formation.

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    I had no idea that kidney stone could be removed naturally. I heard once before that people drink a lot of Pepsi and that breaks up the stones. These methods are obviously a more healthy way of handling the situation. Great ideas!

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